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If you’ve spent any amount of time in the witchcraft community, you’re probably familiar with moon magick, the ideal moon phases to cast spells according to the energy of the moon. Working with the natural energies around us helps spells work more smoothly instead of fighting against conflicting energy. But what if you desperately need to do a banishing spell immediately but it’s a First Quarter Moon and there’s no way you can wait another two weeks for the proper moon phase?

The moon may be a significant influencer of energy, but it is not the only factor. As we know from The Wheel of the Year, the sun influences our energy as well. Did you know each day of the week is named for a planet? We can use this to our advantage when casting spells by using the energy of the corresponding planet. To make it even more effective, time correspondences use the time of that day to match your desired intention.

Time of the Day


It’s the start of a new day so anything done at this time is great for new beginnings and starting off on the right foot, as the saying goes. If you’re an early bird who likes to get up with the sunrise, dawn is especially powerful when it comes to time correspondences. It is great to use for anything related to health, relationships, and career or academics, especially when beginning something new.


The daytime is related to anything with the conscious mind. It’s your thinking brain and the thoughts you can easily access. Use this time for anything related to intelligence, focus, success, and opportunity. If you need motivation and drive, use the full energy of the sun at midday.


The end of the day in time correspondences is ideal for any sort of banishment spells and letting go rituals. Any spells cast at this time contains powerful energies for release. If you have any mindset blocks you need to remove, use this time.


Midnight is the opposite of midday, it is related to the subconscious mind and that which is not easily accessed. Psychic awareness is heightened at this time. This is a great time for divination and using intuitive tools for personal development, such as tarot and journaling.

Day of The Week

Day: Sunday

Planet: Sun

Colors: Yellow, gold

Spellwork: Healing, making decisions, problem-solving

Because it is the first day of a calendar week, Sunday is an ideal time to cast a spell where you would like to start fresh. Healing past wounds or bringing destructive cycles when it comes to your health to an end or making resolutions to start healthy habits are ideal spells for Sundays.

Day: Monday

Planet: Moon

Colors: Gray, silver

Spellwork: Psychic intuition, divination, creativity

Anytime you need insight, a Monday is the time to seek it. Gather your favorite divination tools and trust your intuition. Anything related to creation and giving birth to something, such as fertility, childbearing, or inspiration on creative projects, try doing these spells on a Monday.

Day: Tuesday

Planet: Mars

Colors: Red, orange

Spellwork: Power, protection, sexuality

If you need to do a spell for justice against someone who wronged you or someone else, do it on a Tuesday. Not only is this a good day for powerful protection and defensive magick, it’s also great for anything related to sexuality and romantic passion.

Day: Wednesday

Planet: Mercury

Colors: Purple

Spellwork: Travel, communication, research

Need to acquire new knowledge or have a difficult conversation? Do the spell on a Wednesday. If you want to manifest a new place to live or visit, Wednesday favors travel and learning.

Day: Thursday

Planet: Jupiter

Colors: Blue, green

Spellwork: Career, money, legal matters

Money drawing and career magick, whether they be separate or related, are spells to do on Thursdays. If you’re in a sticky legal situation, a road-opening spell can be done on this day. Maybe you’re in debt, need a new job, or you desire a promotion at your current job. Thursday is the day to manifest that into existence!

Day: Friday

Planet: Venus

Colors: Pink

Spellwork: Love, relationships, beauty

Friday is good for any kind of love spells, whether it be romantic, platonic, or self-love. If you’re looking for friends or a lover or need to learn how to love yourself better, do some love magick or glamour rituals on a Friday.

Day: Saturday

Planet: Saturn

Colors: Black

Spellwork: Planning, goal setting, releasing

Any spellwork that requires banishing, save it for a Saturday. This is also a good day to do cleansing magick. If you have anything that requires careful detailed planning to reach a goal, do it on this day.

You can use one or both of these correspondences or even combine it with moon magick to make your spells even more potent and effective.

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Time Correspondences for Your Most Effective Spell Work Yet | Green Witch Living

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