Using Pecans to Attract Abundance

Using Pecans to Attract Abundance | Green Witch Living

Around the holidays, our homes are filled with delicious aromas, and in the southern kitchen you are sure to find a warm, baked pecan pie.

Every year there is the simple ritual of gathering pecans from the grove, filling up our baskets, and sitting down together cracking each one by hand. Family and friends are gathered, sharing and making memories, and pecans shells are flying across the room.

Where is the witches broom when you need it? There is laughter and magick in every step we take to prepare these delicious nuts, whether to eat by the handful or to bake in a homemade pie.

Pecan Grove

Just like under a pecan tree, where the nuts are scattered across the ground in multitudes, we are abundant, we are prosperous, and we have so much to be grateful for.

The more we express our grateful hearts to the universe, the more we receive in return.

Where attention goes, energy flows. What do you and your family have to be grateful for?

Pecan Ritual for Attracting Abundance

Here is a simple, everyday ritual you can do using the energy of the pecan to help you attract more of what you want.

1. Leave a bowl of whole, unshelled pecans on your kitchen table, and next to your bowl have a pen and a stack of paper notes.

2. Each time one of you takes a pecan from the bowl to eat, replace the pecan with a gratitude note.

3. Write down one thing you are grateful for and over time, depending on how quickly you eat all the pecans, you will have a bowl full of gratitude notes.

4. These notes to the universe are great to read aloud during a new moon ritual or during a family gathering. You can even start a gratitude scrapbook and collect these notes to read over the years to come. By reading your gratitude notes aloud, you are telling the universe what you want more of and the more you send out, the more you attract. 

Uses for Pecans in the Garden

For all of you garden witches, don’t forget to save your pecans shells. Crush them up and place in the garden to ward off the slugs.

Pecan shells are also a great acidic mulch, perfect for your azaleas, gardenias, rhondendrons, holly bushes, blueberries, and potatoes. Don’t let any of it go to waste!

Uses for Pecans in Witchcraft

You can also make your own prosperity powder by grinding up the shells. Use the powder to dress a ritual candle, sprinkle in your wallet, or in places where you need more abundance. Get creative!  

When you crack open a pecan to eat, speak aloud what you are grateful for. This simple act of gratitude will attract more abundance and prosperity to you. 

I love this simple kind of Everyday Magick, don’t you?

I wish you all abundance this holiday season!

May you live abundantly, happily, and with a grateful heart. 

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Using Pecans to Attract Abundance, Green Witch Living

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