How to Test Your Tarot Skills

How to Test Your Tarot Skills, Green Witch Living

What good are your tarot skills if they aren’t accurate? Intuition is something everyone has and can refine, but it comes more naturally to some than others. Have you ever worried about your tarot reading accuracy? Don’t feel bad if you have, because that’s completely normal. I’ll show you ways you can test yourself, exercise your intuition, and become confident you’re listening to your inner voice like a pro. Here are some ways you can test your tarot skills: 

Energy Predictions

If you’re new to tarot, start with testing your ability to predict and feel energy, then work your way up to more specifics. What does that mean? Start with something you do almost daily. Going to work usually works great for this. If you’re a stay at home parent or work part time you can still use your tasks you need to get done for the day as your “work day” for this exercise. Lets face it, running a home is totally a full time job anyway. 

Now to get started, shuffle your deck like you always do, and ask your tarot cards what the overall energy is going to be like for your day at work. You’re not looking for any specific details yet (unless they just happen to jump out at you) you’re just looking for the overall feeling of the day. For instance, drawing the Eight of Wands may mean your day is going to be busy and go by very quickly. The Sun could mean your day is going to be full of happiness. The Eight of Swords could mean you’ll have a hard time getting motivated to get things done. 

Now write down your card and prediction, then take a look at it at the end of your day. Where you right?

General Predictions

Once you’re comfortable with the energy of the day and tend to be correct the majority of the time, it’s time to practice getting more specific. Using the question, “What do I need to know about my day at work today?” works well for this.                              

This time, look for all details rather than just the energy of the card. Is it giving you a hint at what’s going to happen today or who you may come in contact with on top of the overall energy? Like before, write down your feelings and check back at the end of the day. What actually happened? How close were you?

Something to keep in mind is it’s okay if sometimes all that’s coming to you is the energy of the day and you aren’t finding more details. Think about it. Some days are just uneventful. Could it be that the absence of something specific IS what’s going to happen? Keep that in mind when starting out, and write down if you’re not getting any details. It could just be that not much is going to happen. 

Yes and No or This and That

Yes and no questions are hard for a lot of people to master with tarot cards because there are no yes and no cards. With that said, you won’t know whether or not you’re good at it without trying!

A great way to practice this is finding a sports game you don’t know the outcome of yet. Try to ask your tarot cards which team or player is going to win. You can do this by literally asking, “what team will win?” or if you find it easier, “Will (one of the team names) win?”. Experiment with which way of asking gets you the most accurate answer and stick with whichever is easiest for you to interpret. Don’t forget to write it down in your journal so you can keep track.

Tarot for Timing   

Tarot for timing when something is going to happen is the hardest part of tarot to learn for many people, making practicing even more important. I won’t go into how to use tarot for timing with you today because that’s a whole separate blog post or two worth of material, but if you already know a technique you’d like to try, this is a great way to practice it.

In order to not have the need to wait a long time for the answer, try timing something short term. A month or less is ideal so you don’t have to wait forever to find out if you’re right. You can try asking things such as, “When will my online order get here?” Or “When will so and so call me again?”. Be creative and stick with something simple to start. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while to get this down. No one can be accurate with timing 100% of the time because so many variables are at play, but with practice you can get pretty dang close.

What to do if You’re Wrong

So you’ve done this for a few weeks now and you keep finding you’re wrong. It’s okay! Don’t throw in the tarot towel just yet. Look back at your journal entries. Chances are, you’re pulling the correct cards but not interpreting them correctly. You may be overanalyzing and thinking too much, and so worried about getting it right that you’re ignoring your intuition and using the logical part of your brain. Often, your intuition is your first instinct BEFORE your thinking brain kicks in. Starting a mediation practice if you haven’t already is the best way to combat an overactive mind. 

Some people can pick up a deck of tarot cards and be accurate right away, but not everyone can. That doesn’t mean you will never be able to, so don’t give up! Give it time, and take breaks when you feel you need to. If you stick with it, you and your intuition will be best friends for life. 

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How to Test Your Tarot Skills, Green Witch Living

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