How to Create Your Own New Moon Ritual

How to Create Your Own New Moon Ritual, Green Witch Living

Though the New Moon is a less popular phase of the moon to honor among witches, it is equally as important — or arguably even more important — than the Full Moon. This is where we rest, recharge, and set our intentions. It is both the end and the beginning of the cycle, where the never-ending circle meets.

Creating a New Moon Ritual

New Beginnings, How to Create Your Own New Moon Ritual, Green Witch Living

The new moon marks the dark of night before the dawn, the dark of the womb before the first breath. It reminds us that everything moves in cycles. Everything comes to an end, and the end is really just a new beginning. It teaches us to believe in what we cannot see and hope for light returning. Dark is equally as important as light, in both the cycles of nature and within ourselves. It encourages us to meet our shadows and get to know the parts we try to hide.

For this reason, the new moon is the perfect time to do shadow work, whether it be journaling, divination, or meditation. This is an ideal time to go within and find stillness and quiet. Reflecting will be strong during this phase because of the energy of endings, but it is also a great time to set your intentions for the next cycle because of the associations with new beginnings and renewal.

At some new moons, you may feel optimistic and want to set goals and manifest dreams. At other new moons, you may feel low energy and introspective. Keep your routine flexible so it can fit whatever mood you experience. So what can you do for your new moon ritual? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Out with the old, in with the new

Because the new moon is related to the menstrual phase of the fertility cycle of the body, it is associated with purging. Just like during the full moon, you can smoke cleanse your space to let go of old energy, but this time in preparation for the new cycle to begin. Welcome in the new moon energy by cleaning and decluttering your home and especially your sacred space. Sweeping and mopping to cleanse away old energy just before the new moon is a great way to start fresh at the beginning of the moon cycle.  Dust off surfaces and vacuum the rugs to get the energy flowing again!

Make a vision board

Vision Board, How to Create Your Own New Moon Ritual, Green Witch Living

Now that you have purged the old energy, there is space to start something new! The new moon is the ideal time to set your intentions and use the law of attraction. Focus on only the outcome you want instead of what you don’t want. The idea is that whatever energy you put out into the universe is what will come back to you.

One of the most effective and fun ways of manifesting your dreams into reality is to make a vision board! This is because it helps your mind really visualize what it is you want. You can do this by finding photos online or cutting images out of a magazine, as long as it can be displayed somewhere you will see it often. 

Do your shadow work

During this phase of the moon, you will naturally feel the urge to go within and explore your inner landscape. This is a great time to practice meditating, being still, and sitting with yourself and your thoughts. It is only from tending to this barren soil that you can begin to grow. When you meet parts of yourself you try to keep hidden in the shadows, this is what we refer to as shadow work. When you see and accept the things you call your flaws and go on a deep dive to find the roots, you are meeting with your shadow self. 

You can start this process by journaling a series of questions, starting with something that made you react in a negative way. Ask yourself why, and when you answer, ask another question and another until you journey deep enough into the psyche to understand your personal motives. This can also be achieved by using various forms of divination. My favorite divination tool to use for shadow work is tarot. When you let the art and the meaning of the cards take you deep within, your subconscious can take over and help you work out problems by tapping into your own intuition.

Don’t forget about yourself!

Sometimes, we spend so much time being productive, doing our jobs, and caring for others, that we forget to do something nice for ourselves. The new moon is a perfect time to slow down and make sure you are looking out for number one. This phase of the moon reminds us it is not reasonable or sustainable to think we can be “on” all the time. It is a fact of nature that in order to expend energy, we must consume energy. What is it that lights you up? What makes you feel refreshed? This should be a part of your self-care routine.

Especially if you are a creative entrepreneur, this should be the time where you take classes and learn more about your form of art. This is called creative input and is an important and necessary pause if you want to continue putting your art out into the world. Take this pause to plan your next steps for the new cycle. Consider what is working and what is not and move forward accordingly.

Plan ahead

This is the time to get out your planner and map out the month ahead. Now that we’ve discussed all the phases of the moon, you can plan your month accordingly. Assign your tasks that require more energy during the waxing phases up until the full moon and simpler tasks during the waning phases of the moon when you have less energy. 

Congratulations! You are now living your life in tune with nature, just like the moon. After following this for a few cycles you will see how this enhances your productivity and decreases your stress! 

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