Simple Ways to Add Magick to Your Morning Routine

Simple Ways to Add Magick to Your Morning Routine, Green Witch Living

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a busy entrepreneur, or a college student, magick can be experienced in the simple day to day tasks. You don’t have to push your spiritual practice to the side when life gets hectic. 

Instead, turn your morning routine into mini moments of magick and keep your spiritual practice flowing with your everyday life. Here are a few simple ways to add magick to your morning routine.

1. Shower Sigils

Getting into a hot steam shower in the morning is one of the easiest ways to wake up, but take it a step further and add some magick into your experience. First, connect with the element of water. This will help to create a healing energy field around you and stimulate your senses.

Visualize removing any old, residual energy with this simple exercise. As the water washes over you, picture all of the negative thoughts and worries running off your body and traveling into the dark hole of the shower drain. Visualize a purifying white light coming from the shower head, surrounding you, cleansing and renewing your spirit. 

Sigil, Words of Power on Shower Wall

Once you’ve cleansed your aura, now you’re ready to craft some magick with a personalized sigil. Set your intention for the day by drawing a sigil into the steam of your shower door. You can also write words of power and incantations for prosperity, love, health, and anything else you can think of. Sigils are a quick and easy way to add magick to your morning routine.

2. Green Witchin’ in the Kitchen 

Start off your day with some green witchin’ in the kitchen! Create a magical morning with a delicious smoothie using ingredients straight from the garden. (If you don’t have a garden, no worries, you can still do this!) 

Use the energies of the garden to infuse your drink with the vibration you are wanting to attract. Each piece of fruit and herb you place into your smoothie gives off a certain vibe! When we deliberately choose to eat high vibrational foods, we change our own frequency, helping us to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness. 

Think about each fresh item and what energy they provide for your body, on a physical and a spiritual level. Every blueberry, lemon, strawberry, and mint leaf can be aligned with your specific intentions. 

✭ Blueberries are shaped with a 5 pointed star, sound familiar witches? These little pentagram shaped berries are symbolic of the 5 elements and are a symbol of protection. As you eat blueberries, visualize a protective field around your aura, keeping those low vibes away.

✭ Lemons are bright and cheerful, giving off happy vibes, mainly because they are excellent purifiers and super cleansing! Not only do they help to rid the body of yucky germs, but they also helpful in ridding our spirit of negative energies. As you squeeze a lemon into your smoothie, allow the aromas to purify your senses, so that you attract more of those high vibrational energies. 

✭ Strawberries, so juicy and beautiful, are full of loving, fertile, sweet, and romantic energies. These gorgeous pieces of fruit have been used for centuries to encourage fertility and love. Just take a look at how they grow in the garden, reproducing primarily through runners, now that’s dedication. Add a few delicious strawberries to your smoothie, but take a bite first. Slowly and deliberately, visualize your partner offering you a strawberry. As you take a bite into the sweetness, feel the love and passion running through you. 

✭ Mint releases a clarifying aroma, and boy is it aggressive in the garden! With the right growing conditions, this herb will take over and spread, spread, spread. Mint is symbol of abundance and prosperity, and not just with your finances, but with health, love, success, and more.

When you are preparing your morning smoothie, be mindful of what ingredients you are eating, and take a few minutes to think about the specific energy you’re wanting to attract. 

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3. Spirit Communication with Tarot & Oracle

Reading Tarot Cards

It’s always nice to see what spirit has in store for you. Pulling a tarot card or oracle card in the morning helps to jump start your intuition. It’s a way for you to communicate, not only with your higher self, but with spirits too. Whether you are talking with a spirit guide, an ancestor, or a house spirit, tarot can help you peel back the layers, revealing the answers to many of your daily problems. 

Ever wonder why those cards sometimes just fall out of the deck when you’re shuffling….that’s Spirit trying to get your attention. Nothing is coincidence. 

Using tarot cards can also help you to listen to your gut more and to trust what you’re being guided to see. Most of the time, Spirit communicates via symbols, so tarot or oracle cards is perfect for this! Adding magick to your morning routine with tarot is like getting a snapshot of the days possibilities. 

4. The 444 Technique

Journaling Intentions

“All that we are is the result of all that we have thought.” ~ Buddha

Remember when you were in elementary school and got in trouble for talking too much and had to write 50 times, I will not talk in class. Hahaha, this was always me and go figure I’m a Gemini.

Unfortunately, this method from those school days wasn’t effective because let’s face it, I didn’t stop talking. However, switch it around to something like this and bam you have a winner, I’m quiet in class and enjoy listening to others. 

The 44 x 4 technique is a law of attraction ritual, where you spend 4 consecutive days, writing down your intention 44 times. Sounds a little boring, but when you’ve created a really powerful statement for yourself, your hand won’t be able to write it fast enough. You will feel the energy and you will be consumed with writing it down.

Repetitive writing helps to reprogram the subconscious for what you’re actually wanting to believe.

The number 4 is symbolic of stability, foundation, unity, and completion. It’s a representation of the 4 elements, the 4 moon phases, the 4 cardinal directions, the 4 pillars, etc…

When using the number 4 to manifest, think long term success!

The 444 technique is a simple way to add magick to your morning routine, just make sure whatever you are writing is something you truly desire. Create statements in the present tense too, so you’re not just telling the universe what you don’t have. 

And the most important tip about any ritual you do, is to make sure you’re putting forth the effort to make your dreams happen. Taking action is a key piece to manifesting what you want!

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Simple Ways to Add Magick to Your Morning Routine, Green Witch Living

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