The Magick of Snow: Symbolism and Uses

The Magick of Snow: Symbolism and Uses | Green Witch Living

Winter is upon us. The white powdery snow covers the ground and tree limbs. There is a stillness across the land. Just like the woodland creatures lying in their burrows, this is a time to rest and to go within. 

For many of us, snow is what makes winter feel like winter. Whether we are celebrating the Winter Solstice, Yule, Christmas, or Hanukkha, when snow is falling from the sky, there is magick in the air. The spirit of the season comes alive!

Snow Symbolism

Snow helps to bring light into a rather dark and dreary season. While winter is a cozy season for many, it can also be one of depression and loneliness. Going within and resting our active minds isn’t always easy this time of year. Snow has a way of making us feel renewed.

Next time you are outside under a full moon, take a look at the snow covering the ground, like a million tiny quartz crystals. It’s truly mesmerizing watching all the tiny shimmers, glistening like the Goddess herself. Completely full of feminine energy. Snow is the element of water, connecting you to your emotions and intuitive nature.

Using snow in your magick is a natural and versatile way to assist in spell workings and rituals. 

Ways to Use Snow in Magick

1. Ritual Baths for Purification

Add a cup of snow into a ritual bath to wash away any energies that may have attached themselves to you. We all have baggage we carry around, picking up bits and pieces from other people. Not only will the snow purify your aura, but it will add an extra blanket of protection, like a bright sparkly layer circling all around you, leaving you feeling renewed and energized! 

2. Cleansing Sacred Tools 

For your crystals and other sacred tools and amulets, bury them in the snow for 3 days, to cleanse the energy that is attached, and to add a protective quality for when it’s time for you to use them again. Just be mindful of what tools you bury. Crystals like selenite will be damaged by the snow.

3. Snowman Poppet for Releasing

To release anything bothering you, taking hold of you, causing you problems…create a snowman poppet. Place all of your energy and intention into your creation, focusing on the problem. Allow the snowman to become the problem. When you’re ready, either allow your figure to melt on it’s own or throw it in a fire! It will melt the problem away! *snowman poppets are also great to use in healing spells too.

4. Freezing a Behavior 

Use snow water to freeze anything you wish to stop, this could be an action or behavior of another person. Take a piece of paper with the action, behavior, or person’s name/picture into a container with your snow water and place it in the freezer. This stops the action, freezing it, and is a great way to keep someone from bothering you.

5. Snowballs for Abundance

Build snowballs to increase the abundance within your life. Write what you are wanting to gain in your life on a piece of paper. This can be anything you are wanting to grow, perhaps a business, a skill, your bank account, etc… and add a symbol of money onto your paper or a personal sigil of your choice. Fold the paper towards you x3.

Get some snow in your hands, add the paper to the snow and form into a ball. Once you have a ball formed, placed the snowball on the ground and roll it, making it larger and larger and larger. If you have a hill, even better, just push it down the hill and allow it to grow even bigger. As your ball grows, so shall your intention. 

6. Snow Healing Spray 

Use snow water to create a healing spray. Collect snow from a peaceful, serene area, where the land is undisturbed. Place the snow in a bowl and allow it to melt, surrounded by white candle light. Use the candle flames to visualize the person who needs to be healed, this can be a physical or emotional healing. As the snow melts, speak your intentions for healing.

Once the snow has melted, add any herbs, essential oils, or crystals corresponding to your specific need to your snow water. If you are trying to heal a broken heart, you may wish to add motherwort, calendula, eucalyptus, or basil along with rose quartz,  green aventurine, clear quartz, or bloodstone. Infuse your intention and spritz when needed.

7. Banishing a Habit

Use melting snow to banish a habit. Draw into the snow a banishing pentacle. Watch the video below, as I walk you through the steps. Then, draw the habit you are wanting to banish. You can simply trace the word into the snow or draw a picture to represent the habit. Place your energy and intention into the area within the snow and as the snow melts, so shall your habit. 


3 Ingredient Snow Cream Recipe

A sweet treat for those cold winter days. Delicious and easy!

Snow Cream Recipe, Snow Magick

We don’t get snow very often in South Carolina, so we love to make a delicious bowl of snow cream when we get the chance. It’s super simple and only requires 3 ingredients.

* I do have a tendency to eyeball everything I make, so you may need to adjust the measurements based on your personal preference.


  • Snow Cream
  • Vanilla Extract (or fresh vanilla bean)
  • Milk (2%) or Plain Coconut Milk.


Begin by collecting 3 cups of fresh, clean snow and place in a mixing bowl. I’ve found this recipe to be the best with freshly, fallen snow. 

Next, add 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract or a 2 inch piece of fresh vanilla bean. Mix gently. Do not over mix as this will turn your snow into soup.

Last, add 1/4-1/2 cup of milk. You may need to adjust this measurement based on the consistency you would like to have. Personally, I love my snow cream fluffy, soupy. Go slow, as you can always add more.

That’s it! You now have a fresh bowl of snow cream! You can garnish your snow cream with fresh mint, lemon balm, or slices of strawberry. 

*** You may wish to experiment with this recipe by adding fresh fruit. Peaches would be a delicious addition! 

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The Magick of Snow: Symbolism and Uses | Green Witch Living

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