Your Guide to Crystal Shapes and the Best Ways to Use Them

Crystal Shapes and the Best Ways to Use Them | Green Witch Living

It’s easy to start a crystal collecting hobby — or addiction! — with the endless amount of crystal varieties available. You start by getting one of each, then getting multiples and creating crystal grids, and then you discover crystal shapes. Besides the type of crystal and its properties, the shape of the crystal can add to the intention, making it even more powerful. For example, if you are using one of the calming crystals for uncertain times, you may have the best results with something like a palm stone. This shape emits soothing energy as opposed to a pointed crystal which focuses intense energy to one point.

In this article, we will go over the most common crystal shapes. Combine this knowledge with your existing knowledge of the properties of specific crystal types. Think of the energy of each and how you want that energy to be received through the shape of that crystal. Learning the meanings of crystal shapes may also help you intuitively choose a crystal by knowing what you need by crystal shape alone, even if you can’t identify which type of crystal it is.

Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

Raw Stones

A raw crystal has no particular shape, rough and plucked straight from the earth. You might say just how Mother Nature made it! The energy of this crystal is in its purest and most natural state. It’s the strongest energy you can get, though it may be inconsistent. A raw crystal may be great for a boost of energy but maybe not the best if you need something calm and healing.

Tumbled Stones

The crystal to use if you are in need of something a bit more gentle is a tumbled stone. This is your all-purpose type of crystal shape. It puts out consistent energy distribution and is portable and won’t chip or flake as easily as a raw crystal might.

Palm Stone

If you are in need of soothing, look to the palm stone. As the name suggests, it is a flat crystal shape that fits in the palm of your hand and is great for squeezing or rubbing while absorbing its energy. Also called a worry stone, this is a grounding, calming, and healing crystal shape, ideal for holding during meditation.


If you’ve ever cracked open your own crystal geode, you know exactly how this crystal shape looks. The outside looks like a regular old rock, but inside it is filled with hundreds — even thousands — of tiny glittering crystals. Geodes hold the vibration of Mother Earth. Depending on the type of crystal found inside, use them in meditation for both grounding into reality or transcending the mind and body. Ask to download messages from your spirit guides or higher self while meditating with this crystal.


Usually found naturally in members of the quartz family, a cluster is simply a raw stone with many crystal points growing from it. Place a cluster near other crystals to amplify their energy, or position it in areas where you desire unity and harmony. These make beautiful display pieces so you can easily use them as decor in your home.


Also known as a crystal tower, an obelisk is a single terminated shape, meaning it is pointed on the top and has a flat base so it stands on its own. When thinking of the way an obelisk channels energy, imagine how the flow of a garden hose becomes stronger and more directed when you reduce the amount of room the water has to pass through. Use an obelisk whenever you want to direct intense energy to one specific point.

Double Terminated 

Instead of single-terminated like an obelisk, double-terminated refers to a shape where both ends come to a point. So not only are you able to direct strong energy away from you, but also receive energy. Using a double terminated crystal shape is helpful if you need to get stagnant energy moving and transmute low vibrations into high vibrations.


Selenite is often sold as wands but any crystal can be made into a wand. This shape may include a terminated end but is not made for standing as decor like an obelisk. Instead, it is used much how you might use a wand in a magickal witchcraft practice. But even more common than using a wand for energy manipulation is using it for energy cleansing, especially if it is a selenite wand. Running it along your body, similar to a scanner, a wand can remove negativity stuck in the energetic body.


Like the several listed above, pyramids also come to a point and focus and direct energy. Instead of being tall and having a terminated end, pyramid crystal shapes start out large on the flat end and gradually get smaller until the entire crystal reaches a common point. Work with pyramids for manifestation because they can take the energy of a vague idea and transform it into something direct and specific to send out to the universe.


If you’re into crystal gridding, a generator crystal shape is essential! This usually looks like a shorter version of an obelisk. It is meant to be the focal point of a crystal grid and amplify the crystals you place around it. When using a generator, always charge it with your intentions before letting it do its magic for you!


Most people are familiar with the sphere shape, the “crystal ball” that we see witches and psychics use in popular media. And these can in fact be used for divination and scrying if the crystal is a polished reflective variety. They come in all sizes from small enough to enclose in one hard to large enough that they need to be held by a display stand. Either way, a spherical crystal emits energy in all directions evenly. 


If you’ve spent any time in the crystal community, I’m sure you’ve had a laugh seeing crystals shaped like erect genitals. But these aren’t just meant to be funny, these are the representation of the divine masculine. Use a phallic crystal shape to connect to your masculine energy or in a spell to attract a partner with this anatomy.


An egg crystal shape, on the other hand, connects you to the divine feminine and your feminine energy. The egg represents life and creating something out of nothing. Use it in spellwork for creative energy, fertility, or a love spell to attract a yoni partner.


Last but not least is my personal favorite. Hearts are a healing shape, connecting us to divine love and self-love from within. Pair this with a crystal for love and harmony for best results. They make great gifts for family and friends because of their energy, plus they look cute anywhere!

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Your Guide to Crystal Shapes & the Best Ways to Use Them | Green Witch Living

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