Best Crystals to Connect to Divine Masculine Energy

Best Crystals to Connect to Divine Masculine Energy, Green Witch Living

The Divine Feminine has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, and for good reason. Thousands of years under a patriarchal reign have left us lacking and one-sided, unable to tap into the feminine energy we all have within us, regardless of gender identity. We have seen the resurgence of the goddess and feminism. In the article crystals for feminine energy, the importance of balancing polarity in order to achieve wholeness is stressed.

In Eastern philosophy, this is referred to as Yin and Yang. Yin is considered to have feminine qualities and Yang is considered to have masculine qualities, and the goal is balancing both sides of these energies for optimum health of mind and body. In a more modern sense, it is the same concept as the left and right brain theory. The left brain is masculine and logical, and the right brain is feminine and creative.

What is Divine Masculine energy?

For a witch, tapping into Divine Masculine energy means connecting with the god. This can be a specific deity that you choose to work with, archetypes of the different gods, or the god within you in the form of your higher self.

Qualities of balanced Divine Masculine energy include logical thought, passion, assertion, activity, taking initiative, strength, firmness, valor, individuality, stability, and loyalty. You can even see these qualities if you look at the King and Queen cards in the tarot. It does not necessarily mean it is male or female in the way we think of it anatomically, rather, that the energies are masculine or feminine.

Why tap into Divine Masculine energy?

In need of motivation? Time to finish that project you started and never got around to completing? This is when it is time to bring your masculine energy into balance. Your masculine side is about the drive and focus it takes to become successful and create the life you desire.

Crystals to Help You Tap into Your Divine Masculine


In terms of Masculine and Feminine energy, the sun is connected to the masculine, and the moon is connected to the feminine. If you’ve ever seen the symbol of the sun inside a crescent moon making the circle whole, this represents the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, or the god and the goddess.

Sunstone crystal carries the bright, positive energy of the sun, or the god. In Greek mythology, the god Helios and Egyptian mythology, the god Ra, both solar gods. In some legends, Sunstone is a piece of the sun that fell from the sky during a solar eclipse. If you are needing the energy of the sun, you can literally hold a piece of it in your hand with Sunstone!

A crystal of freedom and empowerment, Sunstone reminds us that we have autonomy over whatever we allow into our lives. We get to choose what we do, where we go, and whom we love. We create our own realities.

When you think of the powers of Sunstone, remember the health benefits of the sun, but apply them metaphysically. The sun provides us with vitamin D and helps lift seasonal depression, in the same way, Sunstone provides us with optimism and gives us hope in the dark times of our life.


Another solar stone is Carnelian, known for its ability to uplift the spirit, bringing forth positivity and stamina. While Sunstone is the energy of light, Carnelian is the energy of fire.

A stone of willpower, Carnelian crystal gives you the determination to follow through on promises made to yourself and others. Need to finish that project? Carnelian is a great stone for artists, as it is associated with the element of fire so it increases energy and creativity, but in a focused way. It is a stabilizing crystal, providing steady energy so you don’t burn out. If you feel stuck, Carnelian will give you the heat of the element of fire to get moving!

It is also a stone of passion and sexuality. If you need a boost in the bedroom, Carnelian is here to help. It is sexually empowering and gives you the self-confidence to try new things.

Carnelian eliminates self-doubt and brings motivation and determination. What lights a fire in your soul? Carnelian helps you pursue your passions with bold action. 


The word Garnet comes from the Latin word for pomegranate, so as the name suggests, Garnet gives a boost of vitality and passion. The red color of blood makes it associated with our life force energy. In traditional Chinese medicine, Garnet is said to support the flow of Chi, which detoxes negative emotions from the body.

Garnet crystal, a stone of passion and energy, stimulates our need to survive and thrive! A crystal of Divine Masculine energy, Garnet encourages us to take risks toward pursuing our desires. Garnet is helpful for balancing sexual energy and removing inhibitions. Not only does Garnet promote sexual passion, it also promotes long-lasting romantic relationships, whether you are in one or looking to attract one. 

Because it is related to the root chakra, Garnet promotes feelings of safety and security and strengthens boundaries, helpful during times of crisis and stressful changes. Garnet is grounding and protective, shielding you from negative energy. Once the crisis has passed, Garnet encourages you to shed stagnant ideas, making room for better ways of moving forward.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is yet another crystal of the sun, but at its most powerful point, the strength of noontime sun at midsummer. Think of the energy of a solar eclipse: Tiger’s Eye crystal is a bringer of new and exciting opportunities! In Egyptian lore, the bands of the Tiger’s Eye crystal are trapped rays of sunshine. Named after a powerful beast, Tiger’s Eye represents full power and strength.

Tiger’s Eye is a protective talisman, known to ward off the evil eye and balance and reset emotions. It brings feelings of positivity, happiness, security, and prosperity. It is also a very lucky stone that will increase money flow, help you think clearly and quickly on your feet, stay motivated and committed to your goals, and make way for opportunities to level up.

A stone of courage, confidence, and determination, Tiger’s Eye is helpful for increasing inner desires and eliminating fears so you can make decisions for manifestation, set goals, and take action. It is not for the faint of heart, and those who work with this crystal must be ready to face their shadows and do the inner work.

Red Malachite

Also known as Red Banded Jasper, Red Malachite is a crystal of balance. The bands show us its ability to marry the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. It also balances the physical body and the spirit and for this reason is commonly used for shamanic journeys.

A stone for creators, Red Banded Jasper gives you the power to breathe life into creative projects. It provides focused energy because it’s related to the element of fire and to the root chakra. The frequency of Red Banded Jasper is slow and steady so it provides willpower and endurance. If you are scatterbrained, this crystal will help you to become centered.

If you need to solve problems or set boundaries, Red Banded Jasper can assist you. Work with this crystal if you are trying to break negative thought patterns and creative blocks. It emits feelings of courage and tranquility and helps you transform ideas into action. If you are feeling apathetic about life, use this crystal to rejuvenate passion and remember to live in the moment. 

Working with these five crystals can help you tap into your Divine Masculine within, creating balance, drive, and passion in your life so you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself.

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Best Crystals to Connect to Divine Masculine Energy, Green Witch Living

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