Using Tarot in Your Green Witch Practice

Using Tarot in Your Green Witch Practice, Green Witch Living

One of the best things about modern tarot is the vast array of decks now available. With the recent popularity of tarot and oracle decks increasing and them becoming more and more acceptable, we’ve now got decks for just about everyone. Including green witches!

Even if you don’t consider yourself a green witch, but just love plants and gardening, there are so many fun decks out there now to choose from.

Fun Tarot Decks for the Green Witch

This is in no way a complete list, there are just too many out there that I’m sure I have yet to discover. These are my personal favorites out of what I’ve seen so far and it’s a great list to get you started.

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Tarot Decks

  • Green Witch Tarot 
  • The Herbal Tarot
  • The Herbcrafter’s Tarot
  • Terra: Botanical Tarot Deck (Available here:
  • The Tarot of Plants, Solar edition or Full Moon edition (

Oracle decks

Choosing plant based decks are a great way to incorporate both green witchcraft and divination into your tarot practice.

Finding Your Plant Ally with Oracle Cards

One of my favorite parts to Feather’s Green Witch Living Class (if you haven’t taken Feathers course yet, I highly recommend it) was choosing our plant ally for the year. Your plant ally is one you learn about in depth throughout the year and form a relationship with. Plants have spirits too!

I tend to be indecisive, so one of my favorite ways to choose a plant ally is with oracle cards. If you can relate, try this out! Even if you don’t have a plant deck, you can always create your own with a simple pen and flash card set.

First, pick out a deck with plants and images you love. If you’re unable to purchase a deck at this time, or can’t find one that’s just right, try writing your favorite plants down on flash cards or little pieces of paper. Just make sure you can’t see what they are when they’re facing down and each piece of paper is the same size. It doesn’t have to be fancy unless you want it to be!

Now lay all the cards face down. Shuffle them if there’s enough to shuffle, otherwise just mix them all up in whatever way works best. Now take some deep breaths, ground yourself, and allow your hand to hover over the cards. Choose whatever card you feel drawn to the most. You can choose to grow that plant if you wish, learn about it, drink it in tea (only if it’s safe to do so though!), wear it as perfume, make it into an essence or tincture, or carry a piece with you. However you wish to work with it is fine as long as you keep safely in mind. I’ve found when I’m being indecisive my subconscious usually knows what I need way better than my conscious mind does, so I love using this method to choose. 

Using Tarot and Oracle Cards to Plan your Garden

Just like you can use cards to find your plant ally, they can also be a great help when planning for your garden in winter or early spring. I love using the method above to choose what plants will go where, what new plants I’m going to try that year, and which ones to work with more closely than I may have in the past. We are planning on moving soon, so this year I need to be more conservative with my garden. I used my Herbal Tarot deck and Green Witch oracle cards to help with my decision and can’t wait to start planting! 

Other Ways to Use Plant Based Divination Cards

Besides general divination, which is obviously a great way to use the cards as well, another creative way you can use plant cards as a green witch is to help get to know more plants. It can seem like an impossible task when first discovering green witchcraft to get to know so many on a deeper level. 

When I started learning about green witchcraft, these were some of the questions I had:

  • How do you choose which ones to learn about first?
  • How do I know what plants to use for different spells?
  • How on earth does one memorize so much information about so many plants?

And so on. It was frustrating to just choose a few, because I so badly wanted to learn about them all right away!

I understand just how impossible it can feel to have such vast knowledge if you didn’t grow up with a green witch as your parent or guardian to teach you along the way. Other than a yearly plant ally, you can also use plant based cards to study each plant in depth. In order to keep it from feeling overwhelming, choose a new card to study each week or month. I love to ask something like, “What plant spirit can help me this week?”. Choose your card and do research on the plant you have drawn. Get to know it that week, find it dried if you can, and use it in whatever way is safe for that individual plant.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for your plant based decks, and maybe inspires you to get one if you haven’t already! Even if you don’t consider yourself a green witch, plant spirits are a beautiful energy to work with.

How do you use tarot in your green witch practice? Share with us in the comments below.

Written By: Flora Green @heart_of_a_witch

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Using Tarot in Your Green Witch Practice, Green Witch Living

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