5 Ways to Add Magick to Your Meals with Kitchen Witchcraft

5 Ways to Add Magick to Your Meals with Kitchen Witchcraft | Green Witch Living

Are you a Kitchen Witch? Sometimes called Cottage Witch or Hearth Witch, Kitchen Witches do most of their magick in the kitchen through cooking or baking. You may have a garden or frequent the farmer’s market, looking for the freshest and most nourishing ingredients to feed your family or guests. A Hearth Witch is familiar with the magickal correspondences and medicinal properties of plants and uses them to create healing meals and herbal remedies. The whole home is sacred to a Cottage Witch, but the hearth is the energetic center where the magick flows.

Do you need to identify as a Kitchen Witch to do all this? Of course not! Kitchen Witchcraft can be utilized in anyone’s magickal practice. Cooking and baking are necessities of life since, as humans, we must eat to live. Whether you enjoy preparing food or not, you might as well enchant the mundane chores of the everyday with witchcraft!

Kitchen Witch Herbs, The Witch's Guide

Historically, the hearth was considered the heart of the home. This was a large fireplace for cooking, the oven and stove being our modern day equivalent. Just like the heart pumps life through your body, what you do in your kitchen affects the energy of the entire home. As such, keeping the kitchen clean is important to keeping the energy in the rest of your home clear and cleansed. 

How is Kitchen Witchcraft different from cooking? As with all witchcraft and magick, it’s all about intention! Maybe you use special tools and techniques, choosing the ingredients for their correspondences to your desired outcome. If you are cooking mindfully, you are practicing Kitchen Witchcraft. Have you ever heard the saying, “made with love?”

Perhaps you’ve experienced this phenomenon when having the same dish made by two different people. Yet the one made by someone who loves you always tastes better somehow. This is similar to Kitchen Witchcraft, infusing the food with the intention of love.

So how exactly do you set an intention and infuse it into your meals? Here are five easy ways!

5 Simple Ways to Practice Kitchen Witchcraft

1. Learn Herb & Spice Correspondences

Maybe you’re a Green Witch and already work with plants or have an understanding of herbalism. One way to add flavor to any meal is with herbs and spices. Once you understand that all plants have magickal correspondences, it becomes a form of Kitchen Witchcraft, too! Let’s say you’re adding cilantro to your soup. Understanding the correspondence of love and making the soup for friends and family to increase love is using plants in Kitchen Witchcraft. Coriander, the seeds of the same plant, when ground and added to food brings healing and good health. Learning the meaning of each spice and herb in your kitchen is a great way to further your understanding of Kitchen Witchcraft.

2. Use Cooking Tools As Magick Wands

If you use a wand in your practice, you are probably familiar with the way it is used to center and direct energy. The same can be done with your favorite kitchen tool. I have a special wood-burned spoon made by a small artist that I like to use when I’m making intentional recipes. If you have something like this, perhaps it’s a family heirloom that feels like it carries magick, set it aside to use for these special meals. For a Kitchen Witch, a good saucepan is just as effective as a cauldron!

3. Stir Food with Intention

As you stir the soup with your cooking wand, here is another opportunity to add in some magick. You can even use the direction in which you stir to your advantage as a Kitchen Witch. If you wish to bring something in, such as health, love, or abundance, stir clockwise toward you. If you want to banish negative energy, stir counterclockwise away from you.

4. Inscribe Personal Sigils and Symbols into Food

If you have created your own sigils for intentions you set often or you have a symbol that means a lot to you, this is something you can easily incorporate into your kitchen magick. Just a few ideas are inscribing them into the dough of a baked good before putting it into the oven or applying a condiment in that shape before spreading it. Perhaps when you’re mixing the soup, you could stir in a pentagram shape, infusing the soup with protection.

5. Set Up a Kitchen Altar and/or Shrine

Another way you can boost the magick in your kitchen is by creating a kitchen altar. Even if you consider your whole kitchen area a sacred space, having an altar dedicated to your practice or a shrine to a certain goddess of the hearth provides a place from which you can gather energy. This could simply be a place where you consecrate your cooking wands and place sacred objects. Just a few of the goddesses you may choose to work with as a Kitchen Witch include Brigid, Hestia, Vesta, Frigga, Gabija, and Ertha.

Not only is it important for a Kitchen Witch to think about where the food comes from, but also what happens to the scraps and leftovers. Giving the food back to the earth from where it came by composting is a wonderful, earth-friendly option that benefits the soil. In turn, what you grow in your garden the next season is more nutrient dense. Witches understand that everything is a cycle, including that magick you make in the kitchen.

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5 Ways to Add Magick to Your Meals with Kitchen Witchcraft | Green Witch Living

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