Using Tarot in Spell Work

Using Tarot in Spell Work | Green Witch Living

Have you ever used tarot for something other than divination? Did you know you could? There are so many interesting uses for tarot, and using your cards to enhance your witchcraft is one of the best.

The archetypes present in the tarot each have their own unique energy. That energy can be used and harnessed for whatever you need at any given time. Something as simple as a meditation with your favorite motivational card, to an elaborate ritual for bringing forth your favorite cards energy in yourself, can take your tarot practice and witchcraft to the next level.

Tarot for Spellcraft

Think of each tarot card as a magical tool which can be used in the same way you’d use any other tool in magic. 

Take crystals for instance. We all know rose quartz can be used to attract love. But what about The Lovers tarot card?

For a lot of individuals, the energy of rose quartz feels more like self love or friendship. That’s not to say everyone feels the same, but say you agree. When you want to create a spell to attract a partner into your life, you want the tools you use to really mean something to YOU, because the spell is for YOU. The Lovers card may invoke more feelings of love and passion than rose quartz. If you feel this way, use the card instead! 

Tarot Spell to Get You Started

First, choose your favorite card which represents your desire. If you don’t have a favorite, you can try googling different decks to find the one you connect with the most. Now, either draw that card out, or print it out if you’re not drawing type. (Don’t use an actual tarot card unless you’re okay with burning it when you’re done.)

You’ll Need the Following:

  • Printed or drawn image of the card you’ve chosen which represents your desire.
  • A candle. Choose the color that matches your intention, or choose white if you’re not sure.
  • Herbs and oils which match your intention to dress your candle if you’d like. (optional)
  • Predetermined incantation you will write on the back of your card with your request.
  • Cauldron or dish safe to burn paper in.


Cast a circle if you prefer, and start with dressing and lighting your candle. Now, sit with the card for a while, studying the image, and imagine yourself in the scene of the tarot card. Imagine your request coming true and yourself slowly becoming the person in the tarot card. If there aren’t images of people in your card that’s okay, just imagine yourself in the scene and what it would feel like. Are there other people? How do you feel? What is the weather like? The overall energy?

Immerse yourself in the imagery for as long as you can. Now, take a minute to write your incantation or request on the back of the card. Say and repeat it out load if you can. Once you feel like you’ve done this long enough, roll up your card (preferably toward you if it’s something you’re trying to attract) and burn it in the fire from your candle. (This is why using an ACTUAL tarot card is not recommended, but if you have an old deck that’s missing cards anyway, feel free to use a real one if you desire.)

Keep in mind there’s a card out there for just about anything. Reversals work too if they’re something you use. You could choose your favorite pentacles card for money spells, The Sun for confidence and inner child work, the wands suit for spells involving creativity and passion, Death for transformation and new beginnings, and so on.

Tarot for Motivation

Tarot for motivation is used in much the same way, but without the other tools. Choose the card that is best suited for what you’re trying to accomplish in your life right now, and incorporate it into your meditation routine. Meditate by focusing on your card and placing yourself inside the image, feeling its energy. Picture yourself being present in that card. Imagine what you’d say to people, how you’d act, how others would feel around you if you embodied its energy. 

When not meditating, keep your chosen card with you, print out some from online to hang on your wall, get a tapestry of your favorite, plaster it everywhere. Indie creators often make wall hangings of some of their cards, so if you’re able, buying one is a great way to support them. When you’re feeling especially down, you can look at your card and imagine what the energy of that card would do in your situation.

A great card to do this with is the Queen of Pentacles. She represents the ultimate working mother. If you are a mother and can relate to her, draw inspiration from her ability to balance all aspects of her life. 

Tarot for Binding or Banishing

When using tarot for binding or banishing type spells, chose a tarot card that either represents the person you are binding or cutting ties with or the energy you are banishing from your life. 

The Devil could be a good card if you’re trying to break a behavior that’s not good for you, or a person you feel is bringing you down. Any other card which you feel represents the person or energy will work though. As always, choose the card that calls to you the most.

For binding spells specifically, many spells say to use a picture of the person, plus some sort of black thread. In this case, you can use a tarot card in place of their picture if you don’t have one. If you do have their picture, use a card to represent the behavior or energy they are exhibiting that is harmful. Reversal spells can work well for this. 

For banishing energy, look at the spell previously mentioned in this post for reference. Use a black candle with protection herbs, and when rolling up the card to burn, roll away from your body. The Devil card works well for this, especially when you feel like indulgences are beginning to rule your life, and you need a swift kick in the butt to get back to business. The Eight of Swords is a good one too. 

Tips for Choosing your Card

If you’re having a hard time choosing the right card for the job in your own deck or decks, don’t forget you can always look at others online. There are so many decks these days, the options are limitless. There’s guaranteed to be a card out there somewhere that fits your purpose perfectly. If you’re into drawing or digital art, you can also make your own card or even incorporate more than one together. Oracle cards are always an option too. 

Especially if you’re a visual person, using the images from tarot is an amazing way to get your energy flowing and take your witchcraft to the next level.

Written By: Flora Green @heart_of_a_witch

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Using Tarot in Spellwork, Green Witch Living

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