Energizing Crystals for Motivation and Focus

Energizing Crystals for Motivation and Focus | Green Witch Living

We all have something important to bring into this world, and once you have found that certain something, the sense of knowing and purpose is a great reward. But even if you are ambitious toward your goals, there will be times when you inevitably feel a lack of motivation or have trouble focusing on the endgame, especially if it is a long-term goal.

At times, your tasks may feel tedious especially if you are a big picture kind of person. This is where these five crystals for motivation and focus will help. These are especially great for creative people and entrepreneurs, but work just as well for those of you who take care of the details. Remember that without you, the big ideas could not make it out into the world!

You can keep these crystals at your workspace or in your office if you have one, or you can wear or carry them if you are often on the move. These are available in all shapes and sizes, rough and tumbled, so you can find the one that best fits your lifestyle.


Tumbled Apatite Crystal for Motivation and Focus, Green Witch Living

Known as the Stone of Manifestation, Apatite helps you stay focused on your personal desires, reach your goals, and make your dreams a reality. It also increases creativity, bringing new ideas and inspiration into the workplace. If the reason you need motivation is related to resolutions you set for yourself, Apatite gives you the willpower to follow through.

Apatite connects the third eye and throat chakra, making it a must-have crystal for anyone in a creative or innovative career where you are required to clearly express ideas. Are you known to get the jitters before a meeting or experience social anxiety? Carrying Apatite in your pocket can help with that, too. 


Tumbled Bloodstone Crystal for Motivation and Focus, Green Witch Living

Named for its ability to increase energy circulation like blood through the body, Bloodstone invigorates by getting energy flowing through places that were once blocked. If you’re feeling low motivation specifically, see if Bloodstone can give you a boost.

Place Bloodstone on your work desk to beat that afternoon slump! When you start to feel sluggish, hold it in your hands to quiet a scattered brain and get the energy moving once again.

Are you a victim of imposter syndrome? Allow Bloodstone to increase your confidence and see your worth, releasing all fear that you are not good enough. Have the courage to step into your personal power!


Pyrite Crystal for Motivation and Focus, Green Witch Living

Not only is this a shiny, glittery crystal that is beautiful to display in your workspace, but it will bring the motivation and focus you need in order to achieve your goals. Pyrite is a great crystal for entrepreneurs since Pyrite is known to increase productivity and creativity, corresponding with the solar plexus chakra. 

Manifest endless ideas and abundant opportunities for the world to see your creation with Pyrite. The name is derived from the Greek word for fire, so work with Pyrite when you need to rekindle that creative fire. If you find yourself with too many ideas and not enough motivation, Pyrite helps to strengthen your willpower.  

Red Jasper

Tumbled Red Jasper for Motivation and Focus, Green Witch Living

A stone for creators, Red Jasper gives you the power to breathe life into creative projects. The energy of Red Jasper is long-acting, providing strength and stamina. If you are scatterbrained, Red Jasper helps you to become centered. 

Carry this crystal when you need a boost of inspiration and positive energy. It provides focused energy because it is related to the element of fire and to the root chakra. Work with Red Jasper if you are trying to break negative thought patterns and creative blocks.

Ruby Fuchsite 

If your energetic battery needs to be recharged, Ruby Fuchsite has got your back. The stone of healers, Ruby Fuchsite balances the spiritual, physical, and emotional in a holistic body rejuvenation. This makes Ruby Fuchsite an excellent crystal for sharpening your focus and strengthening your willpower, reminding you that balance is key to avoiding burnout. 

Ruby naturally grows in Fuchsite and they are both connected to the heart chakra, so if you need help expressing yourself from your heart center, this crystal breaks through the blocks that are keeping you from authenticity.

Looking for a crystal to add to your collection? Check out our Green Witch Living Crystal Collection.

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Energizing Crystals for Motivation and Focus, Green Witch Living

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