5 Best Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

5 Best Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy, Green Witch Living

As witches and those who work closely with the spiritual side of the world, witchcraft can be an enlightening and rewarding path. Witches tend to be in tune with the emotions of others, the shifts and fluctuations in energy and the environment, and the stirrings of spirits. Because of being more open in these ways, it is important to be protected. Not every energy is helpful or good. Some spirits are malicious and some people may unknowingly transfer their emotions onto you if they are feeling stressed, anxious, or angry. 

Removing Negative Energy with Crystals

Picking up on the energy of every room you walk into and every person you meet can be burdensome and tiring to the psychic or empath. Feeling energy shifts is wonderful for divination but not so wonderful when you are trying to accomplish a job that doesn’t require your intuition, such as running errands or your typical 9-5 job. Sometimes I get overwhelmed in the grocery store from picking up on the energy of others!

Some crystals can help shield you from this psychic overload. If you carry certain crystals with you into situations that may be tense or overwhelming, they have a protective effect on those who wear them. I like to carry them in my pocket or my purse, or turn them into a necklace or bracelet. Here are five of the crystals I like to use that can help protect from negative or unwanted energy!

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Crystal for Protection, Green Witch Living

The most popular and easy to find, Black Tourmaline is a staple as far as crystals for protection go. What makes Black Tourmaline a great companion to ward off negativity is the way it creates an energetic boundary around the wearer of the stone, like a protective bubble. Wherever negative energy is present, Black Tourmaline absorbs that energy and transforms it into positivity. To make sure it continues to work effectively, don’t forget to cleanse it regularly!

If you are stuck being around negative people or toxic situations, carry Black Tourmaline to protect your vibe from being lowered. Black Tourmaline is also a very grounding stone and shields from electromagnetic radiation so you can always perform at your best no matter what comes your way!


Tumbled Labradorite Crystal for Protection, Green Witch Living

Because of Labradorite’s reflective flashy surface, it has a return-to-sender effect when it comes to outside negativity and those who may unconsciously energy dump into your aura, making it a helpful crystal for empaths and psychics to carry. It is also great for connecting to your intuition, but instead of connecting to the energy of those around you, Labradorite connects you to your higher purpose. 

Carrying a piece of Labradorite will not only deflect bad vibes, but it will have you seeing through illusions. Sharper intuition gives you the ability to spot toxic relationships and situations so you can remove yourself and choose wisely whose energy you will allow.

Black Obsidian

Tumbled Black Obsidian Crystal for Protection, Green Witch Living

For psychics, intuitives, and empaths, Black Obsidian is the go-to protection stone. Much like Labradorite, Black Obsidian’s reflective surface also bounces the energy away like a mirror to those who emotionally or psychically dump onto you. Energy vampires can penetrate your aura no more when you carry Black Obsidian! 

Empaths and psychics who tend to absorb the fears and traumas of others can especially benefit from wearing or carrying this stone. Obsidian wards off low vibrational feelings such as worry and anger that may haunt you.

Also great for scrying, Obsidian encourages you to reflect within and understand why you are attracting negativity, allowing you to set the appropriate boundaries to prevent toxic situations in the future. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tumbled Tiger's Eye Crystal for Protection, Green Witch Living

Instead of blocking or absorbing outside energy like the others on this list, Tiger’s Eye is for when the negative energy is your own limiting beliefs. Named after the eye of a powerful cat, Tiger’s Eye brings forth courage, strength, and personal power. A protective companion, Tiger’s Eye brings good luck in travels so it is a great choice to keep in your purse or glove box of your car.

It has a long history being thought to act as a watchful eye to fend off evil. Warriors wore Tiger’s Eye for protection in battle, especially Roman soldiers who believed Tiger’s Eye gave them the ability to see past the strategies of their enemies. Tiger’s Eye may also give you an advantage over those who want to harm you. 


Tumbled Shungite Crystal for Protection, Green Witch Living

This ancient crystal has been admired for its ability to block EMFs, so it only makes sense to use Shungite to protect against other types of negative energies. Like the vibrations of radio waves that power WiFi and mobile phones, everything in our universe has a specific vibration. Shungite is effective at blocking those vibrations that are harmful and keep us vibrating with positive energy.

Known for its purifying abilities, not only does Shungite purify the energy around, it is also used to purify water and absorb harmful chemicals. Naturally, this stone would likewise absorb all types of harmful energies.

These are only some of the crystals you can use for protection! Check out our collection of crystals in the shop for protection.

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