The Wonderful World of Witchcraft: Top Benefits of Learning Witchcraft

The Wonderful World of Witchcraft, Top 5 Benefits of Learning Witchcraft, Green Witch Living

Witchcraft is on the rise in the United States. 1.5 million people identified as a Wiccan or Pagan in 2014. In 1990 that figure was just 8,000. Now, not everyone who practices witchcraft is Wiccan. However, the steady growth of this spiritual religion is a clear sign that witchcraft is growing in popularity too.

Further evidence can be seen on social media, where some witches boast hundreds of thousands of steadfast followers. Clearly, witchcraft is being practiced at an ever-increasing rate. Why is this the case?  

Perhaps it’s holistic, healing, and inclusive principles present an antidote to modern life of materialism, consumption, and disconnect. Maybe people are beginning to realize the many benefits witchcraft has to offer.

Indeed, there is an abundance of positive outcomes for practicing witchcraft. Keep reading to find out 5 of the main ones.

5 Top Benefits of Learning Witchcraft

Witchcraft offers a host of benefits to anyone willing to embrace it. Without further ado, let’s go through 5 of the most compelling advantages of learning the craft.

1. You Connect Deeply with Nature

Connecting with Nature, Witchcraft

A primary benefit of witchcraft is its intimate and intrinsic connection to nature.

Practicing this craft entwines you with the life-giving world of nature and all of its gifts. This is an inevitability of the practice. Simply, nature and witchcraft go hand in hand.

You may already feel a deep connection with the land and outdoor world. You may already feel a sense of peace and oneness with nature. Witchcraft will deepen this bond even further.

It isn’t essential to practice witchcraft outdoors. Indeed, many witches currently choose to operate from the comfort of their homes, or simply lack access to outdoor spaces. Regardless, nature continues to play a central role.

For instance, potions and spells generally utilize the herbs, plants, and fruits of nature as central tenets.

Learn witchcraft, and you’ll become attuned to the beauty and majesty of the outdoors.

2. You Practice a Healthier Lifestyle

Witchcraft is an inherently personal endeavor. There is no one way to practice magick.

You bend and mold it to your will and way.

Yet, your involvement with witchcraft will inevitably enhance your mental, physical and spiritual health. This is one outcome that goes with the territory. Nearly everything about witchcraft is life, and health, enhancing.

You learn about and cook with, healthy, natural foodstuffs.

You spend time outdoors, exercising and relaxing in the fresh air, soaking in the sun and embracing the elements. You meditate, reflect and connect with the present moment. You learn to escape the hubbub and fuss of everyday life.

You embrace the importance of practicing all-round self-care. You write, read, relax and spend time with loved ones in a deep and intimate way.

Witchcraft and magick are innate promoters of positive health.

3. You Learn Constantly

How to Learn Witchcraft, Everyday Magick

Witchcraft is nothing, if not an education. You gain an enhanced knowledge of all manner of topics. It isn’t all spells and potions! Far from it.

Your enhanced connection with nature will enlighten you to its power. You’ll learn about astronomy, chakras, the medicinal qualities of plants and herbs, animals, mythology and so on.

Similarly, you will gain a far better understanding of yourself. The learning is inward facing as much as outward. Meditation and connecting with the present enable you to understand yourself more fully. You regain insight into your feelings and thoughts; self-learning is unavoidable.

You’ll become focused on what you want from life too. Spellwork is inherently goal-focused. There’s a problem to solve, and it’s your job to find a spell that works. Over time, this forces you to understand better all that you wish to achieve.

You might even choose to read up on the history of witchcraft: its origins and development. After all, having a grasp of history is the only way to fully comprehend where we are now.

4. You Join the Witching Community

Witches Coven

Practicing witchcraft opens the door to the witch community.

This community is one of inclusivity. There is no discrimination within the world of witchcraft. Inclusion and empowerment, especially of women, are central pillars. Discrimination of any kind is not.

You’re never alone as a witch.

Not only can you connect with fellow witches in the physical world. But you may choose to commune with those in the spiritual world too. Similarly, gain connection in a wider sense too: to nature, the plants, trees, and animals therein.

You’ll be a leaf of the tree of witchcraft. You can use it to move from a point of aloneness to shared connection.  

5. You Find Purpose and Positivity

Each aforementioned benefit of witchcraft leads to a sense of purpose and positivity.

You’ll feel inspired by the work of yourself and others. You’ll feel in touch with your desires and intentions. You’ll feel connected to nature and those around you. You’ll feel spiritually, emotionally and physically healthier. You’ll feel unique, special, and part of a wider community.

This all adds up to a greater appreciation of life and all that it has to offer. Witchcraft can be a wholesome counteracting agent in a world that often fosters disconnect, apathy, and distress.

Time to Start Learning

There you have it: 5 of the top benefits of learning witchcraft.

The rise of witchcraft in society is no fluke. There are no coincidences here. The growth of it as a practice is in large part down to its positive personal impact. Witchcraft offers a wide array of benefits to anyone who opts to do it.

It deepens our connection to nature. We become healthier individuals. We educate ourselves in all manner of areas. We become part of a wider, inclusive community. We welcome purpose and positivity into our lives as a result.

Hopefully, these benefits have motivated you to give witchcraft a whirl. There is no time like the present to begin your initial foray into this wonderful world.

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The Wonderful World of Witchcraft: Top 5 Benefits of Learning Witchcraft, Green Witch Living

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