How to Write Your Own Witchcraft Spells

How to Write Your Own Witchcraft Spells | Green Witch Living

We’re living in the information age where everything is at your fingertips, including witchcraft spells. Open a book, search the internet, or log into your favorite social media app, and you’re bombarded with choices. It can get overwhelming! Which spell is right for you out of the hundreds of thousands of witchcraft spells out there?

Centuries ago, before the internet, you might have had a family grimoire or oral spells passed down through the generations. Have you ever cooked a “family secret” recipe with an older relative? Often, they use no cookbook, instead, tossing ingredients into the pot without measuring. This same kind of intuitive working can be applied to spellcrafting. It makes for the most powerful spell because it is unique to you.

The great thing about the age we live in today is that you don’t need to know someone who is a witch or have spells passed down through your family. Anyone can practice witchcraft and have access to education. You can take the knowledge you learn from books and online and customize it with what feels right to you.

Spells vs. Rituals: What’s the Difference?

You can create your own rituals as well as spells, in fact, you’re probably doing this already! Rituals and spells are both a huge part of witchcraft with some similarities and differences. You might light a candle and some incense at your altar while giving offerings to a deity or doing a tarot reading. This is a ritual. A spell, on the other hand, is collected energy focused on a specific outcome, such as attracting money or banishing negativity, and sent outward. If you like the ceremony of witchcraft, you may enjoy performing a spell as part of a ritual. This might look like setting up the space with music and fragrance that matches the intention of the spell you created.

Remember, spells are meant to help you achieve a goal. If you don’t work toward it, neither will the spell. Thinking about it in that way, creating a spell to change your appearance just won’t work. You can’t change your skin or eye color, but you could create a spell for manifesting the money to get your hair colored at a salon or the motivation to change your body through exercise and diet. You can’t change someone else, you can only change your mindset.

The Power of Language

Words are the most powerful tool in a witch’s toolkit. You can cast a spell with language alone if you have enough intention behind your words. Quite simply, the word “spells” comes from spelling, as if writing your intentions into existence.

Ever wondered why spells rhyme? Many of the tools we use in spells, like candles, crystals, plants, or wands, are meant to direct and focus the energy, assisted by the energy of the individual item. The same can be said for rhymes. Song lyrics are easier to memorize because of the rhyming verse. A spell that gets stuck in your head works on your subconscious like background tasks running on your computer, shifting your energy and the energies around you. If you’ve ever heard anyone say to be careful of the songs you listen to, now you know why!

Many witches chant spells out loud, believing spoken word has immense power. When writing your own spell, you may choose to use this as well, or maybe you feel that thoughts are equally powerful. In the same way you may meditate silently, repeating a mantra in your head, thoughts can also change your state of mind.

Why Creating Your Own Spell is Powerful

Writing your own spells empowers you to take control of your own circumstances and become the creator of your reality. You do not need to look to anyone to tell you how to practice your own craft. Witchcraft is all about finding your power within yourself. Crafting your spell instead of taking it from someone you perceive to have more knowledge than you is a step toward personal empowerment. You already know more about what it takes to create a successful outcome than you realize. Don’t sell yourself short!

You may also find that after you have been practicing witchcraft for a while that certain plants or crystals may have different correspondences to you than they do to someone else. If you see online that a blue candle is meant to promote peace but you feel it is meant to help you speak your truth and bring courage, use this to your advantage. The true power of witchcraft lies in your belief. If a correspondence other than one that is widely accepted helps you subconsciously manifest your desires, use that to create your own powerful spell.

Steps to Writing Your Spell

The act of writing your own spell makes your intention stronger. It gives you more time to focus on how each item you incorporate helps you reach your desired outcome. One major perk to writing your own spell is that you can tailor it your own unique situation. No need to be vague when you are creating a spell that only you will use! Make your desired outcome specific enough to work the way you want it to, but not too specific that it can’t come to you another way. You may have one way in mind that the spell comes through, but the universe may have another, better idea.

Once you decide on your intention according to what your desired outcome is, you will need to choose a vessel for your spell. This depends on your personal practice and beliefs. Are you a green witch who likes to work with plants? Create a green witchcraft spell full of herbs and oils. Do you connect strongly with the element of fire? Try some candle magick! You can even create spells with just your words by using incantations. Or repeat your incantation while building a jar spell. The possibilities are endless!

Your personal beliefs may also play into how you write your spell. Which tradition you work within may influence how elaborate your spell might be. Invoking the quarters and casting a circle may not be part of your spell if you are not Wiccan, or you may or may not choose to call on a deity or spirit or work with a pantheon. Perhaps there are folk traditions in your ancestry that you feel connected to. Whatever it is that resonates with you, that is what you should create your spell around.

Lastly, use what you have! Instead of looking in a book to find exotic correspondences to your intention, look around your home or take a walk through your yard or garden. Intuitively choose items that feel right to you for your spell. Maybe you found a heart-shaped rock for a self-love spell, or a spikey stick on the ground for a protection spell. To a witch, everything is magick. This is your spell and it only has to work for you, so if it feels right, it is! 

Happy spellcrafting, witches, and may all your wishes come true!

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How to Write Your Own Witchcraft Spells | Green Witch Living

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