Vanishing Powder Recipe & Uses: Conceal, Confuse, Confound

Vanishing Powder Recipe & Uses, Green Witch Living

Vanishing powder is an old magical recipe, and goes by many names, including: Confusion Dust, Invisibility Cloak, Instant Darkness Powder, and I know of one practitioner who calls it “Perception Filter”. 

How does Vanishing Powder Work?

One of the basic principles of magic is the old adage- “As above, so below”. That is, when we make a change on the astral plane, it affects the physical or material plane. The ingredients in any spell work have natural, innate, properties that incline them to function in a certain way, it is in their essence. When combined, and instructed or directed by an able  practitioner, they will be activated to produce certain effects. This means that the focus or will of the magician is a critical part of enchanting the materials, if they are going to have the desired effect. The stronger your will and the sharper your focus, the more effective your magic will be.

What does Vanishing Powder do?

As every object exists simultaneously on the physical and astral plane, this powder causes the astral object to become invisible. This then affects the physical object, making it much more difficult to perceive on the material plane. It is not true invisibility, but it causes the eye to slide right over and past the object, without really registering its presence. It is still seen, technically, just not noticed.  As an example of this principle in action, please watch this short, 1 minute video.  

Just as you likely didn’t notice the unusual object in the video, because you weren’t paying attention to that part, Vanishing Powder works the same way, by instructing your subconscious mind not to pay attention to the object the magician wishes to conceal. It is, indeed, a perception filter and now you can see some potential uses for this.


The most obvious uses for this powder are to conceal from notice any evidence of illegal or illicit activities, and that is a very popular application for it. I’ve also known those who used it on themselves, in order to enter theme parks or concert venues without paying admission, or to access areas where they should not have been able to enter unchallenged. They would simply dust themselves with this, and then stroll right into the staff entrance without anyone attempting to stop and question them. I have witnessed it working in this manner myself. And so long as no harm was done, I cannot say I object to that use. 

I will confess to having used it myself while in the military. While living in the barracks, there were times when certain items were prohibited, (such as food, or coffee pots, or microwaves) as I didn’t want to do without these things, I would sprinkle them with Vanishing Powder, while leaving the items in plain sight. There were periodic inspections, and either the inspecting officers had no desire to enforce their own prohibitions and rules, or they simply didn’t notice the coffee pot and microwave in plain sight on my desk. Who can say? In any case, although I made no other effort to conceal those items, I was never caught in possession of contraband items. 

I have also made use of it when I noticed that my vehicle inspection sticker had expired, and being unable to schedule a re-inspection for 2 weeks, I did not wish to get a ticket in the meantime. A little smudge of Vanishing Powder over my sticker encouraged people (specifically the police) not to notice the sticker was the wrong color. I have also heard of one user who applied it to the workstation of a co-worker whom they wished to be rid of. That co-worker then began making constant mistakes, misplacing items, losing important documents, and making so many errors that it resulted in their termination. I’m sure you can envision other clever uses and applications for this powder.

How to make Vanishing Powder

Items You’ll Need:

* Use caution when handling, this is poisonous*

  • Black salt
  • Poppy seeds
  • Myrrh
  • Red brick dust or Iron oxide (rust) or red ochre powder
  • Wormwood
  • Mistletoe *
  • Wolfsbane (monkshood, arnica) *
  • Powdered mica
  • Optional ingredient- I know of one practitioner who has had great success by adding powdered rainbow carborundum (silicon carbide) to the mix. I experimented with it myself, and can report that it does seem to increase the effectiveness. Although the powder does work without this last item, if you can obtain it, it is a beneficial ingredient.


Combine all ingredients in mortar and grind and mix. While doing so, focus your intention and will upon them, instructing and directing them to hide and conceal anything they are applied to. Do this for at least 10 minutes, never letting your attention wander. Concentrate on visualizing your desired result. 

Good luck, and happy hiding!

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Vanishing Powder: Recipes and Uses | Green Witch Living

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