The Evil Eye: Protection from Malochia

The Evil Eye, Protection from Malochia, Green Witch Living

When people think about the Evil Eye they tend to imagine a curse inflicted by a magical practitioner. In actuality, this is almost never the case. The Evil Eye is a type of negative energy directly targeted towards a specific individual, as opposed to a general atmosphere of negative energy. And contrary to the general perception, it is seldom inflicted deliberately. In nearly all cases, in fact, it is done completely unconsciously. That may seem surprising to you, that people untrained in the magical arts are still capable of doing this, but we are all possessed of will and intent, and it is these which be used to radiate and send energy, either positive or negative. 

What is the Evil Eye? 

The Evil Eye, also referred to as malocchio, malochio, malochia, nazar, nazal, buda, mal de ojo is referred to by many names, depending on the culture and tradition. The Evil Eye is a type of “ill wish” for someone. It may be done as a brief flash of momentary anger towards someone-  you accidently cut someone off in traffic, they honk their horn and give you the finger. That anger they directed towards you can, if they focus sufficient energy into it, result in what is commonly called “ Malocchio”, or the Evil Eye. More commonly however, it is the result of a lingering resentment, often jealousy or bitterness. A co-worker harbors bad feelings towards you, because of some perceived slight, or they feel that you received preferential treatment in some way. 

You got the better shift, the promotion, the raise, the work space they wanted or such. And they may reveal none of this latent hostility towards you. They may smile and greet you every day and behave normally in all respects, yet secretly they direct envy and resentment at you. This is the most common form of the Evil Eye. They are doing no spell, no ritual, and are not even consciously attempting to do you harm, yet every day they are directing specific negative energies at you.  Even a friend can inadvertently inflict the Evil Eye upon us. Recently a friend of mine announced she was taking a vacation in Hawaii. It’s been my lifelong dream to visit Hawaii, and for her it was simply done as a lark. I truly had to struggle with myself to suppress the envy I felt. Jealousy is, in fact, such a large component of the Evil Eye, that many cultures take special measures to guard against it.

How to Protect Against the Evil Eye

It would be sophomoric to simply advise people to be nicer to others, so as not to incur their jealousy, anger or resentment. These things happen, regardless of how nice a person we are. We cannot go through life without stepping on someone else’s toes, though we take as much care as possible not to do so. 

Evil Eye Amulet, Green Witch Living

Most cultures have some form of traditional amulet to protect against the Evil EyeItalians wear the horn charm. In the middle east, Jews and Muslims often wear a hand-shaped amulet called a hamsa. In Mexico they wear the Ojo de Venado, or deer eye, this being a round brown velvet bean seed, which resembles a deer’s eye. You can enchant and wear any of these, or create your own unique charm, by powering it with a spell of protection. You may use your own words -as it is the focus and intention that matter. 

This is also a powerfully charged spell- the Prayer of St. Basil:

O Lord Our God, the King of the ages, almighty and all powerful, who build and change all things by your will ,the physician and healer of our souls the safety of those who hope in you we pray you and beseech you: Clear away, drive absent and banish each diabolical exercise, each satanic attack and each plot, evil curiosity and damage, and the evil eye of mischievous and wicked men from your servants , your youngsters and whether it was brought about by magnificence, or bravery, or joy, or jealousy and envy, or evil eye, do you yourself, O Lord who like mankind, stretch out your mighty hand and your powerful and lofty arm, seen down on this your servant and look at around us, and deliver us an angel of peace, a mighty guardian of soul and overall body, who will rebuke and banish from us each wicked intention, each spell and evil eye of harmful and envious men so that, guarded by You, your servant may possibly sing to you with thanksgiving: The Lord is my helper, and I shall not be afraid. what can man do to me? And once more: I shall fear no evil since you are with me. For you are God my energy, the powerful ruler, the Prince of Peace, the Father of the age to occur. Of course, Lord, our God, spare your creature and help you save your servants from each damage brought about by the evil eye, and preserve us safe and sound above each ill.

Now, it may happen that your amulet becomes lost or damaged. Do not panic. If this is the case, then the amulet has fulfilled its purpose. Simply make another. If your amulet breaks and falls to the ground, do not pick it up. Leave it there, untouched.

Diagnosis and Treatment 

How do you know if you are suffering from the Evil Eye? A trained practitioner can quickly determine it, and someone who has skill in seeing auras can see the damage, often small tears and bruising. The general symptoms do tend to be vague: a persistent dull headache, sore eyes, and general fatigue and feeling lethargic. Anyone presenting with these symptoms, after first addressing or eliminating physical causes, should be treated for the Evil Eye, and improvement is nearly always immediate and noticeable.   

To wash away the effects, the cure is very simple: Fill a tub with warm water, to which you add a handful of salt and a bottle of beer. Sit and soak for at least ten minutes, immersing your entire body, head to toe. Bring a cup to pour the water over your head several times, making sure to soak yourself entirely. Afterward, do NOT towel off, but let yourself air dry as much as possible. This has washed off the ill effects of Malocchio and sealed your aura. You should notice some immediate relief from the symptoms.

To Guard While Sleeping

As you know, we are most psychically vulnerable while asleep. To protect against the Evil Eye while sleeping, the easiest thing is to set a glass of fresh water at your bedside every evening. This is NOT for drinking. Rather, it is to absorb any negative energies. In the morning, flush this water down the toilet, and rinse it thoroughly. If needed, a pinch of sea salt may be added to the water glass, as this provides additional benefits. If bad dreams persist, sprinkle the sheets with consecrated salt and holy water.

There is a great deal more to this subject, and other treatments and protections exist. However, this brief summary should suffice for a beginner, to recognize, guard, and treat the most common forms. In cases where these solutions do not suffice, it may be necessary to consult an experienced and reliable practitioner.  But these I have given you should serve to protect yourself against the normal, everyday forms of the Evil Eye that you are most likely to encounter.   

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The Evil Eye: Protection from Malochia, Green Witch Living

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