Numerology 101: What Do Repeating Numbers Mean?

Numerology 101: What Do Repeating Numbers Mean | Green Witch Living

Of all the different ways the Universe uses to get our attention, Numerology has seemed to evolve with us the most, becoming increasingly relevant. Also known as Angel Numbers or Synchronistic Numbers, the idea behind this is that the Universe uses repeating patterns of numbers to get our attention and communicate with us.

In the age of digital clocks and cellphones, it is more common than ever to see numbers in our everyday lives. Say you happen to check your phone at exactly 5:55, and then you order takeout and the total is 5.55, there may be a certain lesson you are meant to receive. Another way this tends to come up is number sequences of significant dates of loved ones who have passed on. For example, if their birthday was September 26 and you see 926 everywhere, their spirit may be attempting to communicate with you.

Number Synchronicity and Symbolism

While it refers to more than numbers, the idea behind synchronicity is the same. The definition of synchronicity is events that appear to be related and occur within a period of time. This could refer to seeing a certain bird on a walk then through the week you keep hearing people mention or seeing art of that same bird. This would be a time to look into the symbolism of what that bird means spiritually.

The same is true for numbers. Each number sequence has a different meaning. It may not even be just three or four of the same repeating numbers, but any sequence of numbers you tend to see everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Obviously, if you purposely try to look at the clock at exactly 11:11, it doesn’t mean you’re going to manifest your desires. But if you keep seeing the number sequence everywhere without seeking it out, there may be a message for you.

Meanings of Repeating Numbers

Sometimes in the spiritual community, we can look too hard for signs that are not there but if the Universe is trying to get your attention, it will not be subtle. Treat it like a mystery made for you to explore. When it’s unrelated to cause-and-effect and too much to be a coincidence, these numbers can give you somewhere to start decoding that message.

Number 1111 Meaning

This one is popular in a lot of spiritual circles because it is the number of manifestation and of spiritual awakening. You are becoming awake and learning to be intentional about making your desires a reality.

Number 2222 Meaning

This can represent partnership or balance and is often interpreted to mean that you are in the right place at the right time at this moment.

Number 3333 Meaning

Building on what you learned from both 1 and 2, seeing 3s signifies your awareness and hard work manifesting your desires is working and you are on the right path.

Number 4444 Meaning

If you see this, know you can trust your intuition, whatever it may be telling you. It is divine guidance from the Universe or your spirit guides sent to protect you.

Number 5555 Meaning

Big changes are ahead! You may or may not be aware of what it will be, but it will be intense and it will happen for your highest good. Prepare for massive shifts!

Number 6666 Meaning

This number has been so tainted by Judeo-Christian culture to represent the mark of the beast! But don’t worry, seeing this number doesn’t mean you sold your soul to the devil. It mostly represents the need to recalibrate and bring your life back into balance, but also has connections to the Divine Feminine and the 13 moon cycles of the year.

Number 7777 Meaning

This number signifies a connection to the higher self. Everything is in perfect alignment and you are on the right path. This is a sign you are exactly where you need to be!

Number 8888 Meaning

This is the number of abundance, especially in finances! If you have been manifesting money or an abundant life, the Universe has your back now.

Number 9999 Meaning

A cycle has been completed. Something in your life is coming to a close. When you see this number it is time to let go. It may also be signifying there is something you need to complete.

Number 0000 Meaning

New beginnings are here. Zero represents the birth-death cycle of life, reminding us we can always start fresh. You are the creator of your reality!

Number 1010 Meaning

This is a call to focus on yourself. What are you neglecting in self care and self growth? You’re trying to give away what you don’t have. Remember that you need to put on your oxygen mask first. You can’t help others if you haven’t worked on yourself. Likewise, pay attention to your inner voice and block out the noise around you. Trusting it will get you where you need to be.

Number 1212 Meaning

Because it’s a sequence of ones and twos, this number is urging you to be mindful of who you surround yourself with. You can manifest your dreams with the help of the right support system. 1212 is also the number of ascended masters, so call on your deities, angels, and guides for help with achieving your goals.

Number 1234 Meaning

Time for a level up! Like ascending stairs, this number is telling you that it is time to step into your power and embrace the life of your dreams. This is a level above the numbers about manifestation, signifying you are already experiencing what you have manifested. Now it’s time to claim it with confidence by taking actionable steps!

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Numerology 101: What Do Repeating Numbers Mean?

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