Abre Camino Oil Recipe: The Road Opener

Abre Camino Oil Recipe: The Road Opener, Green Witch Living

Abre Camino oil is a wonderful spell oil, originating in Latin America, and used extensively in Hoodoo and Santeria. “Abre Camino” literally means “ open way”, and that’s precisely what this oil does. It removes roadblocks, clears blockages, opens doors, and makes new opportunities available to us. It can help us move forward when we find ourselves stuck. Who doesn’t need this in their life sometimes?

Ways to Use Abre Camino Oil

The oil can be used in many ways. A few drops added to bath water are excellent for clearing out any problems that have been hindering you. It can be used to anoint a candle for ritual candle magic (use a white candle). It is also excellent for anointing and creating a special amulet for Job-hunting success. An old skeleton key is ideal for this. Although any key will work, use a charm in the shape of a winged key (very often you can find these in craft store jewelry sections) and enchant it into an amulet using Abre Camino oil. 

This amulet, when worn to a job interview ( by phone, zoom, or in person) greatly increases the odds of success. The oil can also be used to anoint yourself when going to any job interview or audition. You can also apply the oil to any job application or resume you are mailing out. It has a very light, clean, citrus scent, so a discrete dab will not be obtrusive. Have a court case that seems to have stalled? Finding that the path of advancement at work is closed to you? These are all cases where Abre Camino might help clear the way for you. 

The Abre Camino Plant

It’s best to make Abre Camino oil by using part of the Abre Camino plant. This is a small, woody shrub with pale pink flowers which grows in hot, humid regions of the Americas. It is very common in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Caribbean.

It’s latin name is Eupatorium Villosum, but it is also sometimes called Boneset.  Different recipes use different parts of the plant. For example, the dried leaves are often boiled as a tea, and added as a wash to bath water. It’s personal preference to use the dried roots for making the oil, as these seem to be where the energy of the plant is most concentrated, and so that is what this recipe uses. 

Abre Camino Oil Recipe



The best time of the month for doing any Abre Camino work is during the new moon. If you use this oil on a candle spell, dispose of any remains by placing them at a crossroads.

Now, you will need to activate the oil by empowering and enchanting it. You may use any prayer or spell that is appropriate to help you focus, but this is the traditional Hoodoo prayer to make the oil, and dates to the mid 1800’s. 

God before me

God behind me

I on Thy path, O God

Thou, O God, in my steps.

In the twistings of the road. 

In the currents of the river. 

Be with me by day. 

Be with me by night. 

Be with me by day and by night.

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Abre Camino Oil Recipe: The Road Opener | Green Witch Living

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