Beauty Magick: Glamour Rituals for Confidence

Beauty Magick: Glamour Rituals for Confidence, Green Witch Living

I’ve been a writer my whole life, making up stories before I even knew how to put letters together on a page. As a child with a rich imagination, I had a whole cast of characters you might have called “imaginary friends” when I was that age. I have also suffered from social anxiety my whole life and was very shy as a child. Especially in my teen years, when I wanted to go out and socialize, I would “put on” these characters, taking on their characteristics to make me feel more friendly and confident. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was practicing a form of glamour magick.

What is Glamour Magick?

It’s not difficult to notice the differences between witchcraft in the movies and how it really shows up in our everyday lives. We all know glamour magick cannot change your eye and hair color, although coloring your hair can be a form of glamour magick if done with the right intentions. In its simplest form, glamour magick creates an illusion, influencing the way people perceive you. When you cast a glamour, you take control of the way you want to be seen.

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A popular form of glamour magick goes by the name of positive affirmations. You repeat a mantra to yourself until you believe it to be true. The saying, “fake it ’till you make it,” is a glamour of a sort. You are training your mind to become the ideal version of yourself until you and everyone else around you believe it and by default, it becomes true. Just like with any spell, when you believe something to be true, it shifts the energy for that outcome to become reality.

You can think of it like method acting. When an actor is studying for a role, they may “become” the character, fully embodying the character. Once on screen or on stage, the viewer believes they really are that character. Many actors even admit it is difficult to take off this glamour when they are off screen! For your own inspiration of the energy you want to embody, you might choose archetypes like gods and goddesses or your favorite fictional characters, depending on what exactly you need in a certain situation.

Why Cast a Glamour?

The first thing that comes to mind as a reason to cast a glamour is for a first date when you want to seem intriguing to another person. Another great example of a time you might want to cast a glamour would be for a job interview when you want your potential employer to see you in a favorable light. A glamour can make your strengths stronger or more noticeable. However, you can also use it to make people not notice you. An example of this would be at work or school while studying when you don’t want to be bothered by someone who might distract you.

Just like changing up your hair and putting on nice clothes can help you feel confident from the outside in, casting a glamour can help you feel confident from the inside out. There are many types of glamour magick, and the way you dress can be one! At its core, glamour magick deals with embodiment, which can include expressing how you want to feel inside on the outside. It starts from within, moving energy through the body to create change. When you feel good about yourself, in turn others will see you as more attractive.

The Dark Side of Glamours

As previously mentioned, a common problem method actors have is forgetting how to return back to real life from their role. Depending on the type of glamour you are casting, this could be a good or a bad thing. If you are using them like positive affirmations to help you become a better version of yourself, it is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you’re using them to pretend to be someone you’re not, it can cause problems in the long run. You don’t want to have to constantly keep up an act and turn into a false version of yourself. This is not only deceptive, but often, many intuitive people can see through this and it causes them not to trust you because something feels “off.”

Dark Sides of Glamour Magick, Spells, The Witch's Guide

Generally, glamours should be used as a one-time thing or a short-term fix. Even in their positive aspect, glamours should never be used as a replacement for professional therapy. Casting a glamour can work wonders for things like social anxiety or gender dysphoria combined with therapy as a way to help you feel more confident while working through deeper issues instead of covering them up.

How to Cast a Basic Glamour

Step 1

The first and most important step in using glamours for your desires is to get clear on what those desires really are. If you don’t have a strong intention, your glamour will not be strong either. What situation will you be casting a glamour for? Why are you casting a glamour? What is the desired outcome of this glamour? Make sure you can clearly visualize all of this before you even begin.

This can be achieved with things such as a higher self vision board or empowerment journaling. Create with pictures or words exactly how you want to be seen by others. Do you want to come off as strong and confident? Gentle and charming? Mysterious and alluring? Sexy and seductive? Or cute and carefree?

Step 2 

As I touched on in my DIY incense article, smell is transportive, but so is music. It may be helpful for you to attach a scent or a song to your intention for the spell. Perhaps you associate a smell or song with a memory of a time you were able to embody this feeling in the past. If you want to feel sexy for example, you can play a song while you cast that glamour that makes you feel sultry and seductive.

Step 3 

In my last post about love spells, I touched on how to enchant items. Using beauty products for glamours, such as hair gel, face cream, or lipstick, is done in much the same way. Take what you settled upon for your intention from the vision board and journaling. Hold the product between your hands and visualize that energy infusing the product. When you use the product, the energy will drape over you like a veil. Do your hair or makeup with these products in a way that makes you feel attractive and expresses the way you want to present yourself in the world. If you feel beautiful you will look beautiful to others, too!

Step 4

The final step in preparing for the glamour spell is to get into the right mindset to receive it. Remember that you are not creating a persona for yourself, you are stepping into an energy that is already there for you. Now you just need to embody it and become it. Do not forget that you are already worthy of love and you are worthy of taking up space. Step boldly into this energy!

Now, onto the spell! I’ll go over two separate glamour rituals you can perform, and you can use them together or choose one or the other, whichever spell resonates with you. The first is a mirror spell with affirmations and the second is a Cleopatra ritual bath.

Glamour Rituals

1. Mirror Spell for Confidence

This is a simple spell you can do before going out or upon starting your day. It is easy to perform anywhere you can find a mirror. If your glamour needs a refresh midday, you can even use a public restroom!

After preparing with all of the steps above, come up with a short mantra or an affirmation that encompasses your intention that you journaled or made a vision board about prior to this. It could be a few words or something catchy that rhymes, but it should be your own. To make your spell uniquely powerful, begin with an “I Am” statement to help you truly embody the glamour you created.

Don’t know where to start? An example of what you could say would be, “This glamour I cast in this mirror will make my intentions to others appear…” and add to it with your own personalization to make it specific to the glamour you want to cast. Out loud or in your head, repeat it while looking yourself in the eye through the mirror. When it feels complete, end your spell with “So mote it be,” or “And so it is,” trusting that your spell is finished and your glamour is now cast.

2. Cleopatra Ritual Bath

Did you know that the ancient Egyptian ruler Cleopatra bathed in a bath of milk and honey? She was considered to be extremely beautiful and used that beauty as a part of her power to achieve her desires. Interestingly, historians believe she wasn’t conventionally beautiful but instead captivated men with her seductive and charming demeanor, and that her presence was intoxicating. That sounds a lot like glamour magick to me! 

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For this ritual bath, you’ll need:


Run a warm bath, not too hot that it will denature the honey but warm enough that the honey will disperse in the water. It may help to mix them together before you add the milk and honey to the bath but either way, you will need to agitate the water to make sure it is fully incorporated.

While the water is running, focus on your intentions that you decided upon during the steps mentioned earlier. Gather some magickal herbs that correspond with your desires or try out Radiant Glamour Herbal Spell Blend in the shop. If you don’t want them floating in the bath, you can put them in a tea bag or a strainer of your choice.

Herbs for Glamour Magick:

  • Rose – It was believed Cleopatra liked to add these to her own bath. The magickal associations of rose include attracting things such as health, beauty, empowerment, love, and sex.
  • Lavender – Also suspected to be an ingredient in Cleopatra’s famous bath, lavender has a calming effect and attracts love. If you wanted to use fresh whole rose petals or rosewater, you could add lavender oil to your bath instead of the tea bag of herbs.
  • Lemon Verbena – Often used in a ritual bath for purification and glamour magick, lemon verbena is used in love spells or to increase the potency of other spells. 

You can set a whole atmosphere if you like, choosing candles, crystals, and music to correspond to match your theme. While you soak, focus on your intention, visualizing it washing over you like the water of your bath. If you are not doing the mirror spell before or after this ritual, you can repeat that mantra or affirmation you created here instead.

When it feels complete, end your spell with “So mote it be,” or “And so it is,” trusting that your spell is finished and your glamour is now cast. Drain the bath and rinse any residue that might linger off your skin.

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Beauty Magick: Glamour Rituals for Confidence, Green Witch Living

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