Oracle Card Guidance for the Holidays

Oracle Card Guidance for the Holidays, Green Witch Living

The holidays are a magical time of year. Between gift giving, changing leaves, family time, holiday music and decor, what’s not to love?

But the holidays can also be stressful, due to gift giving, cold weather, family time, the same holiday music over and over, and the stress of making it all perfect. 

So how can oracle cards help?

While no deck of cards can eliminate the stress of the holidays, it can certainly make them easier to navigate, as well as give you some encouraging messages just when you need them.

Setting Boundaries with Oracle Cards

Oracle can be used to set realistic and heart centered boundaries around the holidays. It can be hard to turn down an event, not invite that one family member (you know the one), and many people have a fear of letting others down during the holidays. Some, even those usually good at setting boundaries, allow the holidays to be the exception to the rule. Have you ever made yourself available to everyone because “it’s the holidays and that’s just what you do”?

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the holidays are one of the most important times for us to set boundaries. If you’re so focused on not hurting feelings and making sure plans are fun for everyone around you, you are completely neglecting the fact that the holidays should be a fun time for yourself as well. It’s okay to say no when you need to. Using your oracle card deck for advice, how to approach saying no, and what is and isn’t worth your time, can help greatly with learning how to respect your own boundaries during the holidays, as well as any time of year.

Ways to use Oracle Cards for Navigating the Holidays 

How to approach a dreaded family member or event

Need some friendly advice dealing with a dreaded event? If you have an oracle card deck you already have it! Oracle cards are like the encouraging and loving version of tarot, and they’re perfect for situations like this. So if you need some advice, don’t hesitate to whip out your oracle deck and ask the best way to approach the person or situation in order to make it a less stressful experience. They can also help you decide if it’s even worth going at all, and how to say no if you decide to stay home.

Present ideas and how to pay for them  

Not sure what to buy for someone? Or if it would be better for your wallet to make a handmade gift this year? This is a great thing to ask your oracle before going out and spending a lot of money. You never know what kind of ideas you can get from your deck if you’re lost on what to get someone. Look for clues in the meaning of the card, as well as in the pictures that come up. A deck with lots of detail is usually best for this.

How to help others through holiday stress

We’ve covered how to help yourself, but what about ways to help someone else? Do you have a best friend, spouse, sibling, or someone you’re close who dreads the holidays for any reason? This can be especially helpful if you have a friend who lost someone important to them around the holidays and has a hard time getting through it without them now.

We all have times we’re trying to help someone and accidentally make a situation worse. Asking your oracle deck how you can be there for them is one of the best ways you can help them, in the way they truly need. And of course, this doesn’t just apply to the holiday session either. Try it out any time of year when someone you love needs support.

Oracle Cards for Thankful November

Just about everyone knows the gratitude activity around Thanksgiving in the US. Choose something new to be thankful for every day in November. Some people love it, some hate it, but it can be surprisingly therapeutic regardless. Writing down one thing you’re thankful for each evening is a practice that can be tremendously helpful for our mental health any time of year, but especially during the holidays and beginning of winter when daylight hours are getting shorter. 

Having a hard time figuring out what you’re thankful for this year? If you’re lost on what to write down (or would just like a different perspective from your intuition) try asking your oracle deck each night what your guides want you to acknowledge. They may even surprise you and show you something you didn’t expect to see.

Two Card Spread for the Holidays  

It’s time to figure out what is important for you to let go of and what to focus on during the year ahead. This two card spread can be done with oracle cards, tarot cards if you’re wanting more detail, or you can even try it with one of each and make it a four card spread.

For your first card, simply ask, “What do I need to let go of from the past year?”

And for your second card, “What is important for me to focus on in the year ahead?”

You can also do a shorter term version of this by asking, “What do I need to let go of during this holiday session?”

And, “What is important for me to focus on this holiday session?” 

Regardless of whether you’re the type who loves and looks forward to every holiday season, someone who dreads this time of year, or if you’re somewhere in between, we hope you have a blessed and beautiful holiday!

Holiday Blessings from Green Witch Living!

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Oracle Guidance for the Holidays, Green Witch Living


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