Tarotscopes for Imbolc

Tarotscopes for Imbolc, Green Witch Living

Happy Imbolc, witches! 

Imbolc Tarot Reading for Each Zodiac Sign

Cards pulled from the Modern Love Tarot

Aries ♈️  The Tower 

Big changes are coming, fellow Aries. They may not be easy, but they will be worth it in the long run. Use your resilience and drive to power through the rough patches, and we’ll all come out okay when it’s over. Whatever part of your life is seeming to come to an end, don’t fight it. It’s important to just let it go, even if it doesn’t make sense right now. Don’t look back. 

Taurus ♉️  The Hanged Man 

Something at work or at home may feel stagnant and redundant right now, Taurus. I know it’s not always easy, but it’s time for you to just sit and let life be for a bit. Try to look at your life and see things from a new perspective before making any big decisions. Nothing has to be rushed right now. You won’t regret taking some extra time to think about your future or situation. 

Gemini ♊️  Six of Cups 

Gemini, you may feel reminiscent of the past this season. If there’s anyone from your past you’ve been thinking of, reach out to them if they’re still on our earthly realm. If not, now is a great time to reach out to them in spirit. On the other hand, if it’s someone who reaches out to you instead, don’t fight the urge to reach back if you feel comfortable. Reconnecting just might just be a gift you didn’t know you needed. 

Cancer ♋️  Wheel of Fortune

Time never stops, Cancer. Things in our lives are always changing, and something different is coming into your life soon. Stay optimistic during this turning point in your life to avoid attracting any unnecessary negativity. Trust the universe knows what it’s doing while you go along for the ride. Don’t try to control too much right now, just trust you’re being brought what is supposed to come to you.

Leo ♌️  Knight of Cups

Leo, you’re going to enjoy this season! Love is going to be the theme for your life the next couple of months, whether it be romantic, familial, or plutonic. Regardless, hold the ones you love close and don’t skimp out on letting them know how much you care. If you don’t already know about love languages, now is the perfect time to look into it. Take some time to figure out yours as well as those close to you. 

Virgo ♍️  Five of Pentacles

Virgo, at some point this season you may begin feeling like you just don’t have enough. Try not to get caught up in the feeling like others have life so much better than you do. Not only is the grass likely not any greener on the other side, but social media can make it seem like everyone else’s life it perfect. Take a break from social media if you can. There is someone out there who can not only help, but who has been through exactly what you’re feeling. It’s likely who you’d least expect. Reach out to whoever you feel called to, because there’s someone out there who can put things into perspective in ways you don’t expect. 

Libra ♎️  Ace of Cups 

Libra, a new passion is showing itself to you this season! This could be in the form of a creative hobby, a loving relationship, or a new friendship. Regardless of what it is, enjoy the newness while you can! Have fun diving into this new adventure.

Scorpio ♏️  Eight of Wands 

Life is happening fast this season, Scorpio! If there’s something you’ve been waiting on, you won’t have to wait much longer. Don’t forget to stop and take a breath every once in a while though. If you’re too busy you will burn yourself out too soon. Enjoy getting caught up in the moment, just don’t be irresponsible about it and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Sagittarius ♐️  Three of Swords 

Sagittarius, there’s a great chance for heartache this season, but I don’t want you to shove your feelings down and ignore them. This too shall pass. Journal, talk to someone, or go outside and spend time in nature. If you’ve had a recent heartbreak, this is good news for you. It means you’ll be coming out of it soon and better able to move on. Acknowledge your feelings. Work through them in whatever way works best for you or it’s going to make things harder to let go of. 

Capricorn ♑️  Three of Pentacles 

Capricorn, you’re going to be in your element this season. Projects you’re working on will be better done as a team with people you trust. They may look to you for guidance because they know you can get things done. Use your natural strengths to your advantage these next couple months and get going on any projects you have been wanting to do.

Aquarius ♒️  Seven of Wands 

Aquarius, protect your energy above everything this season. Don’t let any negative energy from others get you down. You know what’s best for you and how to get there. The more success you achieve in life the more haters you’re naturally going to have. Think of it as a sign of success rather than a negative and you’ll be fine. The people who are truly meant to be in your life will support you no matter what. 

Pisces ♓️  Page of Cups

Pisces, you will be finding a new love, a new passion, or getting an unexpected message from someone close to you about your relationship this season. Embrace your inner child and nurture them as much as you’re able. Keep an open mind and heart to avoid missing the signs from whatever is coming next. Your inner child’s intuition is strong, so don’t doubt it when it tells you something. 

Advice for All | Page of Swords 

It’s time for us all to try looking at life from new perspectives. Sometimes looking at things through the eyes of a curious child can make all the difference. Think about what we can bring into this world using our natural gifts. The world is hurting right now with everything going on around us, so it’s time for us all to brainstorm new ways of doing things. Have compassion for those around you, as we don’t know what they are going through. Teach others what you know and don’t shy away from rational discussions if they present themselves to you. You may even learn something new yourself. 

How to Read the Tarotscopes for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign 

Do you know your sun, moon, and rising signs? If so, these were drawn with the intention to read all three together if you’d like! Here’s how to read all three to turn it into a more in depth and personalized reading.

Sun Sign

The overall energy surrounding you this season.

Moon Sign

Your emotional energy and/or how you will deal with the overall energy of your sun sign emotionally/internally.

Rising Sign

Your outward energy shown to others and/or how to deal with the other two energies outwardly and in your everyday life around others.

Wishing you all a blessed Imbolc!

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