Crystals for Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Crystals for Your Home: A Room by Room Guide, Green Witch Living

Spending a lot of time at home is common for many people in these times, but even if you don’t, being able to come home to a place where you feel safe and protected is important. I often refer to my home as my safe haven, where I feel peaceful and shielded from the stress of […]

Simmer Pot Recipes to Infuse Your Home with Magick

Simmer Pot Recipes: To Infuse Your Home with Magick | Green Witch Living

We’ve all seen the image of witches standing around a bubbling cauldron, chanting while conjuring up a brew. While you wouldn’t find most witches in real life doing this to the same degree, there are some spells that can be done by way of bubbling cauldron. Simmer pots are once such spell. Many people use […]