Protection Magick for Your Witch’s Garden

Protection Magick for Your Witch's Garden | Green Witch Living

If you are fortunate enough to have the time and space to grow your own food, a garden is a great supplement to a green witch’s magickal practice. A witch’s garden helps you to connect with the earth and observe living plants and how they grow in nature. Noticing plants in their natural environment can give us insight into the magickal properties of the plant. Is it contained or does it spread? Does it produce food quickly or does it take time? Are the roots strong or weak compared to what grows above the ground? Take note of how this might relate to how you use these plants in spellwork.

Growing certain plants in your witch’s garden can also benefit the garden itself, both spiritually and physically. If you look at the magickal and medicinal properties of plants side-by-side, often they will be similar. The same can be said for protective plants for your garden. Most plants that protect your garden from pests are also energetically protective. Here are a few things you can try out to protect the energy of your witch’s garden so your magickal plants can thrive.

Plant Geraniums

According to the old saying, “snakes will not go where geraniums grow.” They are also said to repel rabbits who want to munch on your garden. Red geraniums planted will warn the witch of visitors by pointing in the direction of their approach. They are considered protective, especially in areas of health, making them a great addition to a garden filled with nourishing fruits and vegetables. The pink variety is used for love and fertility so add some if you and your partner are trying to start a family.

Plant Calendula

This sunny flower is a double-action bloom of protection and attraction. We all know calendula for its soothing and uplifting energy that causes others to see you in a positive light. But this plant is also very protective and can be scattered around the home to keep negativity at bay. The same goes for the garden because this unassuming flower can be used as a trap crop, meaning pests are attracted to it and in turn will leave the plants around it alone.

Protect With Scent

Strategically plant aromatic herbs pests hate next to your fruits and vegetables. These include basil, garlic, lavender, mint, onions, parsley, and rosemary. All of these herbs have protective properties and are delicious in your dinner! Choose a few of these and plant your crops between them for pest control and negative energy barrier. Mint tends to take over, so you could grow mint instead in a separate pot and lay sprigs on the plants you wish to protect, replacing often with a fresh sprig.

Cast a Circle With Coffee Grounds

Use coffee grounds to cast a circle of protection around your plants. Coffee grounds add vital nutrients to the soil and this is a great way to reduce waste if you’re a coffee drinker. In magick and witchcraft, coffee wards off evil and the smell is also repulsive to pests, keeping your plants safe, protected, and thriving.

Decorate With Statues

You’ve certainly seen gargoyles on older architecture guarding buildings and bridges. Though they are famously related to churches and cathedrals, gargoyles are thought to have their roots in paganism as a symbol of protection. Include gargoyles in your garden to ward off evil, or any deity you work with in your practice who will offer their protection, especially those related to agriculture such as Demeter, Lugh, or Gefjun. There are even garden statues you can find with symbols such as pentacles, triquetras, and triskeles.

Paint Sigils on Rocks

If you don’t want to spend the money on a statue, or just want to add an extra protective boost, you can design smooth stones with your own protection sigil or symbol you like to work with. This could be as simple as drawing it with a permanent marker or going all out with paint and using color magick. There is even a tip out there to paint rocks to look like strawberries as a decoy for birds so they won’t find the real fruit.

Make Pentagrams with Sticks

The ultimate symbol of protection for witches, a pentagram can easily be made from any sticks you find lying around when cleaning up your witch’s garden and tied together with string. Attach a stick to the bottom too and you can drive it straight into the ground. These make for cute garden decorations that pack a protective punch.

Hang Wind Chimes

In witchcraft and magick, bells clear the energy of all negativity and hanging a wind chime near your front door will protect your home. The same goes for the garden, plus the noise will scare away any skittish animals who think your garden looks like a delicious snack. When choosing one specifically for the garden, go with one that makes more sudden, louder noises instead of the kind that sound like soft music.

Invite Fairies

On the other hand, fairies are attracted to the sound of wind chimes and you can use this to your advantage. We know the fae folk for their troublemaking and trickery, but when it comes to gardening, the true passion of a fairy is to care for nature. If you make your garden fairy-friendly, you might find your plants seem a bit more healthy and abundant. Arrange crystals for green witches into aesthetically pleasing grids, which will not only attract the fae folk but benefit your plants as well. Other ideas include water, such as bird baths or fountains, and garden gazing balls or blown glass art.

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