Crystals 101: How to Cleanse, Charge, and Program Your Crystals

Crystals 101: How to Cleanse, Charge, and Program Your Crystals, Green Witch Living

So you’ve chosen some beautiful, vibrant, eye-catching crystals and now you are a crystal owner; perhaps you were simply attracted to them or you researched according to what you need. Now what? The first important step to learn about crystal care is how to cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals.

Each type of crystal has a unique vibration, benefiting your body and environment with healing energy from the earth. Many electronics, including smartphones, tablet computers, and digital cameras, contain quartz crystals, allowing them to tune into the frequency at which they need to operate. In the metaphysical sense, crystals filter negative energy and may become clogged. Today we will talk about some ways to make sure your crystals are operating at their full potential!


Cleansing is removing all energy the crystal has absorbed, whether negative or positive. It gives the crystal a clean slate. If a crystal absorbs too much energy, it becomes so full it can no longer absorb or emit energy properly. Much like changing the filter in your home, cleansing is an important part of crystal care in order to keep the energy of your crystals clear.

What are some reasons I should cleanse my crystals?

  • You just purchased it or someone else handled it. When you purchase a brand new crystal baby, there is no doubt someone touched it before you did even if you purchased it online. In a shop, it has likely been handled by dozens of people. When other people touch your crystal, they may unintentionally layer their own energy on the crystal, especially if they are carrying a lot of negative energy at the time. Cleansing everyone else’s energy from a crystal after purchasing it signals to the crystal that it works for you now!
  • You no longer need it for a specific purpose. If you used your crystal for a spell or were carrying it with you to a certain event where you needed its energy, it may be time for a cleanse. In a spell, it may have absorbed a lot of negative energy and needs to be reset and cleared. If you were stressed about the event and the crystal filtered your energy to help you remain calm, you wouldn’t want to keep using that same crystal without cleansing it and reprogramming it (more on that later).

How do I cleanse my crystals?

  1. Smoke: This is the most commonly used and my personal favorite. White Sage is the best choice for cleansing since it removes all energy and resets the crystal back to factory settings, so to speak. 
  2. Water: If you want to “wash away” the stagnant energy attached to your crystals, water is a wonderful way to cleanse. Not all crystals are safe for water, so be sure to do your research beforehand. It is best to use a fresh natural stream of water, like a river or a lake. If you have a natural waterfall nearby, you can even cleanse them in that water! If you cleanse then in the sea or the ocean, do your research first and make sure saltwater won’t damage them.
  3. Sound: With the many different kinds of bells and singing bowls available, the possibilities for sound cleansing is endless! You can even use things like clapping or chanting if you don’t have any ritual tools. Cleansing with sound utilizes the natural vibrations of different frequencies of sound to remove stagnant energy.
  4. Selenite, along with clear quartz, are a few of the rare crystals that do not need to be cleansed like other varieties. Selenite specifically is known for its ability to cleanse other crystals with its purifying energy. You can store your crystals with a large piece of selenite for a quick and easy cleanse each time you use them.
  5. Salt is a simple yet powerful ingredient in any spell working and magickal practice, and cleansing your crystals is yet another use! When used for protection, salt absorbs negative energy so it can’t reach your aura, and it works much the same for crystals. When placed in salt, the stagnant energy clogging your crystal is drawn out by the salt. For this reason, it is important to discard the salt after using. Be sure to use proper safety when using salt near your crystals as mentioned earlier.


Charging is another important step to proper crystal care because it restores the crystal back to its original energy. Think of it like charging your phone when the battery is low. In order to be used at their full potential, crystals need to be charged regularly. Because crystals come from the earth, the best way to charge them is by allowing them to soak in nature.

What are some reasons I should charge my crystals?

  • Crystal seems to not be working as effectively anymore. When you hold your crystal in your hand, does the energy not feel as strong as it once was? Maybe you had placed it around your home for a specific reason but it no longer seems to be doing its job. It’s time to recharge with a little crystal care day!
  • You wore it or carried it with you into a difficult or emotionally charged situation. Just like I touched on above how it is important to cleanse a crystal after using it in a stressful situation, charging it is equally as important. If it absorbed your energy and you cleansed it of all energy, it only makes sense your crystal will need a recharge after working so hard!

How do I charge my crystals?

  1. Moonlight: This is the favored method by witches everywhere, which is no surprise considering our connection to the moon! By the light of the full moon, allow your crystals to bask in the moonlight! This can be done outside on a clear day, or on a windowsill inside if there is a chance of rain or if you don’t have access to an outdoor area.
  2. Sunlight: This method is great if you want to infuse the powerful, fire energy of the sun into your crystals! Allow them to sunbathe in direct sunlight for a few hours. Some crystals fade in the sun, so be sure to check beforehand that it won’t damage the vibrancy of your beautiful crystal.
  3. Meditation: Holding the crystal in your hand, visualize a bright light entering the crystals and cleansing and energizing it from within, pushing out the old energy and taking in the new, radiant energy. Continue this process until the energy of the crystal feels strong again.
  4. Earthing: Standing directly on the earth has amazing benefits for our own energetic bodies and is also beneficial for crystals! Charge them by burying your crystals in the dirt to absorb the earth’s energy. This can be done at any time but it is especially powerful to do this overnight during the full moon.


Programming is adding your own energy to the crystal. After the proper crystal care, then you can imprint your personal intentions into the crystal. You can tell a crystal exactly what you want it to help you with so the crystal’s energy can be directed to that specific intention.

What are some reasons I should program my crystals?

  • You need the crystal to work with you for a specific situation. If you need your crystal for a very particular situation and you want the energy to work in a very directed way, you may want to program your crystal by telling it what you need it to do. Say you need to have an important discussion with a friend or a family member and choose a crystal that will help you speak your truth. You can go a step further by telling it what outcome you hope to accomplish so your crystal can assist you with your intention.
  • You want to use it in spell work. If you are creating a spell to achieve a certain outcome, you can supercharge your crystals by programming them specifically to use in that spell. Adding programmed crystals to your spell work is a great way to boost the potency of the overall process of the spell.

How do I program my crystals?

Choose a crystal that matches the vibration of your intention for a better result. This aligns your personal intention with the energy of the crystal. Holding it in your palm, tell the crystal exactly what you need from it. Tune in to the energy of your crystal and communicate how it can best work with you.

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Crystals 101: How to Cleanse, Charge, Program Your Crystals, Green Witch Living

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