Tarot With Other Forms of Divination

Tarot with Other Forms of Divination, Green Witch Living

Tarot has always been one of my favorite forms of divination, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use others on occasion too. In fact, sometimes I feel like they work even better when used together. Here are some fun ways to incorporate different divination tools into your tarot readings. 

Tarot with Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracles cards are probably my favorite because they work together so well. The major down side to using oracle cards alone for divination is that they tend to be made up of all positive and inspirational cards. While there’s nothing wrong with some inspiration positivity, life isn’t always positive. Most oracle cards aren’t going to predict trouble ahead like tarot can. Generally, tarot cards can get more specific with predictions. Together though? They’re amazing.

Next time you do a tarot reading, try getting out an oracle deck if you have one. At the end of the reading, shuffle your oracle deck, focus on the reading in front of you, and then ask for overall advice on the situation. Adding an oracle card at the end of a reading has a beautiful way of not only summing up the reading, but also adding an extra layer of advice. This can be validating as well, especially when the oracle card seems to match the energy of the reading perfectly. 

This is helpful no matter what type of reading you’re doing or question you ask, but especially if the question is about a rough subject. There’s nothing better at the end of a rough reading than a beautiful oracle card to inspire you. This is also helpful when reading for someone else other than yourself. If you can already tell it’s going to be a rough one, have your oracle deck handy to soften the blow at the end and help inspire your client or friend with some helpful advice. 

Tarot with Crystals

I’ve already touched on how crystals can be used to enhance tarot reading in the past, but what about using tarot with crystal scrying? (Or any scrying really)

One way to use these together is to do the same thing as I mentioned with the oracle cards. Not only can this add an extra layer of advice to a reading, it can also be validating just like oracle cards. 

This is also a great way to test your scrying skills and learn what certain symbols and signs mean to you. The main part of scrying that took me the longest to figure out and trust, was deciphering the meaning behind what I saw. If you’re anything like I was and haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, try using scrying with your tarot cards handy. If you’re not sure what something means, ask your tarot deck. You’ll probably find you already knew anyway, but having something else to confirm your intuition is helpful in the beginning.

And of course, you can also match the type of crystal you use with the type of reading you’re doing. For instance, you may choose to use a rose quarts sphere for a love reading, or hibiscus petals if you prefer herbal scrying over crystals. Let the energies of your tools help add to the energy of the reading. Clear quartz is always a safe bet if you’re not sure what to choose. Black obsidian scrying mirrors are a popular choice as well, and the protective energy of obsidian is great for protecting yourself from unwanted energies during a reading. This is especially helpful when doing a difficult reading for a client or friend. It has strong psychic protection properties.

Tarot with Pendulums 

This is such a perfect match. Tarot can be used for so many different types of questions, but if we’re being honest yes or no questions isn’t one of them. That’s not to say it’s impossible, that’s just not what it’s really meant for. Having a pendulum handy during a tarot reading is the best way to get a quick yes or no when the need arises so you don’t have to rephrase the question or try to ask your deck a yes or no.

My favorite example of this is when a friend asked if she should apply for a new job and asked me to do a reading about it. We started with the pendulum and asked if this would be a good opportunity for her. We got yes. Then we asked if she’d be likely to get the job if she applied and got another yes. From there we were able to do a tarot reading with more specific questions about the best ways for her to prepare for the interview, how to go about quitting her current job, and if this new job would be a long term fit or a temporary stepping stone. 

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Tarot with Other Forms of Divination, Green Witch Living

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