Green Witch Sabbats: The Plants and Herbs of Beltane

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Beltane, it’s that time of year when flowers are in full bloom, covering trees, forests, and meadows with vibrant pops of color. But fires are just as big of a part of Beltane as flowers, since it is one of the four Celtic fire festivals. Beltane comes from the Gaelic word meaning “lucky fire” or “bright fire.” Fire is at the core of what the Beltane celebration means. This sabbat is where our spiritual fire is heating up and things are coming to fruition. There is a quickening energy, making it a great time for manifestation, the sun rapidly moving toward the longest day of the year. 

The Beltane bonfire is considered to be a purifying fire. An ancient tradition was to walk the livestock between the fires to cleanse and protect them from disease. In a modern Beltane bonfire, you might use it as a spell for any area of your life in which you need luck on your side, such as this petition to the universe spell.

Fairies are an iconic part of this sabbat, and many of the plants that correspond with Beltane are associated with the fae. In many parts of Ireland even today, fairy folk are feared, but some witches choose to work with these spirits of nature. We all know fairies are quite the tricksters, but some believe them to be malicious. Feel free to form your own intuitive relationship with them and decide whether or not your want to work with them or protect yourself from them. 

The veil to the spiritual realm is just as thin at this sabbat as its cross-quarter, Samhain. You may feel the need to do some protection magick if fairies are known to mess with you. Other plants that correspond with Beltane and are associated with the fae include mushrooms and ferns. If you see a circle of mushrooms or daisies or violets this time of year, you may want to think twice before stepping through unless you want the fairies to play tricks on you!

If you do choose to work with fairy folk, you can plant any of the flowers listed next in this article to attract them to your garden, and perhaps you will find they give you a hand with the rest of your plants. This not only attracts fairies but also pollinators such as bees and butterflies, benefiting both your own garden and nature at large. These are also symbols of Beltane, keeping nature green every spring and summer.

Plants that Correspond with Beltane

  • Cowslip: healing, youthfulness
  • Crocus: love, visions
  • Daisy: love, innocence, hope
  • Dandelion: divination, dreams, wishes
  • Foxglove: protection, love, fertility
  • Hyacinth: love, protection, happiness
  • Rose: love, luck, sex
  • Tulip: prosperity, love, protection
  • Violet: protection, love, luck

Nine Sacred Woods of the Bonfire

If you decide to make a fire for Beltane, consider using these woods based on the Celtic Tree Calendar:

  1. Alder: divination, courage, protection
  2. Ash: healing, protection, prosperity
  3. Birch: cleansing, protection, healing
  4. Elm: endurance, fertility, grounding
  5. Hawthorn:  fertility, protection, happiness
  6. Hazel: fertility, protection, wishes
  7. Oak: strength, courage, intuition
  8. Rowan: psychic powers, healing, success
  9. Willow: love, protection, healing

How to Work with Your Herbs

Beltane Tea Recipe

If you don’t use herbicides and pesticides in your yard (which you shouldn’t for the sake of the pollinators!), you can make a tea from your very own yard for Beltane. Did you know all parts of the dandelion are edible? This powerful little flower multiplies like nobody’s business, trying to get our attention and giving us a hint about its usefulness. For this, some may call it a weed, but dandelion boasts amazing health benefits. 

Dandelions are a digestive bitter rich in vitamin A, C, E, and K, potassium, and antioxidants. The French word for dandelion is “pissenlit,” because of its diuretic properties, making it detoxifying to the body. In magick, dandelion tea is used for psychic intuition and divination, perfect for this sabbat when the veil is thin and it is easier to make contact with the spiritual. 

Parts To Use in Your Dandelion Tea

  • Dandelion tops while still yellow: not only does this taste lovely and lightly floral, it makes a beautiful colored tisane.
  • Dried or fresh dandelion leaves: these make a brew similar to green tea.
  • Roasted dandelion root: this is easy to find and is often used to replace coffee.

You can use one by itself or a combination of these in your tea. Let your creativity take over and have fun! Pair with a tarot reading or another divination method and watch the messages come through as your witch’s third eye opens.

Beltane Incense Blend

Like the dandelion tea, this incense focuses on strengthening your intuition and psychic powers. Powerful manifestation spells can be done on Beltane. Burning this incense while you cast it will help you connect with yourself and tap into your inner knowing.

Beltane Essential Oil Blend

What better oil blend for your diffuser at Beltane than a floral scent? This essential oil combo smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers! The citrus helps round it out and frankincense adds a little protection on this day when the spiritual veil is thin. If you don’t have grapefruit, lemon or bergamot makes a good replacement.

  • 3 drops Rose
  • 3 drops Jasmine
  • 2 drops Grapefruit
  • 2 drops Frankincense

Wishing you all a beautiful Beltane!

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