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Ostara Growth Spell | Green Witch Living

Every year around the Spring Equinox, I tend to start something new, especially creative projects. This was common for me even before I discovered living by the Wheel of the Year. Something in me just comes alive in spring and I become fertile with new ideas. It feels like being reborn, the time when I burst from my winter shell, overflowing with energy and life.

The sabbat before Ostara, the pagan name for the Spring Equinox, is called Imbolc and it’s the most difficult sabbat on the Wheel of the Year for me to find the motivation in myself to celebrate. It’s the time when I’m tapping at that egg with my little beak trying to break free from the darkness, yet winter still encases me.

I tend to want to rush spring, impatiently waiting for winter to dissolve for so long I forget that all good things take time. Just like goals take hard work and patience, the seasons of nature are not instantaneous. Every year, spring slowly unfolds in its own time. If I rush it, I can easily miss the process of things coming into bloom, the journey of becoming.

Spring Equinox Seed Spell

For our spell today we will be doing a seed growth spell, both to nurture our goals and dreams and teach us patience. We will plant a seed and tend to it regularly, just as you will do something each day to get closer to your goal. At first, you may not see much progress, but with persistence, results will come just like the sprout pushing its way through the soil.

I have chosen eggshells to be a part of this spell for both the symbolism and for the nutrients they offer the soil. Eggs create a fertile foundation for both plant and animal life, which makes them fit perfectly into the rebirth theme of Ostara. You may be accustomed to seeing eggs around Easter and this is why!

Items You’ll Need

  • Seeds of your choice
  • Clean eggshell halves
  • Potting soil
  • Seed starting trays


Step 1: Meditate on Your Intention

You’ll want to do this several weeks leading up to the spell. Make sure you are clear on what you want to be growing in your life. This is your intention that you will be committed to putting in the work to watch it grow. It may help you to journal or pull some tarot cards to help visualize what detailed result you desire and the steps you need to take in order to be successful.

Step 2: Choose Your Seeds

Every plant has a magickal correspondence, so while preparing for your spell, choose the seeds of a plant to grow that corresponds with your intention that you’ve settled on. For example, lavender if you want to grow passionate romance and harmonious friendships, rosemary if you want to grow a faithful marriage and a peaceful home, lemon balm if you want to grow an optimistic state of mind, or peppermint if you want to grow your finances and health.

Step 3: Cleanse Your Workspace 

Before you start your spell, be sure to cleanse the area you are working in. Choose a sacred plant for smoke cleansing or you can use a favorite cleansing tool of yours, such as sweeping with a besom or your preferred type of sound cleansing. You may also want to cleanse your eggshells and seed starting tray before moving onto the next step. Another method might be sprinkling the space with black salt, then sweeping it away the next day. Make sure to fully remove it from anything that will come in contact with the seeds or the soil.

Step 4: Bless Your Garden Tools

Especially if you have an outdoor garden and plan to transfer your plants once they sprout, having consecrated tools set aside for the purpose of this spell can give it a boost. This is something you can do weeks or days ahead of time, or at the same time as your growth spell if you plan to use them later. Anything you plan to use in this spell, bless and charge it. If you have a favorite blessing, you can use that, or if you work with certain deities, ask them to bless your tools for abundance. Charging can be done by cleaning your tools with moon water or placing them on a selenite slab until you are ready to use them.

Step 5: Planting Ritual

Place an eggshell half in each pocket of the seed starting tray, filling the eggshell with potting soil.

Hold the seeds in the palm of your hand and close your eyes, visualizing the intention you decided upon infusing into each tiny seed.

Sow the seeds in the soil while keeping your intention in mind. You can chant or repeat a mantra if it feels right to you.

Cover the seeds with a fine layer of soil and lightly water the surface.

Nurture your plants with water and sunlight while you nurture your intention by taking steps to reach your goal. Now, as your plant grows, your intention will also come to life!

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Ostara Growth Spell | Green Witch Living

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