What Tarot Cards Can and Can’t Do

What Tarot Cards Can and Can't Do, Green Witch Living

Is there a limit to the types of questions tarot can answer? The true answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Most people familiar with the tarot have heard of ways to rephrase yes or no questions in order to get a better result, but is it always necessary? Sure, there are ways we can rephrase questions, but how to rephrase or why to rephrase will depend on the specific reader themselves.  

Different Types of Tarot Readers

There are so many different types of tarot readers out there and each type is valid and just as important as the rest. But what kind of tarot reader are you?

Coaching Tarot Reader

The tarot coach may or may not use tarot to divine the future, but the thing they do very well is help you use tarot to get what you want. They are great at picking up current energies in a situation and use the tarot to help you make a plan for the future, heal the past, and wrap your head around the present. This type of tarot reader may not be able to tell you exactly what you’re going to be doing in three months, but they can certainly help you make sure it’s something you truly want to do.

Intuitive Tarot Reader

The intuitive tarot reader is just as it sounds. They use their intuition while also looking at the cards, their images, and how they work together to come up with your answer for the reading. Intuitive readers may or may not be skilled in answering yes and no questions, and some don’t believe they should be answered due to the clients ability to change the outcome. Most intuitive readers prefer to change the question to something more open ended, but not all. If you’re adamant about having a yes or no question answered by the tarot, be sure to ask your reader if that’s something they’re comfortable doing before you purchase a reading.

The same goes for future events, as some intuitive readers are comfortable enough with the cards to give predictions, while others are not. (Although I’ve found most are.) What almost all intuitive readers excel at, is giving accurate information about the present energies surrounding a situation, allowing you to see the whole picture, and make better and more informed decisions. Most can also give future information, though maybe not as detailed as the next type of tarot reader.

Psychic Tarot Reader

A psychic tarot reader is one who has heightened intuitive abilities and uses the cards to assist them in giving future readings with great accuracy. Most psychic tarot readers will be comfortable with yes or no questions, but just like intuitive readers, they’d prefer to also give extra information on how and why they came to the conclusion they did. This empowers the client to change the outcome if they don’t like the answer. Psychic tarot readers excel at future predictions and timelines, so if your question is about something far in the future, a psychic tarot reader is going to be your best option.

Mediumship Tarot Reader

Mediumship readers are able to use the cards and their abilities to converse with passes loved ones through the cards. They can help you get advice from ancestors and connect with the spirit world through tarot.

The “Fortune Teller”

This is where tarot becomes controversial and there’s sometimes a strong chance you’re getting ripped off. Even the best psychic readers will tell you, we have free will and almost always have the ability to change an outcome. That’s why a good reader will not only give you answers, but advice from the cards. The fortune teller type reader gives absolutes. They will undoubtedly give you a definitive yes or no, the exact date you will get married, and possibly even offer to remove a family curse for $10,000.

That’s not to say a good psychic reader can’t give you those same answers with accuracy at times, but they do so humbly. The fortune teller tends to have a “right no matter” attitude, is likely to try to up-sell, and can be dangerous. So if you’re looking for a good (and true) psychic, make sure to do your homework on the professional and read reviews from previous clients. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before a Reading

Keep in mind, you can’t go to a coaching style tarot reader and ask for a mediumship reading without being offered a refund. This doesn’t mean the reader is bad at what they do! It just means you need to find someone with the specific abilities you’re looking for.

The same goes for you if you are just starting to get into tarot. Knowing what kind of tarot reader you are is important so you can set clear boundaries if you want to start reading for others. This prevents misunderstandings and disappointments and ensures you know what you’re getting.

Experiment with the different types so you can figure out which you are. Then, make sure you’re open and honest with your clients about your strengths and weaknesses so they know how you can best help them.

Best Questions for Tarot

Just about every single blog you find with this headline will tell you the same thing. “Open ended questions”. I’m going to go against the grain with this one and tell you, it depends! Most of the time, yes. Opened ended questions allow the reader to look more deeply at the energy around a situation and give more useful advice. But if you find a reputable reader who says they are comfortable getting specific, they can certainly give you yes’s, no’s, and fine details.

If you’ve just started out as a reader yourself though, avoiding yes and no questions is still recommended unless you’re already comfortable with your psychic abilities. A good example of this is the question, “Will I get back together with my ex?”. A more constructive reading is going to let you know whether or not it’s even a good idea to be considering that. It may be in your best interest to start letting go, and if the reader doesn’t change the question you’re not going to get all the details.

Yes/No Questions for the Tarot

Can tarot predict yes or no questions? Sure! Can it always do it accurately and is that the best use of tarot? Not exactly. First off, you might not like the answer you receive. Are you ready to hear a no? Take that into consideration before asking. Second, tarot is a great tool for introspection and reading energies, and if you’re going to do a yes or no spread I recommend following up with more questions instead of leaving it at that. After all, we have free will and can change the outcome most of the time. So if you get a no and aren’t happy with that, it may be good to also ask why and how/if you can change anything to alter the outcome.

I didn’t used to ask yes or no questions using the tarot, as I found a pendulum more useful for that, but I eventually found a yes or no spread I absolutely love. There are tons out there, so head over to Google or Pinterest and start experimenting if that’s something you’re interested in learning how to do. 

Can Tarot Predict Timing?

Absolutely yes! Again, this is going to depend on how comfortable the reader (or you) is with predicting timing. With practice, the tarot can absolutely predict timing. It’s not going to be exactly correct 100% of the time. We all have off days, humans aren’t perfect, and our actions can always change the outcomes, but learning timing with tarot can give you very useful information. There are just as many ways to predict timing with tarot as their are tarot readers in the world because everyone’s relationship with the tarot is different.

If you’re interested in finding the system that works for you, there are endless teachers out there with varying timing systems. The best way to learn is to experiment and practice. Go with the system that comes the most naturally to you, then try it out on yourself for a while. Keep a tarot timing journal and start with little things. My personal favorite system is to use the astrological associations with each card. It works well for me, but may not work as well for another.  

So, is there anything tarot can’t do? Well, not really. It just depends on who you are. So find your tarot niche and be proud of what you do, because we are all valid and needed in the tarot world.

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What Tarot Cards Can and Can't Do, Green Witch Living

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