Using Oracle Cards During Tough Times

Using Oracle Cards During Difficult Times, Green Witch Living

Life as humans wouldn’t quite be the same if we didn’t have ups and downs. Sometimes we need to hear blunt and to the point answers from a trusted friend, but other times we just need a hug and someone to listen to our problems.

When it comes to the world of divination, tarot is the blunt friend, and most oracle decks are the hug and gentle pep talk reminding you everything is going to be okay in the end.

Oracle cards are great to add to the end of a tarot reading for an extra layer of advice, but what about using them on their own?

When Oracle Cards are Better than Tarot

When you need the hug! Yes, it’s that simple. Sometimes we’re just not ready to hear a blunt answer, or maybe we’ve heard it too many times and just want some support. This my friends, is when oracle cards are absolutely the best. They shine at providing the gentle motivation we sometimes need to get us going in the right direction. 

That is, unless you’ve picked up the Oracle with Attitude deck, which is not at all friendly, but still highly recommended if you need a laugh.  

While the tarot is usually made up of 78 cards, oracle decks don’t have a set number. The tarot has countless different scenarios and outcomes, both good and not so good, and is perfect for getting a specific answer to a question. Oracle decks are usually made up of inspirational advice cards, and better for asking “What do I need to focus on to overcome this” or “What do I need to focus on to get where I want” type questions.

Tips for Using Oracle Cards During Tough Times 

First, make sure you’re in a good place to receive the information.

If you’re highly emotional or upset at the time of the reading, it might be helpful to ground yourself first. Try to remember the cards can only help if you’re open to the possibilities and ready to receive the information. 

Keep your questions open ended and nonspecific. General advice is best to ask for when working with oracle cards. While they can be used for future divination and other types of questions, advice is usually their strong suit with most decks. Avoid yes or no questions, and anything with a definitive answer. For instance, “will something happen” or “should I do this” questions aren’t the best for asking an oracle deck.  

Second, keep the theme of your deck in mind.

When choosing your deck, theme is important. One of the wonderful things about oracles is the vast array of different themes available. There are love themed decks, money themed decks, decks for body positivity, plants, crystals, gods and goddesses of many pantheons, sassy decks with attitude, angel themed decks, and so on. Chose one that’s relevant to your situation for the best results. 

Third, ask for an ally.

If working with a themed deck, such as a plant or herb deck, asking what card can be your ally during this time is a wonderful use for themed oracles. A great example of this would be if you have a plant deck and draw the herb borage after asking for an ally. Borage is associated with courage, protection, and intuition. Consider learning more about the history of that particular herbs use in witchcraft, as well as any medicinal uses. Try growing it if you can, or drink it in tea and burn it as incense if it’s a plant that’s safe to do so. (Please always make sure it’s safe if you plan to ingest OR burn something) 

And last but not least, try to accept the answer you’re given. Sometimes the answers we get during tough times seem too good to be true. Other times they’re just flat out frustrating when we’re ready for a situation to be over. Unfortunately sometimes the only way out is through. Be open to the possibility that your current situation is actually creating space for everything to fall into place later. 

Question Ideas for Oracle Cards

For themed decks:

  1. What plant/crystal/god/goddess can help me through this?
  2. Why do I feel stuck?
  3. How can I move forward?
  4. What is this situation trying to teach me right now?
  5. What advice will help me get through the day? 
  6. What am I not seeing that could help me?
  7. In what ways am I underestimating myself?
  8. How can I raise my vibration?
  9. What will help me get closer to my goals?
  10. What does my friend/partner/family member need me from me right now?
  11. How can I set better boundaries?
  12. What is blocking me right now?
  13. What do I need to focus on to succeed? 
  14. What will help me let go?
  15. What is my most positive trait?
  16. What gifts have I not yet realized I possess?

You can use these questions or make up your own, but I hope that’s enough ideas to help get you started. You can choose to use oracle cards in place of tarot in traditional tarot spreads as well, but most prefer to leave that to tarot and use oracle cards for single questions. Ultimately it’s up to you, so have fun experimenting to find what works best and be open to the possibilities. 

How have oracle cards helped you during difficult times? Share with us in the comments below.

Written By: Flora Green @heart_of_a_witch

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Using Oracle Cards During Difficult Times, Green Witch Living

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