A Beginner’s Guide to Astral Projection

A Beginner's Guide to Astral Projection, Green Witch Living

Astral projection is a useful skill, with countless practical applications. Do not become discouraged if your first attempts are fruitless, as this is a discipline that takes years, if not decades, to master. Persist in your practice, as your skill will slowly improve and each exercise is sharpening your focus. Approach this as if you were just starting to learn a martial art. You will begin by doing repetitive drills and exercises that may seem pointless and ineffective, but have the effect of teaching you the muscle memory you need to advance further. You need to become familiar with the movements and techniques to the point that they become second nature, and you can perform them as easily as walking.

Getting Started with Astral Projection

As you may not have an instructor physically present to supervise and guide your efforts, I will also teach you techniques to evaluate the progress of your own work. This is important, as some beginners are easily misled into believing they are astrally traveling, when in fact they are merely exploring their own imaginations, and have a falsely inflated idea of their own abilities as a result.  While this isn’t dangerous by itself, it does mean that their actual progress will plateau, and they will not actually be able to accomplish anything on the physical plane. I have met some people in this situation. They have a ready list of excuses to explain their lack of results. Sadly, many of them are not prepared to accept the fact that they have misled themselves, or understand the reasons why they are ineffective. This is why, in the absence of a teacher, you must take on that role, and be skeptical of your own work. Demand proof of your own progress, as your teacher certainly would. 

I will begin by teaching you the beginning exercises, and then describing ways I would like you to challenge and test yourself. It may take you several years before you are able to accomplish these challenges, but I want you to know that this is your goal. These tests can be done, and when you have completed them, you may be certain that you have successfully projected, and are not deceiving yourself. Remember that all these exercises are for projecting your astral body within the physical plane. While it is possible to project to other planes, that is an advanced technique that should not be attempted without aid, and certainly not until projection on the physical plane has been completely mastered. 

Astral Projection Technique

A Beginner's Guide to Astral Projection, The Witch's Guide
  1. First, find a comfortable place to use as your “home base”. This will probably be your bedroom. You must be able to lock the door to prevent any interruption or distraction. It is helpful if your home, or at least your room, is warded and shielded to prevent intruders. Turn off or silence your phone. 
  2. You may light incense if you desire. Herbs like mugwort and wormwood can aid your efforts, but be sure to crack a window for ventilation. You can also use a white noise machine to tune out ambient sounds.
  3. Find a position in which you can rest comfortably, as in meditation. You may be seated or reclining, as you prefer. You may find that fasting for 12 to 24 hrs will improve your efforts, but be sure to stay hydrated, and have a glass of water and a nibble of food nearby to partake of when your exercise is completed, to ground and restore yourself. I find a handful of grapes or any piece of fruit to be ideal for this, but any small nourishment will serve to get your body’s furnace going and restore and strengthen the connection. Do not neglect this step.
  4. Next, with your eyes closed, quiet your mind and focus on the sensations of your body. Feel the touch of your clothes on your skin. Feel your breathing. Feel your heartbeat. Feel the air on your skin. 
  5. Now, shape and create your astral body, a copy of this one, overlaid on your physical body. Relax for a while, just feeling the sensation of it. Move your consciousness into it. Explore it, get acquainted with the feel of it. 
  6. When you are comfortable, open the eyes of your astral form, not your physical eyes. Look around the room. Turn your head, in your astral form. Try to look at the details of your room. You will check these details later to see how accurate you were. 
  7. When you have done this for a bit, settle back into your physical body, establish firm contact, open your eyes, and eat and drink something to anchor and ground yourself. You should try to do this for a half-hour at least, every day. When you feel ready, try standing up and walking around the room in your astral form. As you become practiced, this will become easier and feel natural. In time, you may then try exploring other parts of your home. Your first exercise is complete. 

Tips: Do not try leaving your home just yet. Stay within your safe zone, until you have built up a sufficient level of skill. In time, you will be able to go for a walk around the block, and visit people. Don’t try to rush it though. Just as, when learning to ride a bike, it is best to stay on clean, level ground before attempting to bike down a mountainside, you will be wise to stay on familiar territory in the early years, before venturing further.

How to Confirm Astral Projection

Exercise 1

Now, you should periodically evaluate your progress, and this is the simplest way to do it. Before beginning a projection exercise, take a deck of cards, face-down select one at random and place it in a corner of the room, out of sight of where your physical body will be. You may even place it in another room. With your back turned, turn the card over behind you, so that you do not see it. Go to your spot and move into your astral form, and then go to where the card is. If you can see it and identify it correctly while in your astral form, then you can be sure that you are projecting properly. There are other tests, which involve visiting other locations and people, which can be independently confirmed, but you can easily verify the card test for yourself.  

Exercise 2

Another useful exercise to attempt is to try and move a small object while in your astral form. Before beginning, you may place a marble or small coin, or a piece of paper on a nearby surface, and attempt to move it while in your astral form. Do not be discouraged if you are unsuccessful. When I was training, my teacher confirmed my ability to project using something similar to the card test, in which I had to enter her office in my astral form, and describe something she was holding. She then challenged me to move a small object, and I was disappointed to discover I could not. 

She told me she did not expect me to be able to do so, but wanted me to continue to attempt to do it at every opportunity, as eventually I would be able to. It took decades. I should also note that at that stage, though I was projecting successfully, and she was able to sense my presence when I entered her office in astral form, she could not see or hear me. People with sufficient ability are capable of manifesting a visible projection, but it is a very advanced skill.

Don’t become discouraged if you aren’t immediately successful in projecting. This is a skill that takes a great deal of dedication and practice, but you will improve over time. Be patient, and continue to do the exercises. Just like riding a bicycle, your confidence and abilities will grow. You may never be able to do a wheelie or a flip, but you will one day be able to ride down the mountainside, or at least to the other side of town. 

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A Beginner's Guide to Astral Projection, Green Witch Living

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