5 Crystals Every Green Witch Should Have

5 Crystals Every Green Witch Should Have | Green Witch Living

In our modern lives, it is difficult to live in harmony with nature, especially if you live in the city or work a nine-to-five in a cubicle. We use electricity instead of living by the natural cycles of the sun and the moon, and we eat food that would otherwise not be growing in our current season. Don’t get me wrong, these are great modern advancements! But in turn, we need to work harder if we want to connect with Mother Earth. Keeping plants, of course, is a great way to be in touch with nature, and another great option is crystals.

Connecting to Mother Earth and honoring and respecting her is an important part of a Green Witch’s journey. Every part of the earth is sacred and carries its own energy, including crystals. Certain crystals can help you become more in tune with the frequency of the Earth and more conscious of the part you can play in protecting her.

As a child, I loved digging in the dirt and finding rocks everywhere I went. I would store them in an empty egg carton and try to identify them. Crystals are a great way to get in touch with the energy of Mother Earth, prompting us to remember that she gives us pieces of herself to help us heal and grow. We know herbs are a wonderful healing tool she gives us, but so are crystals!

Let’s go over five crystals that would be great to start off your collection, whether you are beginning your journey as a green witch or have been practicing for a while. 

1. Aragonite | Eco-Friendly Lifestyle 

The first crystal is Aragonite. You can find it in many colors, including brown, gray, yellow, green, red, purple, orange, and my favorites: blue and pink. Aragonite can help you find a deeper connection to the Earth by being a powerful healer and helping you notice where you can conserve the Earth’s resources. Because it is connected to Gaia, the Earth Goddess, Aragonite will encourage you to take steps to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, such as using less single-use products and recycling. Aragonite would be especially useful to those who work in the field of environmentalism to keep on the desk for stress relief and focus.

2. Prehnite | Heal the Healer 

My favorite from this list is Prehnite. This high vibration stone emits gentle healing energy, and is said to “heal the Healer.” If you live in a place where you are able to garden, put Prehnite in your garden and it can create an energetic healing dome for yourself and your plants by cleansing and detoxifying the environment. Prehnite teaches you how to live in harmony with nature and the elements. It is spiritually grounding and is excellent to hold in your palm during an earthing meditation, where you let your bare feet connect with the dirt and release excess energy down into Mother Earth, feeling her hold you up and support you.

3. Serpentine | Magnetic Earth Connection

When I look at Serpentine, it reminds me of moss on the bark of a tree trunk. The veins you often see throughout this crystal are Magnetite, which has a “magnetic” connection with Mother Earth through her electromagnetic field. Because of this, Serpentine may enhance your ability to energetically communicate with the earth by feeling her shifts and changes. This is another great stone for gardeners to have because it can assist you in helping her give birth to new plant life. You can even keep a piece in your garden to support you in this process.

4. Smoky Quartz | EMF Protection

The most accessible crystal on this list is Smoky Quartz. You can find this stone just about anywhere, even your own backyard. When I was a kid collecting rocks I remember finding Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz in the dirt. Which is understandable since about twenty percent of the Earth’s core is made of quartz. This makes it a great crystal for connecting with Mother Earth because it will help you understand your role in the natural world, inspiring solutions to ecological issues. It is also useful for blocking electromagnetic fields, and absorbs negative energy while emitting positive energy, like an air purifier for energy!

4. Tree Agate | Earth Conservation 

If you only choose one from this list, it should be Tree Agate! It is also known as dendritic agate, which is derived from the Greek word “Dendron,” meaning “tree-like.” It is said that the ancient Greeks associated it with nature spirits and buried it in the fields to encourage a bountiful harvest. Tree Agate is another good stone for those interested in finding ways to conserve the Earth’s resources. It is perfect for city dwellers who want to get back in touch with the cycles of nature because it brings about an appreciation for the healing energies of the Earth. If you are a gardener, you can use it in the same way the ancient Greeks did in the soil of your garden. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, Tree Agate can be a great substitute for bringing plants into your home, reminding you of trees and why nature is important to the ecosystem.

Expanding and growing in your craft is important to any witch’s journey, and adding crystals into your practice if you haven’t already would be a great next step! These crystals will help deepen your appreciation of the natural world around you, and you can deepen their connection to the earth by burying them in the dirt during the full moon to charge them, renewing their energy.

Crystals help remind us that we are one with nature and taking care of Mother Earth means taking care of ourselves.  

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5 Crystals Every Green Witch Should Have | Green Witch Living

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