How to Spot Tarot Scammers

How to Spot Tarot Scammers | Green Witch Living

We all know the traditional tarot reader stereotype, am I right? It’s the lady in the back of an old dusty psychic shop, purple velvet everywhere. She most definitely has a crystal ball laying next to her deck of cards, and she’s probably wearing a cloak of some sort. She simultaneously comes off as eccentric and aloof. 

There will always be those who can’t get the picture of the stereotype out of their heads and will forever accuse all tarot readers of being scammers. It’s their loss really. Either way, while true tarot reading is far from a scam, we’re not any more immune from scammers than the rest of the professions in the world.

So, what are some ways to spot the real vs fake tarot readers?

Constant Upselling

Upselling in and of itself isn’t always a sure way to spot a fake. After all, it’s common business practice. But, regular upselling versus pushy and over the top upselling are two totally different things.

If you come across a tarot reader being pushy and making you uncomfortable, trust your gut. Even if they turn out not to be a true tarot scammer, there’s probably a good reason you feel uncomfortable. The person in question is absolutely not the right tarot reader for you if you feel this way. 

It’s important to have a trusting relationship with your reader. After all, you may be telling them personal information when asking a question. Your reader doesn’t just read the cards, but your energy too, and possibly even your future. In order to find the best tarot reader for you it’s important to feel a decent connection, or at the very least, trust. If you’re uncomfortable from the beginning, (not to be confused with normal nervousness you may feel in anticipation for the reading) they aren’t the right person for you to trust with your personal questions anyway. 

Claiming You’re Cursed 

Okay, this one is very important. If a reader is claiming you’re cursed and suggests some remedy to fix it, there’s a slim chance they may truly believe that and just want to help. But if the reader claims you’re definitely cursed, then insists you must buy more readings to figure it out, or buy some expensive product directly from them (and only from them, because you know, they’re the best and what not), RUN. Run far, far away from said reader. Unfortunately, when scammers do this, they often ask for obscene amounts of money, usually increasing the amount every time they find something new you’re supposedly plagued with. 

It may not be a bad idea to alert an actual trusted reader in the community about what you experienced as well. At the very least, we may be able to use social media platforms to help call them out and keep them from scamming someone else out of their hard earned money in the future.

Promising 100% Accuracy 

Every tarot reader strives to offer accuracy to their clients. After all, most tarot readers got into the profession to help people, and are going to be the most help when accurate, correct? But tarot readers are human too. There is no reader who can honestly promise 100% accuracy each and every time they deliver a reading to a client. Be very weary of anyone who tries to make such claims. Even the best and most experienced tarot readers will tell you, the best readers can’t be 100% correct 100% of the time. It’s just not humanly possible. 

The cards are most always right, but it’s our human interpretation that can be off, at times. Even the best tarot readers will have off days, and that’s okay. A good and experienced reader will be honest with you when they’re picking up on strong vibes vs when the reading feels fuzzy. 

A particularly troubling example of this, would be a reader promising to deliver accurate readings about you or a loved ones health. Medical tests and treatment can be expensive, and the world of healthcare can be beyond frustrating to navigate. But a tarot reader promising to give you an accurate diagnosis, or sure-to-work treatment options does not have your best interest at heart. Tarot can be used safely to help navigate health issues, but it is in no way is a replacement to actual medical care. If you ever come across a reader telling you differently, they are not safe to trust with your personal information.

In the tarot world, we take things like scamming very seriously. Tarot is already somewhat taboo, so the last thing we want are scammers ruining the reputation of the profession, that we try so hard to change perceptions about. So watch out for scammers with these characteristics, and tell someone if you feel like you’re being scammed. 

Share your tips for avoiding tarot scammers in the comments! 

Written By: Flora Green @heart_of_a_witch

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How to Spot Tarot Scammers, Green Witch Living

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