5 Crystals to Get You Through the Winter

Crystals to Get You Through the Winter, Green Witch Living

Seasonal depression, or “the winter blues,” affects up to ten percent of the population every year, more or less depending on how cold and dark your winters get. Maybe it affects you too. If your ancestry hails from a climate with harsh winters, it could even be an ancestral memory. For our ancestors, the feeling of impending doom approaching winter was very real. If they didn’t gather enough food or have a successful harvest, the winter would be a fight for survival.

These days, we have a steady source of food supply and can take vitamin D and use light therapy until the days get longer again. If the depression gets bad enough, there are even prescription medications available for treatment. Combined with these effective methods, there are some crystals for the winter blues that may help you get through the dark days of winter.


Before humans understood how the seasons changed, there was no real promise of the sun ever coming back and the light returning. Even though we know that is not true now, it can sometimes feel like the winter will never end.

Citrine is a stone of optimism, helping you remember that the days will grow longer, as they do every spring, and that spring always follows the winter. With its high frequency vibrations of light and positive energy, Citrine will uplift your mood when you’re feeling blue. 

Honey Calcite

Wintertime can make us feel unmotivated, the urge to crawl under the blankets and hibernate a strong instinct. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it is nature’s pull on us to rest as all the plant and animal life does during the coldest part of the year. Rest is an important part of the cycle of life and creation, and the motivation always returns.

But in our linear, capitalist world, our cyclical nature is shoved aside for the sake of productivity and the need to constantly produce cannot be escaped. Honey Calcite is like a cup of coffee for those days when you want nothing more than to roll over and sleep a few more hours. Like Citrine, it is a crystal of hope with its golden honey color, helping us harness the energy of the sun.

Lapis Lazuli

There is also a strong desire to turn inward during winter. This can lead to challenges if your career depends on projecting your voice, but Lapis Lazuli can help. A crystal popularly used to help you speak your truth, it is a favorite of creatives.

The reason Lapis Lazuli is added to this list is for its inclusions of Pyrite. So not only is Lapis Lazuli great for communication, it lends you the fiery energy of the sun in order to warm you up and get you moving.

Even if you’re not feeling up to it, deadlines wait for no one especially if you are an entrepreneur. Lapis Lazuli helps you get into the hustle mood and achieve your goals. Keep this crystal for the winter blues near your desk while you brainstorm new projects to start in the springtime!


If you’re fighting against your natural urge to slow down during winter, you might feel a little edgy. This lavender crystal is sparkly because of its natural inclusions of lithium, a mood stabilizer. Lepidolite brings your energy levels up while calming you down so you can do what needs to be done.

On the Wheel of the Year, winter is the death and rebirth point of the cycle. Lepidolite is known as the stone of transitions, helping you let go of worry in order to cross the threshold into spring. While in your winter’s rest, Lepidolite assists you by reducing stress and helping you go with the flow instead of trying to resist the transition of the seasons.


And of course, a list of crystals for the winter blues would not be complete without Sunstone. The ultimate channeler of the sun’s energy, Sunstone will have you optimistic about life again in no time! If you need a shot of positive vibes, wear or carry a Sunstone crystal with you.

Because it is connected to many sun gods, Sunstone helps you tap into your personal power, finding what you need to get through low times inside yourself. This crystal empowers you with the knowledge that you have control over your own life and to take the actions required to get where you want to be. If you feel stuck, Sunstone will help you break through the darkness and step into the light.

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Crystals to Get You Through the Winter, Green Witch Living

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