Simmer Pot Recipes to Infuse Your Home with Magick

Simmer Pot Recipes: To Infuse Your Home with Magick | Green Witch Living

We’ve all seen the image of witches standing around a bubbling cauldron, chanting while conjuring up a brew. While you wouldn’t find most witches in real life doing this to the same degree, there are some spells that can be done by way of bubbling cauldron. Simmer pots are once such spell. Many people use simmer pots to make their home smell good without artificial fragrance, but witches can take this a step further and carefully choose the ingredients with intention. You can use a simmer pot to infuse the energy of your home with any intention you desire.

Why Simmer Pots Are Magickal

Not only are simmer pots a great way to add herbal magick and green witchcraft into your everyday life, but simmer pots incorporate all four elements, making this also elemental magick. First, you fill your pot with water, then use plants from the earth, heat the mixture with fire, and the steam rises into the air.

Certain aromas can stimulate our olfactory system and trigger memories of a particular place or event and the feeling evoked by that experience. You can use this to your advantage in spellcrafting, setting the stage for a certain spell or ritual with a simmer pot by using the scent to get into the right state of mind.

Choosing Your Water

As the base of our spell, the water you use is just as important to setting the energy as the plants you choose. What evaporates into the air is water, making it the vehicle to your spell. Therefore, matching the right kind of water to your intention is crucial.

Rainwater: You can collect this easily by setting a large bowl outside in a rain shower! This is kind of your all-purpose magickal water, great for cleansing, protecting, and growth, especially when used in spells you want to grow stronger over time.

Stormwater: Water from a violent thunderstorm carries a lot stronger power than water collected from a light downpour, and the potency varies depending on the strength of the storm, so use your intuition with this one. Use it to boost any spell working.

Seawater: Collect seawater to use in healing work and blessing rituals. The natural sea salt in the water adds properties of cleansing and protection.

River water: If you are doing a spell to help you release something or make a positive change in your life, river water is a great choice. Notice the way it moves rapidly, never stagnant.

Lake water: Do you feel peaceful when looking out over a lake? Lake water is great for spells and rituals to promote peace and contentment.

Swamp water: This muddy, murky water is generally used for cursing, crossing, and revenge work. It can also be used for more aggressive banishing and binding spells.

Dew water: Collecting dew is often a practice in faery magick and glamour magick. Though you won’t get the entire amount of water you need by collecting a few drops, you can add it to moon or sun water for use in love spells or fertility spells.

Snow water: Because autumn is the death phase of the sun cycle, the season that comes next represents rebirth. Use melted winter snow in spells and rituals for new beginnings and transformation.

Ice water: If you have icicles hanging from your roof after the last snowstorm, you can collect the water that drips from them to use in your spells. Like snow, you can use this water for transformation, and also things related to creativity and purification.

Harbor Water: If you live near a port or harbor, collecting this water can be used in abundance and prosperity spells. Historically, this is the way goods were transported making this water essential to making money and well-being.

Choosing Your Herbs


Also called “Fruit of the Gods,” apples correspond with many gods and goddesses associated with immortality. They are closely related to the underworld and the dead, and when cut crosswise, the seeds show a pentacle. They are often used for protection, especially considering that those seeds contain poison.


While this tiny white flower with a name meaning “ground apple” can be used for protection, Chamomile is more often used for purification, good luck, prosperity, and relaxation. To this day, it is one of the most popular herbs to use for a restful sleep.


A spice of many purposes, use Cinnamon for prosperity, protection, love and lust, and healing and psychic powers. It is a great choice for a spell that needs speed and ambition and raises the vibration.


Often considered to offer the most aggressive protection, cloves are a very powerful and active defense, driving away negativity and attracting positivity. They can stop people from gossiping and spreading rumors about you. Use cloves if you want to actively attack negative energy coming from the outside of your protective field. 


We all know lavender for its calming powers, but it is also an essential ingredient in love spells and purification rituals since the name means “to wash.” Its aroma alone relaxes the nervous system, so add this to your simmer pot if you need a dose of peace.

Lemon Balm

As the name suggests, lemon balm is a balm to the soul. The scent is uplifting with soothing and healing powers. Lemon balm attracts romantic love and loyal friendships.


With its bright and uplifting scent, lemongrass is a dual-action herb that purifies and protects. It is perfect for anything that is infused into water for washes of any kind, including simmer pots for cleansing and purifying the air!


Citrus evokes a warm sunny feeling and lifts the mood. The scent fills us with hope and positivity, a reason why oranges are such a beloved fruit during the dark days of winter.


Historically considered a woman’s herb, rosemary brings peace and protection to the home, which was the women’s domain. A pot of rosemary in the window indicated a woman was in charge of this household! Medicinally, it is associated with improving focus and memory and can strengthen dream recall and protect from nightmares if simmered before sleeping.

Vanilla Bean

A wonderful addition as the base of a simmer pot aroma blend, vanilla has other powers besides making everything smell amazing. Vanilla is a popular choice for attracting love and lust and sweetening someone’s feelings about you. It restores energy, passion, and vitality, and makes one’s mind sharper.

Crafting Your Simmer Pot

Now that you’ve chosen your water and plants to match your intention, fill the pot a little over halfway with the water and put it over medium heat so that it simmers but does not come to a boil. Stir your ingredients into the water clockwise if your intention is to attract something, or counterclockwise if your intention is banishing. Below I have included some sample plant combinations for ideas. You can use fresh or dried, depending on what you have on hand. Allow your water to simmer until only a bit of water is left in the bottom of the pot.

Sample Simmer Pot Blends

  • Calming: lavender, rosemary, chamomile flowers
  • Focus: orange slices, rosemary, vanilla bean
  • Love: lemon balm, lavender, chamomile flowers
  • Prosperity: cinnamon sticks, chamomile flowers, vanilla bean
  • Protection: apple slices, cinnamon sticks, clove buds
  • Purification: lavender, lemongrass, rosemary
  • Uplifting: orange slices, lemon balm, lemongrass

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Simmer Pot Recipes: To Infuse Your Home with Magick | Green Witch Living

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