Sunflower Affirmation Spell for Litha

Sunflower Affirmation Spell for Litha, Green Witch Living

Bringing to mind the long, sunny days of summer with their bright yellow color, sunflowers are a popular and well-loved flower. Odds are you have a memory attached to these cheery blooms. Native to North America, sunflowers can now be found in most countries of the world, valued for their seeds and oil. In magick and witchcraft, sunflowers are symbols of good luck, loyalty, and positive energy for the way the buds follow the sun until they blossom. They represent things associated with the sun, such as the solar plexus chakra and solar deities. The energy of the sunflower awakens our personal power and self-determination.

The Magick of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are strongly associated with the summer solstice sabbat, Litha, because of their connection with summertime. Litha is a celebration of the sun. This day marks the point of the longest day and the most sunlight. A common Litha tradition is to wear dried sunflower heads strung into a necklace or crown. These draw fertility as symbolized by the abundance of seeds in each head. One head can hold thousands of seeds! These seeds can also be eaten as part of a fertility ritual. Eating sunflower seeds is said to help a fertile person become pregnant.

If this is something you would like to do after the affirmation spell, this would be a wonderful way to use the whole sunflower. If nothing else, drying the sunflower head for the seeds is a tasty treat! The spell we will be focusing on using the petals. It can apply to any desire you wish to manifest in your life. Remember that game many of us played as children with daisies? The petals were plucked saying, “They love me, they love me not…”

This is the same idea but we are using it as a way to cast a spell!

Strengthening Your Intention

Comparing the Wheel of the Year to the lunar cycle, Litha is the fullest point of the year, making it equivalent to the full moon. It is an especially potent time to do spellwork! The solar plexus chakra, yellow like our radiant sunflower plant allies, deals with identity and sense of purpose and asks us how we want to be seen. Take some time to meditate on how you desire to appear in the world before beginning.

You may want to plan ahead in order to make your intentions strong, calling on whatever spirits and deities you like to work with in your practice. Remember, the veil is still relatively thin coming off Beltane, making it easier to contact the spirit world. Other ideas to strengthen your intention would be to utilize the tarot or create a vision board. Having a strong intention is the most important step in casting a successful spell.

Once you can clearly visualize your intention, put it into an “I am” format, converting it into an affirmation. This could be anything from “I am creative (your intention) and I inspire others with my art (how you desire to be seen)” to “I am successful (how you desire to be seen) and I attract wealth (your intention).” Using this method is especially potent when it comes to spells related to the solar plexus chakra because it is the energy center for your identity and self-confidence. This spell is basically building up your confidence by repeating positive affirmations so you can go live your dreams!

Sunflower Affirmation Spell

Items You’ll Need:

  • Small or medium-sized sunflowers, one for each intention you plan to set
  • Glass jar or yellow mojo bag
  • Yellow string or ribbon


This spell will follow a pattern similar to meditating with a mala. Instead of counting beads and repeating a mantra, you will be removing a petal from your sunflower while repeating the intention you came up with. Allow yourself to go into a meditative state, focusing on feeling as if you already achieved this desire. What do you see, hear, smell, and taste in the reality where your intention has come true? If you want to use more than one intention, use a different sunflower for each intention.

Each time you remove a petal, drop it into your glass jar or mojo bag and tie it off with the yellow string when all the petals have been removed. If you had multiple intentions and used more than one sunflower, store each in separate jars and label them with the affirmation you repeated. When you knot the string, say, “and so it is,” the tying of the knot symbolizing the sealing of the spell. 

Disposing of Spell Remnants:

There are a few different options when choosing what to do with the spell once it is complete. You could store the petals in the glass jar on your altar. If you used the mojo bag, you could carry it in your purse or car if it relates to public image. If it is related to career, you could keep it in the drawer of your work desk. You can either wait to discard the petals until the affirmation spell comes true or you can release them into the wind under the Leo new moon in August, allowing the similar energy of Leo and the sunflower to carry your intentions into the Ether while the universe shifts to make it a reality.

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Sunflower Affirmation Spell for Litha, Green Witch Living

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