New Moon Tarot Ritual

New Moon Tarot Ritual, Green Witch Living

Almost everyone knows about full moon rituals, but did you know the new moon is just as amazing for your magick?

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings and is the perfect energy to help you start something new and get off to a great start. Whether it be a new state of mind, new projects, new jobs, house hunting, or new routines, the new moon is the ideal time to dedicate yourself and your energy with the help of the growing moon to support your goals.

New Moon Tarot Ritual

And what can make a new moon ritual even better? A tarot reading! Here is a ritual with a new moon tarot spread to get you started. 

Items You’ll Need:

Preparing for Your New Moon Tarot Ritual

First, start with cleaning the house. New projects or intentions mean it’s time to bring some new energy in. Smoke cleanse your rooms, your altar, open the windows, and pick up clutter. This is a great time of month to dust your altar as well, and rearrange if you’d like to.

Next, take a ritual bath and meditate. Ritual bath salts made with herbs like sage and lavender are great for cleansing your energy. Tea light candles are perfect to have on hand for this too if you prefer candle lit baths. Take some time to clear your mind and meditate while in the bath.

Once you’re done with your bath, set up space for your ritual at your altar or outside. You can bring a jar of water outside or in a windowsill to leave overnight for new moon water. You can use this just as you would water for the full moon to remind you of your new intentions for this upcoming moon phase. Next, set up the space for your tarot reading, shuffle and smoke cleanse your deck. Bring any incense or candles with you if you’d like those near during your reading. Crystals are optional, but moonstone is wonderful for new beginnings and setting new moon intentions if you have it.

Then, the tarot reading. I’ll write my favorite tarot spread for the new moon below, but feel free to change some of the questions and personalize it if you’d like. The most important part is that it’s relevant to you and what’s important for you to know this month.

I highly recommend bringing some way to record your reading, whether it be taking a picture to save for later, or a notebook to write down the cards you get. It’s helpful to write or type your interpretation and thoughts about each card in that moment rather than just the names of the cards as well. 

New Moon Candle Spell

Next, it’s time for a candle spell. Candle magick is so simple, yet effective. Make sure you have a your white candle, a piece of paper, something to write with, and a dish safe to burn your paper inside.

First, cast a circle if you’d like. While not all witches cast circles for every spell, I personally like to for this one. Do whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Then, set your intention. What is it you’re starting this month? Don’t worry so much about the “how” just yet, instead now is the time to focus on the end result you’re looking for. How will you feel when you reach your goal? What will you look like, or what will you be doing when embracing this new thing? Take at least a few moments to really focus on the outcome you’re looking for and put yourself in your future shoes. Meditate on that for as long as your can.

Now when you’re ready, it’s time to light your candle. Before lighting feel free to dress your candle with any herbs associated with your goal or new beginnings, or inscribe words of encouragement and sigils into the sides. This is optional of course, but helps if you can. Once your candle is lit write your goal down on your piece of paper. Send all the energy you’ve built to the paper and your candle before asking the fire to send your intention out into the universe to help you make it reality. Now burn your paper and let your candle burn all the way down.

Lastly, don’t forget to go grab your moon water the next morning! You can use this however you like, but I like to infuse it with the energy of my new intentions the night before, and then use a little bit of the water each morning in tea. You can also use it in bath water, coffee, drink it alone, water your plants with it, or even mix with oils as an energy cleansing spray. Just don’t forget to use it!

New Moon Tarot Spread

Card #1

What have I successfully released since the Full Moon?

Card #2

How is my goal in alignment with my highest good?

Card #3

How, if at all, can I improve my goal to make it more in alignment with my highest good?

Card #4

What do I need to know about my goals timeline?

Card #5

What advice do you have for starting my new goal?

Card #6

What obstacles might stand in my way?

Card #7

How can I overcome them?

Card #8

Overall advice during the waxing moon ahead?

Wishing you a powerful new moon ritual!

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New Moon Tarot Ritual, Green Witch Living

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