Goddess Brigid Chant for Imbolc

Goddess Brigid Chant for Imbolc, Green Witch Living

What is Imbolc?

Known as a festival of fire, Imbolc is one of the Greater Pagan Sabbats where we celebrate the return of the light and honor the Celtic goddess Brigid. Imbolc is a reminder of hope, where the light returns across the earth and our spirits are illuminated from within.

It’s the midway point on the Wheel of the Year, between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. During this sabbat, we acknowledge the light of the rising sun and the stirrings of Spring.

Imbolc is traditionally celebrated beginning February 1st – 2nd in the northern hemisphere and August 1st -2nd in the southern hemisphere.

This is a time to say goodbye to the dark half of the year, encouraging the light to return, and to welcome the change that lies ahead.

Who is the Goddess Brigid?

Imbolc is a time to celebrate and honor the Celtic goddess Brigid, a triple goddess who is symbolic of the three aspects of the goddess: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

With the onset of spring, Brigid is shown taking the form as the maiden of the sun, awakening from her slumber. She is associated with the beginning of the agriculture season and is said to bless the lands for the coming spring. 

Commonly known as a fire deity, Brigid is referred to as the goddess of the sacred flame, the protector of the hearth and home.

She is the matron of childbirth, fertility, midwifery, livestock, the kitchen, the healing arts, sacred waters, poetry, gold smithing, and crafting.

Her symbols include the spinning wheel representative of creativity, the snake symbolizing transformation, the sheep representing the fertility of the land, and the grain symbolizing the seeds of life sprouting.

Within the Christian religion and as a way to divert the attention from paganism, Imbolc is commonly known as St. Brigit’s Day or Candlemas. Brigid is one of the few goddesses whose worship has survived the converting of pagans to christians.

All over the world, in many different cultures, Brigid is honored and celebrated as a goddess of the home, the land, and the return of spring.

Celebrate Imbolc this season and use the chant below to honor the Goddess Brigid during your sabbat celebration.

Goddess Brigid Chant 

Goddess Brigid Chant for Imbolc, Pagan Sabbat, Green Witch Living

Goddess of Fire,

Keeper of Flame

Bless us as we call your name

Brigid, Brigid

Goddess of light 

Goddess of power

Illuminate the dark this hour

Brigid, Brigid

Protect our home

Protect our heart

Create within us sparks of art

Brigid, Brigid

Wishing you all a beautiful Imbolc!

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Goddess Brigid Chant for Imbolc, Green Witch Living

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