10 Ways to Practice Everyday Witchcraft

10 Ways to Practice Everyday Witchcraft | Green Witch Living

What is Everyday Witchcraft? 

Creating change and manifesting your reality doesn’t have to involve elaborate rituals, fancy altars, or channeling spirits. Everyday witchcraft involves seeking out those mundane moments, those where you are performing the simplest of tasks, and creating magick that flows with your life. It’s the kind of witchcraft you do when you’re cooking breakfast,  sweeping the floor, performing your tasks at work, talking with the neighbor, and taking a walk in the park.

Using Witchcraft in Our Daily Routines 

In today’s busy modern world, finding magick in our everyday routines just makes sense and it’s both a practical and useful way to practice witchcraft. Our lives are full of daily tasks we’ve created through habits. We are what we repeatedly do and what we create for ourselves can be more than just ordinary. As witches, our daily habits can be full of intention, purpose, and magick!

Whether you are running errands, cleaning the house, or working the daily grind, witchcraft can go from hobby to a way of life, in the blink of an eye. We get to decide whether we want to create daily routines that are boring and blah, or packed full of energy, to manifest our dreams and goals.

You can turn any daily routine, like brushing your teeth or checking the mailbox into more than just a mundane task. Below you will find 10 ways to practice everyday witchcraft, to help you transform your ordinary life into a magickal one. 

10 Ways to Practice Everyday Witchcraft 

1. Enchant a Cup of Tea

With focus and intention, you can turn a single cup of tea into a vessel for manifestation. This simple ritual can be performed each day and changed according to your current needs. Begin by visualizing how you want to feel for the day, while you prepare your tea. As the steam rises, take a deep breath and speak aloud your intentions.

You can say an incantation like this…

The morning is bright

With each sip I glow

Happiness come

Creativity flow

~ So mote it be

Also, if you like sugar in your cup, you may wish to speak aloud what you are grateful for with each spoonful.

Relax and allow the herbal magick to shape your day.  

2. Wash Away the Negative

Not only is the shower a place to cleanse the body, it’s also a place to cleanse the mind and the spirit. Use your early morning shower routine to remove any old, residual energy with a simple visualization.

As the water washes over you, picture all of the negative thoughts and worries running off your body and traveling into the dark hole of the shower drain. Visualize a purifying white light coming from the shower head, flowing over you, cleansing and renewing your spirit. 

Feel the comfort the water provides and connect with the element that makes up 70% of our body. Visualize yourself refreshed and revitalized. You are now ready to start anew!

Connecting with the element of water will not only create a healthy energy field around you, but will also awaken your subconscious, strengthening the development of your intuition throughout the day. 

3. Dress with Intention

Pick out your clothes, shoes, jewelry and hair accessories with intention. Ask yourself how you want to feel for the day? Determine what you want the energy to be like and choose your colors appropriately.

For example, if you’re wanting to a attract a new business partner, consider wearing the color green or gold for attraction and prosperity. You can place specific crystals in your pockets, like green aventurine for attracting growth and success, aragonite for truthful intention, and tiger’s eye for protection. 

Hair accessories can also play a role in attracting what you desire. Add personalized talismans related to your intention. For example, feathers are used to carry our thoughts and intentions (my personal favorite) and can be easily added to hair via a hair band or pin for a more subtle look.

When it comes to your shoes, get creative with sigil magick! Draw a personalized sigil on the bottom of your shoes, so that each time you take a step, you step towards your intentions. Herbal spell powders are great to use for creating sigils. 

4. Look for the Signs

While driving your car, be mindful of any signs you may see along the way. Spirit speaks to us on the subconscious level and mostly in symbols, often numbers! With so many license plates and road signs, it can be fun to see if you notice any patterns or reoccurring numbers.

You can also ask spirit guides to communicate with you through the signs and cars around you. You can be as specific or general with your questions. This helps to make a routine drive into something more interesting and is a different way to approach intuition and divinatory practices. 

5. Cook Up Some Magick

Use all of your senses to create a mindful experience and bring the garden into the kitchen. When we deliberately choose to eat high vibrational foods, we change our own frequency, allowing us to reach a higher consciousness. Think about each fresh item and what energy they provide for your body, on a physical and a spiritual level. Just take a look at the blueberry and the lemon. 

✭ Blueberries are shaped with a 5 pointed star, making them the perfect protection amulet in the kitchen! 

✭ Lemons are bright and cheerful, giving off happy vibes, mainly because they are excellent purifiers and super cleansing! Not only do they help to rid the body of yucky germs, but they also helpful in ridding our spirit of negative energies. 

Be mindful of what ingredients you are eating, and take a few minutes to think about the specific energy of each item. 

You can also use various salts and herbal blends to create patterns for specific intentions in your food, while you’re cooking. You can sprinkle the shape of a heart, a pentacle, a cross, etc…get creative!

6. Ground in Nature

Grounding is one of those practices that’s absolutely crucial to performing any kind of ritual or spell working. My spirit instantly feels more alive the moment I step into nature, what about you?

Find your favorite place to walk and if you can, take off your shoes. Get those feet planted in the ground and feel the vibrational pull from the earth, pulsing through your body, grounding you, and energizing your soul.

Spend some time in the solitude of nature and listen for spirit to speak to you through the flowers, trees, and spirits of the land.

If you’re like me and always have littles ones nearby, enjoy watching them discover nature and observe through their eyes. Children always have a way of seeing things differently.

This simple act of being present can help you to focus more on what you want in life and can boost your creativity!

7. Pay Yourself

When it’s time to pay the bills, release and attract! Sprinkle an attracting prosperity powder on any checks you write or money you send out, to draw the money back to you. If you pay your bills online, you can use tax receipts you save each month or expense reports and use your powder the same way.

One of my favorite things to do is to pay myself. Physically write yourself a check, each time you pay a bill, in whatever amount you see fit, and attract that money to you like a magnet.

You can say an incantation like this…

Money flows easily to me today

More checks to cash will come my way

~ So mote it be.

8. Wash Away Low Vibes

Clean not just the dirt, but the energy too. Sweep away the negative, wash away the yuck, and fill your space with high vibrational energy to transform your home’s energy. You can also use smudging sprays, as these are quick and easy to use during the day, and don’t take a lot of time or fuss. 

Simple floor washes and sweeps can be crafted easily to remove old stagnant energy that has collected over time.

One of the best ways to move energy in a space is to declutter! Releasing and removing things you no longer need, can make a huge difference in the way a space feels and ultimately the way you feel. Every object holds energy, whether it’s those happy vibes or angry vibes! 

If you don’t have anything you’re willing to let go of, consider smudging your items and rearranging them in the space, as this will help too. 

9. Lock Up at Night 

Each night before turning out the lights and locking your doors, create protection wards to keep your family safe while they sleep. 

Your protection symbol can be anything symbolic for you, such as a pentacle, a cross, a personalized sigil, etc…

At each door to your home and some of the lower windows, draw a symbol of protection in the air, over the door.

You can state an incantation like this one…

Protect our home this very night

Lock our doors and windows tight

Keep us safe from that we fear

Only good may enter here

So mote it be.

10. Dream with Spirit

Before going to bed, place an amethyst crystal under your pillow in a little sachet with some mugwort and lavender and enjoy peaceful, vivid dreams. Keeping a journal next to the bed for writing down any details from your dreams is a handy way to interpret messages from spirit. 

You can also use selenite crystal to actively call upon your spirit guides within your dreams. Some people find this crystal keeps them awake, so you may just have to experiment for yourself. 

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