Setting Up An Altar for Developing Psychic Intuition

Setting Up An Altar for Developing Psychic Intuition, Green Witch Living

For many of us, we create altars to have a special place of sanctuary for ourselves and to develop our psychic intuition. When you open your third eye and travel deep into your subconscious, you become in tune with your higher self.

You open the door to communication with spirit and the world around you. When you are able to tap into your gifts, those that extend beyond the normal five senses, this helps you to connect with spirit on a higher level. 

An altar is any space you dedicate to connecting with spirit, your higher self, deity, or any intention.

The altar is a place to feel whole and connected to your higher purpose and understanding of this world. At the altar, there is a sense of solidarity, and each altar is unique to the individual.

Your sacred space is a personal reflection of your soul. It’s a place to express your intentions and to feel at home. 

Why Create an Altar for a Specific Intention?

Anytime you create space for yourself, you create space to manifest.

Creating a sacred space gives you a dedicated place to join spirit.

Your altar becomes a place where you can center and focus on ritual, visualize and meditate, cast spells, honor the divine, and journal your thoughts. 

Sacred spaces allow your energy to be accumulated in one area. The more time you spend at the altar, the more of an energetic impression you leave within.

Over time, the altar becomes full of your personal energy and can help you to connect to your intentions more clearly.

Having an altar for a specific intention, like developing psychic intuition, can help you to become more in tune and connected with your goals.

Choosing Items for Your Altar

Here are some ideas for items to place on your altar for developing your psychic intuition.

Think of your altar as a portal to your mind’s eye. Place items on your altar that will help you to align with your higher self. 

There is no wrong way to set up an altar, as it’s all personal preference. Do what feels right to you!

1. Crystal Moon Water 

The moon is a representation of our subconscious, the hidden depths of our soul. When combining the energies of the moon with water, there is a union that lends to better understanding of our spiritual nature. 

Crystal Moon Water can be used in many different ways, one of which is to cleanse your hands and ritual tools prior to meditation and spell workings.

Crystal water can also be used for divination, as water is reflective and a natural tool to scry with.

2. Cauldron

The cauldron is associated with the feminine and symbolizes the opening of the subconscious, a way to peer into the unknown.

When the cauldron is used to hold water, herbs, flowers, and roots, you can read the position of the botanicals, as they float on top of the surface, to perform a reading.

You can also use a cauldron to hold sand for creating a fire proof vessel. This will allow you to burn herbs and loose incense safely.

3. Herbal Spell Blends

Using an herbal spell blend gives you the best of both worlds. Many spell blends are created for specific intentions and are multifunctional. 

Mystic Visionary, is a handcrafted blend of psychic enhancing botanicals and can be used as a loose incense, or ground into a dusting powder for candle magick. It’s perfect for developing your hidden gifts. 

4. Plants

Having a live plant in your sacred space can make all the difference in how your spirit feels. 

There is a special bond that forms between you and a plant when you choose to work with it for manifestation.

Plants give off so much life force and can be used to encourage that energy flow during ritual.

For developing your psychic intuition, choose plant life with various hues of purple, to stimulate the third eye chakra. The color purple is also associated with the fifth element, Spirit, and can help you to form a visual connection while at the altar. 

5. Crystals

Choose crystals known to stimulate the third eye chakra, as this is a gateway to your intuition. 

Use crystals such as amethyst, fluorite, moonstone, and clear quartz to facilitate the journey into the subconscious and awaken your extrasensory gifts.

During meditation, you can hold these crystals in the palms of your hands or place on the third eye chakra, between the brows.

6. Spell Candles 

Burning herbal spell candles at the altar helps to set the mood and is pleasant to the senses. 

It’s a way to light an intention and to invite the element of fire into your sacred space.

With any intention, there needs to be a force of passion behind it. Fire helps to stimulate passion! 

Psychic Intuition tealights provide a direct connection to developing intuition, as they are handcrafted with botanicals. They smell amazing!

7. Oil and Tealight Burner 

Adding pleasant aromas in your sacred space with a warm herbal oil, can help you enter a deeper meditative state.

Having a place to hold your tealight candle, to avoid spillage and to burn oils is the perfect multifunctional ritual tool. It’s nice to have ritual tools that offer more than one purpose on the altar. 

Watching the candle light move through the Pentacle Oil Burner, cascading shadows on the walls of this protective symbol, is truly magickal.

8. Journal 

Writing down our thoughts and intentions helps to move the energy, to solidify them.

Having a journal in sacred space is helpful when you’re wanting to interpret visualizations, tarot card readings, meditation experiences, and any other areas of focus for your spiritual practice.

Journaling is a nice way to be able to look back at your experiences and find synchronicities.  

9. Personal Items Unique to You

Last and most important, place items on your altar that are unique to you, that hold your personal vibration. Having special pieces from a loved one who has passed away can aid in your specific intention.

Gifted items from an animal totem can also be helpful tools for connecting with spirit.

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Setting Up an Altar for Developing Psychic Intuition, Green Witch Living

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