Tarot 101: The Best Way to Get Started With Tarot

Tarot 101: The Best Way to Get Started with Tarot | Green Witch Living

Have you ever heard the old saying, “You must be gifted your first tarot deck in order to start tarot reading.”? I’m here to not only dispel that myth, but also help you understand why it holds no truth in todays spiritual and witchcraft community. 

While tarot is still looked down upon within some communities, it is overall a much more accepted practice today compared to the past. At certain times in history it was actually dangerous to allow the wrong people to find out you read tarot. 

Today, not only is it more accepted, but it’s one of the absolute best ways to begin developing and strengthening your intuition. (Although as a tarot lover, I may be a little biased.) 

The days of hiding your love for tarot are gone. Decks no longer have to be hidden, secretly passed down, or gifted by a close friend or family member as a right of passage. We are free to choose our own now, choose a deck that speaks to us, and find the one that feels like it has belonged to us our whole lives. Finding our first deck can be a magickal experience if we let it.

Besides, we aren’t all lucky enough to know someone who reads tarot until after we get started. Besides the few online readings I had with strangers, I didn’t know anyone who read tarot before I purchased my first deck. Many modern readers would have never picked up tarot reading if they had to wait around for their first deck to be gifted, simply because they had no one in their lives to gift them. 

So with that said, what is the best tip to really kick start your tarot reading skills?

Tips for Reading Tarot Cards

Pick out your first tarot deck yourself!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of desks out there with new decks being created every day. As the years go by, the newest decks are getting more modern and inclusive, meaning there’s the perfect deck out there for almost everyone if you take the time to search. 

While learning tarot won’t happen overnight, the best way to learn quicker is to find the deck you really connect with. Don’t underestimate the power of holding a deck in your hands with images that you not only understand, but that you feel connected to, and truly speak to your soul. 

A Rider-Waite style tarot deck is generally considered the best type to start with for beginners, but don’t discount other systems as well. 

Think of finding your soul deck as your first intuitive exercise. Look into different styles, different systems, and trust you are being guided to the one that is right for you. Keep in mind though, this is more than just finding images that are aesthetically pleasing.

That was my first mistake when I chose my first tarot deck. While I loved the images, I chose an animal deck with no human figures, and that proved to be very hard for me to figure out in the beginning. I can read that deck with ease now, but it took me quite some time to get there. I ended up buying a different one that was much easier, and everything suddenly clicked!

So when looking at the images of tarot cards ask yourself two questions.

  1. First, do I like the aesthetics?
  2. Second, can I get a sense for the story going on in this card? 

While most will find this easier in the beginning when looking at cards with people, if animals or other symbols resonate with you more than choose what you feel is right for you.

Tarot Decks for Beginners

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Below is a list of my personal favorites for tarot beginners to get you started. While looking through these though, remember that these are just my favorites. If they aren’t yours that is fine, but they will give you somewhere to start. 

Tarot 101 The Best Way to Get Started, The Witch's Guide, Light Seers Tarot
Tarot 101: The Best Way to Get Started, The Witch's Guide, Sasuraibito Tarot Deck by Stasia Burrington
Tarot 101 The Best Way to Get Started, The Witch's Guide, Cosmic Cycles Tarot

All of these decks are sold online, but checking out your local shops and bookstores will allow you to see decks in person. If you live in an area where that’s possible, seeing and holding a deck in person is even better. If you don’t, I suggest making a list of your favorites, and then searching for flip throughs of your list on YouTube.

Most decks have been reviewed by someone on there, and this gives you a chance to see each card before you buy. So don’t be afraid to buy your own tarot deck, especially if it is your first. There are no tarot spirits that will curse your family and deem all of your readings inaccurate. If anything, it will actually help you learn faster. 

And if you already have a deck that you feel stuck with, keep looking! Your soul deck is out there, and it will make the beginning of your tarot journey so much more fulfilling. 

Have you started your journey with tarot? What are your best tips? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Written By: Flora Green @heart_of_a_witch


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Tarot 101: The Best Way to Get Started | Green Witch Living

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