5 Essential Crystals for Uncertain Times

5 Essential Crystals for Uncertain Times, Green Witch Living

Adapting to change is an important part of the world we live in today. But sometimes, when the world is changing rapidly, it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with the day-to-day stressors of life. In strange times like these, it is not uncommon to feel stressed about what might happen next.

Using Crystals for Stress

Stress comes from worrying too much about the future, what you don’t know yet, and can’t do anything about. Holding a crystal in your hand is a very grounding experience, able to keep you focused on the present. Some crystals emit calming energy and can help you stay present and calm.

Learning how to deal with stress is important, since the effects of stress can harm our bodies, even if the stress isn’t ours to begin with (I’m looking at you, empaths!). Even medical professionals are beginning to acknowledge what we’ve known in the spiritual community since ancient times: the mind and the body are intricately connected. When under chronic stress, you may experience physical pain, digestion problems, high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, and more!

So what can you do to stay calm during uncertain times? Along with eating right, getting the proper amount of sleep, exercising, and meditating, certain crystals can help to calm your mind and support your mood. Let’s go over five of them!

1. Howlite

Common and easy to find, Howlite is a highly calming and soothing crystal. If your stress is caused by racing thoughts, Howlite will slow down your overactive mind. It can also help with insomnia when caused by stress and anxiety.  If your stress comes from dealing with angry people, wearing or carrying Howlite calm both you and the angry person.

Associated with the crown chakra, Howlite Crystal connects us to higher states of consciousness. In times of stress, we often lose focus of our goals by getting fixated on minor details. Howlite helps us look beyond this so we can rise above our troubles and see the big picture. If you are someone who is quick to anger when under stress, Howlite brings the chakras into balance, aligning your energy so you can stay calm and patient.

2. Amazonite

Like its blue-green color suggests, Amazonite is like looking over tranquil waters for your soul. Hold its peaceful and calming vibrations in your hand for instant relief of stress and anxiety. During life transitions, Amazonite helps to prepare us to be open to change. In uncertain times, Amazonite helps you to stay hopeful and optimistic for the brighter days ahead (and that they will come soon!). 

Called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Hope, it is great for those who suffer from social anxiety, especially because it is connected to the throat and heart chakras. It chases away shyness and timidness and helps you open your heart and voice so you can live your authentic truth.

3. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is known as the Peace Stone and is widely acclaimed for its ability to calm stress and balance the mood. This glittery lavender crystal contains lithium, which reduces anxiety and worry. In rapidly changing times, this crystal of transition soothes any resistance to the inevitable life changes. Lepidolite helps us let go of old energy patterns so the new can be accepted, and restores balance and harmony so that we can find meaning. 

If stress is keeping you from sleeping, Lepidolite placed under your pillow promotes restful sleep. In order to experience serenity, we must retreat and go within, stepping away from the stressors of everyday life. Lepidolite reminds us to go with the flow and that rest is an important part of the process of productivity.

4. Fluorite

Found in shades of purple, blue, green, or a combination of all colors, Fluorite is another highly calming crystal because of its balancing and stabilizing energies. Not only does it calm anxiety and stress, but it also absorbs and cleanses the aura of negativity. It becomes transparent when held to the light and reminds us we can see more clearly when we look on the bright side. 

Fluorite is an energetically balancing gemstone and promotes positivity. Because of its ability to clear the mind, meditating with a Fluorite Crystal can remove stress and anxiety from your mind and body. Visualize your worries being absorbed by the Fluorite crystal and feel the stress melt away.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone is called the Stone of New Beginnings and offers supportive energy, especially to new mothers. It smooths tumultuous life transitions and emotionally supports sensitives, empaths, and intuitives through difficult changes with the way it stabilizes the emotions. If your stress and anxiety are caused by emotional triggers, Moonstone helps you calmly step back and observe the reaction to the situation.

Everything on earth moves in cycles, such as life, the seasons, and the moon. Holding a moonstone is like holding the energy of the moon in your hands. It reminds us that everything is cyclical like the phases of the moon, and when times get tough, life ebbs and flows like the ocean tide and that better times are coming. Whatever happens, no matter how good or bad it is, will always come to an end and a new cycle begins.

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5 Essential Crystals for Uncertain Times, Green Witch Living

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