Full Moon Tarot Ritual

Full Moon Tarot Ritual, Green Witch Living

Incorporating a tarot reading into your full moon ritual is a great way to tap into the next moon cycles potential. Evaluating the last cycle to see what you did well is also helpful, as well as what you can change going forward. Just like everything witchy, feel free to personalize this full moon tarot ritual to your liking.  

Full Moon Tarot Ritual Supplies

  • Herb bundle or incense for smoke cleansing
  • Favorite cleansing herbs
  • Favorite divination incense blend
  • bay leaves
  • 2 burn safe dishes
  • Marker to write on bay leaves
  • Cauldron or dish to burn incense
  • Bath salt
  • Tea light candles for bath time
  • Favorite crystals
  • Tarot cards, of course
  • 1 black candle
  • 1 white candle

Full Moon Ritual


Begin with cleaning your house. Tidy up, get an herb bundle or incense, smoke cleanse every room, and open up the windows. You can use herbs like sage and lavender, sage and sweetgrass, cedar, or palo santo. Use what you have on hand that matches your intention. 

Next, take a ritual bath. This is optional, but a great way to prepare for any ritual. This is where your favorite cleansing herbs, bath salts, and candles come in. I love candles from Green Witch Living for this. Set up your candles, throw your bath salts and herbs in, and relax. Picture all the worries of the day/week/year melting into the water and moving away. Just pamper yourself, even if only for a few minutes.

Now clear your mind and meditate for a while if you can. Meditation while taking a bath is something a lot of us did as kids, without even knowing it. Mixing a concoction of smell good stuff, oils, and bath salts, swirling it around in the water, and just laying there without thinking about anything until the water got cold. It’s those little things you can look back on and think to yourself, “Ahhh yes, I was totally born a witch.”

Once you’re done with your bath, it’s time to set up space outside, weather permitting. If not, near a window will do just fine. You can bring a jar of water outside to leave overnight to make moon water, plus your crystals to cleanse and charge under the moonlight. If you’re not outside, set them in the windowsill. Next, set up the space for your tarot reading however you like. You can bring a mini cauldron out and burn your favorite divination incense blend, two empty dishes to burn bay leaves, plus a white and black candle. Then, set up your crystals and run your tarot deck through the incense smoke before getting started.

Next, the tarot reading. You can write your own questions, use the ones below, or find your favorite online. Regardless, make sure it’s personalized and relevant to you and what’s important for you to know.

Have some way to record your reading, whether you’re taking a picture to save for later, or a notebook to write down the cards you get. It’s easy to write or type your interpretation and thoughts about them as well.

Bay Leaf Spell 

Next, it’s time for a bay leaf spell. These are simple and effective. Make sure you have your bay leaves, a marker, and dishes safe to burn in handy.

You can do one or two bay leaf spells. One will be for releasing and the other will be for attracting. It’s personal preference and you may even decide to do these on separate nights.  

First, light a black candle. Start with reflecting on what you want to let go of. This can be anything. A habit you want to stop, an emotion that’s been getting in your way, or even a fear you’re trying to overcome. Now write that down on your first bay leaf. Burn your bay leaf in the flame from your black candle and picture whatever you’ve written down disappearing from your life. If it’s an emotion, give that emotion a face or a look. Picture it leaving you and never coming back. Once that bay leaf if burned, forget about it. Let it go and don’t focus on it again. It is gone.

Next, turn the other direction and light your white candle. Write what you want to attract more of on your next bay leaf. Just like before, this can be something physical or nonphysical. Give it a face too if it doesn’t already have one. Focus on it coming into your life the next month and ask the moon to help you manifest it. When you’re ready, burn your bay leaf in the white candle.

Sometimes smaller candles are easier to work with, so you can let them burn all the way down. If there’s anything left of the black candle, get it far away! You’re not wanting it to be anywhere near you ever again, right? So either throw it away, bury it away from your home, or throw it in a stream of running water. You can do the same with the bay leaf ashes. 

If you’re white candle doesn’t burn all the way down, bury it in your front yard. You can also scatter the ashes of your “attracting” bay leaf at the doorstep.

Lastly, take a walk under the full moon and admire the stars and sky. This can help to ground your energy and to inspire you! You can also lay down and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget to go grab your moon water and crystals the next morning!

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Card #1

What have I manifested since the New Moon? (Because remember, we are ALWAYS manifesting, whether it be on purpose or not.)

Card #2

(If it wasn’t what I wanted) What can I change within myself to manifest energy that’s more positive?


(If it is what I wanted) How can I keep this positive momentum going?

Card #3

What has changed within myself this cycle? 

Card #4

How can I use this knowledge to help myself going forward?

Card #5

What did I do that worked against me this moon cycle?

Card #6

How can I release that and do better?

Card #7

What should I practice gratitude for this Full Moon?

Card #8

Overall advice during the waning moon ahead.

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Full Moon Tarot Ritual, Green Witch Living

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