Best Crystals to Connect to Divine Feminine Energy

Best Crystals to Connect to Divine Feminine Energy, Green Witch Living

What comes to mind when you think about masculine and feminine? Despite how these terms are often used, masculine energy and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender. Everyone has a little of each. In order to achieve wholeness, one must have an equal balance of both types of energy.

In Eastern philosophy, this is referred to as Yin and Yang. Yin is considered to have feminine qualities and Yang is considered to have masculine qualities. The goal is balancing both sides of these energies for optimum health of mind and body. In a more modern sense, it is the same concept as the left and right brain theory. The left brain is masculine and logical, and the right brain is feminine and creative. Having one without the other creates imbalance. In this two-part series, we will discuss how to tap into each of these energies using crystals!

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

For a witch, tapping into Divine Feminine energy means connecting with the goddess. This can be a specific deity that you choose to work with, archetypes of the different goddesses, or your own inner goddess: your higher self.

Qualities of balanced Divine Feminine energy include intuition, creativity, introspection, patience, compassion, flexibility, gentleness, wisdom, community-focused, mysterious, and nurturing. You can even see these qualities if you look at the King and Queen cards in the tarot. It does not necessarily mean it is male or female in the way we think of it anatomically, rather, that the energies are masculine or feminine.

Why Tap into Divine Feminine Energy?

If you’ve been pushing yourself to be disciplined, reach your goals, or meet deadlines, you may benefit from bringing your feminine energy into balance in order to keep you from burning out. Your feminine side is about caring for yourself, making sure you take time to relax, eating nourishing foods, and doing things that feel good to you.

Crystals to Connect with Divine Feminine Energy


In terms of Masculine and Feminine energy, the sun is connected to the masculine, and the moon is connected to the feminine. If you’ve ever seen the symbol of the sun inside a crescent moon making the circle whole, this represents the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, or the god and the goddess.

So naturally, Moonstone is a crystal of Divine Feminine energy. Metaphysically, it is used to increase fertility, get in touch with sensuality, aid with visions and dreamwork, and to provide a sense of calm. 

Holding a moonstone is like holding the energy of the moon in your hands, which is the energy of the goddess. Divine Feminine energy puts us in touch with the realization that everything is cyclical like the phases of the moon, and when times get tough, life ebbs and flows like the ocean tide and that better times are coming. Moonstone crystals are especially helpful to use during the new moon to encourage new beginnings. 

Moonstone opens the heart chakra, encouraging us to get in touch with our emotions and get in touch with the natural rhythms of our own bodies. It is helpful for balancing the hormones and stabilizing the mood during PMS or menopause. Moonstone reminds us to honor the cycles of our bodies and not push or resist.


Another crystal that is related to the moon is Selenite. Selene is one of the many representations of the goddess of the moon and is one of the lunar goddesses in Greek mythology. Like moonstone, Selenite also carries the energy of the moon, but is unique because, like the moon, Selenite has the ability to cleanse and charge any other crystal that comes in contact with it. 

Selenite also purifies the energy of the atmosphere and your body, raising the vibrations. Because it does not absorb the energy of other crystals around it, you can likewise use Selenite when you have absorbed the emotions of others to clear what is not yours out of the body. 

For connecting to your intuition and the subconscious through dreams, place a piece of Selenite in the bedroom, allowing it to bring to light and make things clear like the full moon. Meditate with a Selenite crystal to cleanse your aura and bring forth a sense of tranquility, peace, and a deeper connection to your higher self and the Divine Feminine. Let Selenite renew your energy and clear mental blockages while you relax and breathe.


Since the Divine Feminine is connected to the moon and cycles, it is also connected to the cyclical nature of the body, such as the menstrual cycle. For people who menstruate, Bloodstone is a wonderful crystal to connect to feminine energy. Even if you don’t menstruate, Bloodstone is a detoxifier for the blood and encourages circulation and removes energy blockages.

This crystal has a long history of mysticism and healing powers. Bloodstone is called the Mother Goddess stone and is connected to the Egyptian goddess Isis, known for her healing wisdom. It is a great stone for mothers especially for healing after birth and bonding with baby.

It is also called the Martyr’s stone and was thought to be made from the blood of Jesus Christ as it dripped on the moss below the crucifix, so the healing energies of Christ’s blood are infused into the crystal.

Bloodstone encourages smooth energy flow and focus on the present moment. Bleeding in the menstrual cycle is connected to the new moon phase, so Bloodstone helps you feel renewed and refreshed. It stimulates dreams and intuition and heightens creativity and fresh ideas. Bloodstone is a mood stabilizer and helps you feel centered during meditation. 

Rose Quartz

Love and compassion — both for others and for yourself — is the energy of the Divine Feminine. Rose Quartz is a crystal that helps you tap into that! Because Divine Feminine energy values community and Rose Quartz helps you feel connected to others, it is the ideal crystal to deepen understanding and loyalty by helping you be emotionally open and available to each other. The compassion of Rose Quartz helps you forgive yourself and others with ease.

Most popularly known for unconditional love and partnership, Rose Quartz starts at the root of attracting romance. In order to have a healthy relationship with a partner, you must first have a healthy relationship with yourself. It teaches you to be gentle with yourself, therefore making you more loving and attractive to others. If you need to restore trust, Rose Quartz helps you let go of emotional blocks that prevent you from moving forward.

Rose Quartz helps you adapt a joyful and playful approach to life and go with the flow, accepting the many mysteries of life. Restore your faith in humanity with the help of Rose Quartz, finding peace and calm within yourself.


Rhodonite is also a heart-opening crystal for love, but more specifically for healing heartbreak. This crystal has energy like a nurturing mother. She reminds us that we will inevitably experience disappointment and hurt when we love and are loved — this is the way of life. Rhodonite helps us find what we need within ourselves, holding compassionate energy and a sense of self-worth. 

It is especially helpful after a breakup once you are ready to start the healing process by releasing emotions that no longer serve you, such as resentment, anger, or jealousy. This is a crystal that rebuilds your self-confidence and dissipates fear of intimacy, encouraging nurturing love in relationships with others and yourself.

When working on healing trauma, meditate with Rhodonite to assist you in clearing away toxic thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Rhodonite reminds you that you can trust your heart. You are safe to love and be loved and you deserve to be happy.

Working with these five crystals can help you tap into your Divine Feminine within, creating balance, harmony, and peace in your life so you can live as the best version of yourself.

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Best Crystals to Connect to Divine Feminine Energy, Green Witch Living

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