Witchcraft 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Freezer Spells

Witchcraft 101: A Beginner's Guide to Freezer Spells | Green Witch Living

Have a co-worker who keeps harassing you and management won’t do anything about it? Or an ex who won’t leave you alone no matter how many times you ask for privacy? Witchcraft can be a helpful addition to solving problems in your life when practical solutions just won’t cut it. As you have probably experienced, many people won’t respect your boundaries. This is when a freezer spell can come in handy.

What is a Freezer Spell?

A freezer spell is a simple way to bind the person annoying you —or even trying to harm you— causing the energy around the situation to “freeze.” It’s like hitting the pause button on something you’re not ready to deal with yet. Examples of this could be if you’re too close to the situation (you just broke up with your ex and are still emotional) or you need time to come up with a plan (finding a new job or switching to a different shift so you don’t have to deal with that co-worker), or have no control over the speed of the solution (such as an appointment that is dependant on someone else’s schedule).

The Cons of Freezer Spells

Freezer spells are binding spells, not banishing spells. Essentially, this means that it keeps someone or something from harming you or others without completely removing the predicament from your life. Therefore, it is not a permanent way to solve a problem. It is ideal for when you need an immediate result so that you can come up with a long-term solution

It is important to remember that the effects will only last as long as the spell remains frozen. You could keep one in your freezer for years if the situation requires it. But as soon as an unassuming family member decides to defrost the freezer or, not realizing what it is removes it, the spell is broken.

So When Would I Use a Freezer Spell?

The pros of freezer spells are similar to the cons. There are times you want to keep someone in your life, such as a family member or close friend, while at the same time recognizing their toxic behavior. And while you come up with a practical, mundane solution, something needs to be done to keep them from hurting others. Banishing can be tempting when someone is misbehaving, but certain situations require a bit more delicate handling. You wouldn’t want to banish their energy out to where someone else would have to deal with it if this person is someone to which you feel responsible.

Step-by-Step Freezer Spells

There are many different ways you can do freezer spells but I will highlight two of them today. These will give you an idea of reasons you might choose to do this spell and how you can get creative with your own freezer spell. 

First, you will need a taglock. This is an object meant to represent the person you need to bind. This can be done through anything that contains their DNA, like a strand of hair or nail clippings. If it’s a co-worker, watch what they put in their mouth in the breakroom and use that, such as a discarded plastic spoon (make sure to wash your hands after handling it!). If you are unable to obtain these, a photograph of them will work just fine. With social media, these days it is easier than ever.

On a piece of paper, or the back of the photograph if you’re using it, write their full name, and date of birth if you have it. If you have a piece of their DNA, you can fold it into the paper, petition paper style, and write the petition of what you would like them to stop doing. As with all spellwork involving intentions, be specific about the situation and exactly what you desire as the outcome.

Outdoor Freezer Spell

If you live in a place where the temperature stays below freezing in the winter and your situation is one you need to “sleep on,” so to speak, you can stick your taglock in the snow or set a jar filled halfway with water outside to freeze. The effects will last until the snow and ice begin to thaw, melting your freezer spell as a result.

Follow the above instructions and submerge the taglock in the water to set outside and freeze, or bury the taglock directly in the snow.

Indoor Freezer Spell

This is your more common spell in modern witchcraft since we have electric freezers that can keep things frozen for any amount of time. For this version of the spell, you’ll submerge the taglock in the jar filled halfway with water and stick it in the very back of the freezer where it will not be disturbed. Do not remove it until you are ready to deal with the person or situation.

How Do I Break My Freezer Spell?

Once the ice is thawed and melted, the freezer spell is broken. You should wait to do this until the person or situation has already been dealt with, then leave the taglock out to dry. Once the paper is dry, bury it along with any DNA you collected outside your property or burn it and scatter the ashes in the wind.

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Witchcraft 101: A Beginner's Guide to Freezer Spells | Green Witch Living

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