3 Herbs to Use for Mercury Retrograde

3 Herbs for Mercury Retrograde, Green Witch Living

One of the most talked about astrological occurrences is the infamous Mercury Retrograde. When we aren’t grounded we can feel drained, unfocused, and leave ourselves vulnerable to negative, low vibrational energies.

Many feel this way during Mercury Retrograde and consequently are easily affected by the moods of others. The stress during mercury retrograde is real.

What is Mercury Retrograde


It’s a time when the planet Mercury decides to change directions and appears to be traveling backwards in its orbit. Since the planet Mercury rules all forms of communication, including technology and travel, there is a sense of apprehension during this time because things have a way of going haywire.

Communication is backwards to say the least, often making us feel a little nuts and out of sorts. Have no fear though, mother earth provides us with just what we need. 

3 Herbs for Mercury Retrograde Stress

1. Lemon Balm | To Soothe & Uplift

Aw, the lemony aroma, need I say more! Lemon balm releases a beautiful fragrance in the garden and instantly uplifts your spirit and soothes your soul. This herb is by far one of my favorites to use in the kitchen, as it has a wide variety of uses.

For starters, lemon balm is excellent brewed in a cup of tea to help you release any stress or anxiety or to just wind down from a hard day, or better yet to combat the drama of mercury retrograde.

When mercury is in retrograde there are a lot of issues that can arise unexpectedly and this herb is great for calming the nerves. So, when the computer isn’t working right, the boss is fussing about something you misunderstood, or when your flight has been delayed for 4 hours due to mechanical failure, just sit back and brew yourself a nice warm cup of lemon balm tea.

Being a member of the mint family, you get the taste of fresh lemons, in addition to mint, now that’s refreshing! Just think, each sip will bring you closer and closer to staying in the cool zone. 

2. Lavender | To Communicate & Express

When communication goes hay wire and we are left trying to express ourselves without everything being misconstrued, it can be challenging! 

So, here is Lavender to the rescue, an excellent herb for stimulating the throat chakra and helping us to not only communicate but to express ourselves.

Creating a sachet bag with lavender to hang in the car or on yourself or near your workspace is a crafty way to help you to combat the jumbled up mess of a conversation you can make when mercury is in retrograde.

Not to mention, your space is going to smell divine, not like those cheap air freshener packs you get from the car wash.

So, if you’ve got an important meeting and need to present some information to a group, keep a sachet of lavender handy. Your nose and mouth will thank you, the room of people will begin to look more relaxed, and the conversation will start to flow smoothly.

3. Sage | To Ground and Protect

Often times during Mercury Retrograde we can feel a little flighty and scattered, and lose our connection to the present. Sage helps to anchor our mind, body, and spirit to the now and keeps us grounded and centered.

Sage leaf, whether it’s common sage or white sage, is one of the most common herbs burned to cleanse, ground, and protect. Burning sage around yourself and your home can help you feel balanced and protected during Mercury Retrograde. 

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3 Herbs to Use for Mercury Retrograde, Green Witch Living

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