Creative Ways to Use the Tarot (that aren’t traditional divination)

Creative Ways to Use the Tarot, That Aren't Traditional Divination, Green Witch Living

But tarot is only for divining the future, right? Nope, with a little creativity you can use your deck for so much more. Tarot isn’t just for seeing into the future, it’s also great at reading the energies of the present. 

How can that be useful though?

Tarot for Coaching

A common use for tarot is in coaching. In fact, many modern day life coaches are using tarot now to help their clients during sessions. You can use your deck to coach clients if you choose to make coaching a career, but you can also use it to coach yourself!

For instance, say you have a job interview coming up and you’re not sure how to impress the manager. You can try using your tarot deck to ask what you need to focus on during the interview to convey you are the right person for the job.


What is you pull the Queen of Pentacles before your interview? 
Focus on your incredible ability to manage those under you with grace. Emphasize your great organization skills, because we all know the Queen of Pentacles has to be well organized to manage her home and work life balance as well as she does.

What about the 3 of Wands?You are great at looking to the future, planning ahead, and coming up with creative ideas that will help the company get to where they want to be.

Now how about a “negative” card? What if you pull the Tower?
You can talk about your ability to overcome anything life throws at you. You are great under pressure, even when those around you might be freaking out.

Tarot for Relationships

Ever want relationship advice, but you just don’t like the advice your friends and family are giving you?

Ask your tarot cards.

You can check in every so often by asking something like…

What do I need to know about my relationship with (name) right now? Just like before, unless you just feel the need to draw more, you only need to pull 1 card.


The Devil

You’re hanging onto something within the relationship that you know isn’t good for you. Possibly even the person themself. It might be time to cut ties, or at least talk about how you could be hindering each other.

Three of Cups

Time to spend more quality time together! Go out together, do something fun!

Five of Swords

One or both of you is being petty or competitive. It’s time to put your differences aside, or if you can’t, move on.  

Five of Pentacles

You both could be feeling isolated and alone. Time to talk it out and work on your communication.

Tarot for Decision Making 

Okay, so this one is sort of future divination, but I had to include it because it’s so useful. One of the best things about tarot is it is unbiased and great at giving us insight on when we already subconsciously know. This is important information to have when making decisions, especially if you feel stuck or are typically indecisive.

For this example, let’s pretend you’re trying to decide where to move. Lets say it’s between 2 states, either North Caroline or Arizona and you just can’t decide.

This time you’re going to pull 2 cards. Ask for each card to represent how you’ll feel about your decision in the long run with each state.


Say for North Caroline you pull The Sun and for Arizona you pull 6 or Wands. Both are positive cards, yes, but which one are you more attracted to in that moment and why? Which one is more satisfying to you? Most people would probably say The Sun, because not only does it represent happiness and child like wonder, but it’s also a major arcana card. Major arcana cards represent big life lessons and phases in your life, while the minor arcana is usually short lived daily situations. If you’re still unsure, you can also pull a clarification card for each in order to see how they work together.

Tarot for Creative Writing

Tarot is perfect for creating writing, especially when figuring out how you’re going to develop your characters if you’re writing fiction. It’s a great tool to get to know the personality of each character, and to use when coming up with the story line. But aside from fictional writing, it can also be used for just about any writing piece. Including blog posts! 

In fact, I may or may not have one of my decks right next to me now. In case you’re curious, I pulled the Magician as my inspiration for this blog. Conformation for me that with just a little bit of creativity and a tarot deck, you can use the cards and your intuition to help you do just about anything you can imagine.

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Creative Ways to Use the Tarot, That Aren't Traditional Divination, Green Witch Living

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