Moon Magick: Spells & Rituals for the Quarter Moons

Quarter Moon Spells and Rituals, Green Witch Living

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of Moon Magick (click here if you missed it), we can now learn how to make the most of these unique energies for our spellwork. In this article, we will be discussing the quarter moon phases. If used strategically, the energy of the moon can power your spells to their fullest potential.

How Do I Cast a Spell?

Moon Magick, Casting a Spell, Quarter Moons Spells & Rituals, Green Witch Living

But first, let’s go over how to prepare for a spell or a ritual. Even if you are brand new to witchcraft, you have probably seen pictures of fancy altars and tools, maybe you’ve even seen ritual robes. These are all fun things to have and may even help you get in the right mindset but they are not necessary for effective spellwork. If you don’t have any of these things, don’t let it prevent you from practicing witchcraft. All you really need for an effective spell is yourself and a desire to make something happen.

Some tools that may be helpful for you are a wand or an athame to direct the energy, colored candles, or crystals that correspond with the theme of your spell. You may also want to have a visual representation of each element: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You can place whatever you feel represents these elements best for you in the four directions to which they correspond inside your circle. At the north, place earth, at the east, place air, at the south, place fire, and at the west, place water. Many people like to bathe before doing a spell to purify your energy and not bring anything from the day into the sacred circle.

Dress in a way that feels comfortable. If having specific ritual clothing helps you get in the right mindset, do that. If wearing no clothing at all feels right to you, do that. With everything I mention in this article, it is important to remember that this is your own practice. It is more important to follow your intuition than to do what you are told is the right way. Someone else’s “right way” may not be the right way for you.

Casting a Circle

Casting a Circle, Quarter Moons Spells & Rituals, Green Witch Living

Casting a circle is a common practice before beginning a spell or a ritual. The purpose of this is to keep all spirits and energies out other than the spirits and energies you call in to help you with your practice. This is a spiritual safety precaution, ensuring you are not opening yourself up to just any spirit that comes along. It is an optional part of performing a spell, but I will go over it briefly and you can decide if you want to include it in your practice.

If you choose to include this step, after you bathe you will want to clean the space where you are casting the circle, both physically and energetically. If you are using your altar, dust and sweep the dirt away. Then, sweep the energetic clutter away with a besom if you have one. I like to use sacred herbs to smoke cleanse my space before I begin. I have an article 5 Sacred Plants to Cleanse Your Space that you may find helpful in choosing which plant to work with.

Before you cast the circle, bring everything into your space that you need for your spell, such as any tools you may be using. This is so you don’t have to leave the energetic protection bubble you will create. Once you have your visual representation of each element set in their corresponding directions, begin by calling in the north, and point your hand or your chosen tool at your representation of the earth element. Turn and do the same, calling in the east and air, and continue until you have turned in a full circle. You may also call in any deities and spirit guides you choose to work with. Your circle is now cast and you can begin your spell!

The Waxing Moon

The energy of the waxing moon phase is that of building up, beginning, and moving things into action. Think of working with this moon phase as a kick start to something you want to bring in! During this phase, do spells and rituals that focus on things you want to bring into your life, such as attraction, abundance, or self-improvement.

The Waning Moon

The winding down energy of the waning moon phase makes it perfect for anything you want to remove from your life. Banishing spells are extremely potent at this time, especially the closer it is to the new moon, so make sure you really want this thing gone before you do it! Other good spells and rituals to do revolve around release, letting go, or acceptance.

If you cast a circle, this is the time you will close the circle to signify the spell is finished. Thank any deities and spirit guides you called in and reverse your circle, imagining your protective bubble dissolving. I was taught to blow out the candle, saying, “shaaa” to signify the spell is finished, releasing my breath, my life force, into the universe so the spell can be manifested. Other practices teach to let the candle burn down completely. Close out the spell in whatever way feels right to you.

You did it! You cast your first spell. How did it feel? As your practice continues to evolve, expect to learn what works best for you and don’t be afraid to try new things.

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