Sustainable Witchcraft: Protecting Mother Earth

Sustainable Witchcraft: Protecting Mother Earth, Green Witch Living

Since we, as witches — especially green witches — are keepers of the earth, it is important to take Her health into consideration when doing spells. Nearly everything we use in our spell work and our craft is a gift from her, especially when working with plants, so it is essential to respect her and […]

Numerology 101: What Do Repeating Numbers Mean?

Numerology 101: What Do Repeating Numbers Mean | Green Witch Living

Of all the different ways the Universe uses to get our attention, Numerology has seemed to evolve with us the most, becoming increasingly relevant. Also known as Angel Numbers or Synchronistic Numbers, the idea behind this is that the Universe uses repeating patterns of numbers to get our attention and communicate with us. In the […]

Shadow Work 101

Shadow Work 101, Green Witch Living

How we define “the shadow” today comes from the term coined by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. In short, shadow work is getting to the bottom of why you react in the way you do when acting impulsively or unconsciously, especially in ways you are ashamed of. When you uncover these deeper parts of yourself, it […]

Divination Cards: Tarot vs Oracle vs Lenormand

Divination Cards: Tarot vs Oracle vs Lenormand, Green Witch Living

Interested in getting into divination with cards, but not sure where to start? Whether you want straight forward answers, a deep look into a situation, or a loving message for the week ahead, there’s a deck out there for you. I will go over the most common types of decks so you will be able […]