How To Build a Prosperity Bowl for Abundance

How to Build a Prosperity Bowl for Abundance | Green Witch Living

What is a Prosperity Bowl?

The prosperity bowl spell has a special place in my heart. It was the first spell I did and it’s a great “set it and forget it” type of spell for when you desire a little (or a lot of) extra cash in your life or your business. As someone who prefers hands-on spells over incantations, the idea of the prosperity bowl appealed to me. Plus, seeing the finished product is a wonderful visual reminder of the intentions I previously set during the spell. When I look at the bowl working in the prosperity corner of my home, I am reminded that I am calling in abundance. This opens me to the energy of opportunities that flow in my direction.

But most importantly, this spell works! I have manifested several opportunities to both save money and to make some extra cash since doing this spell. As with any spell, it won’t work unless you do. Stay aware of the opportunities the universe sends after you complete this spell. Take necessary steps toward your goals, trusting the spell is already working. This spell may take time to work, so stay patient and committed to your goals, trusting it will arrive at just the right time.

What You Need

Are you ready to create your own prosperity bowl spell? Here is what you’ll need:

A bowl. It’s best if you can find one in the colors of your currency (such as green, gold, or silver). But remember that witchcraft is all about intention. If you don’t have one in these colors, any bowl you have lying around will work. The magick in the power of your mind, not a special object. The bowl should be large enough to hold all of the objects below. 

Incense or sage to smoke cleanse. Cleanse the energy from the bowl before you use it, resetting it to hold your intention of prosperity. My favorite scent for calling in abundance is cinnamon. You could use incense or simply burn a cinnamon stick, which is my favorite way. When you smell it, you will understand why! Cinnamon vibrates at a high frequency and can help speed up the process of your spell, bringing prosperity in a pinch.

Next is the fun part: add-ins! You can use whatever is available to you that carries the energy of abundance.


  • Green Aventurine is my go-to crystal for calling in monetary prosperity. It is one of the luckiest crystals in terms of wealth and opportunity. When you use it in an abundance spell, you may find an unexpected opportunity to make some extra cash. It also encourages you to have a positive outlook on life, which is important for energetically attracting any kind of abundance. It can help you see making and spending money as simply a game we all play.
  • Citrine is another great crystal for a positive mindset around money. If you find yourself having limiting beliefs around the topic of prosperity, toss this in your bowl. Just like burning cinnamon, citrine can also help speed up the process of prosperity coming into your life. Citrine is also great for your prosperity bowl because it doesn’t need to be cleansed often. It transforms negative energy into positive energy instead of absorbing it.
  • Chrysoprase is also known as Green Chalcedony. It is typically the color of a green apple, so it combines the properties of both the green and yellow crystals of attracting money while simultaneously encouraging a positive mindset. This crystal was popular with the ancient Greeks for attracting love, prosperity, and health and was traditionally associated with Venus. Because it’s connected to the heart, it can help you have compassion for yourself while waiting for opportunities of abundance to arise.
  • Cinnabar is popularly known as The Merchant’s Stone. This would be a great addition to your money bowl if you already own a business that you are trying to increase in wealth. If you have a lot of ideas that you haven’t made a reality, Cinnabar can help you manifest your career and think more creatively. It is also a great crystal to add if you manage a team because it can bring you the confidence to assert yourself.
  • Epidote is often found inside other crystals, such as Quartz, Prehnite, Calcite, and Garnet. It is a unique stone for prosperity because the more generous you are, the more wealth Epidote will bring back to you. Think of Epidote as having the energy of investment. It would be most helpful to add to your money bowl if you already have your plans clearly manifested. Epidote raises your vibration to bring the change you desire. If you’re feeling stuck, Epidote will give you a push to create your own reality.
  • Jade has a rich history of being considered a stone of good fortune. It was a popular and precious gem in ancient China and was often owned by people in places of power and wealth. They even have a proverb that goes, “Gold has a value; jade is invaluable.” Remembering this, Jade is a great stone to use in your money bowl to bring success and prosperity. 
  • Pyrite is all about motivation and willpower. It will help you have confidence in manifesting the goals you’ve set for yourself and stay dedicated to them. If your limiting beliefs are what is keeping money from coming into your life, Pyrite will help. See yourself in its mirrored surface as worthy of abundance and encourage you to not give up on your dreams.
  • Tiger’s Eye is an excellent addition to your money bowl because it can amplify the energies of the other crystals in the bowl. This very lucky stone will help you stay motivated and commit to your goals, increase money flow, think clearly and quickly on your feet, and make way for opportunities to level up.


  • Allspice: Add a few of these berries to bring luck and prosperity in business and stay focused on your career goals.
  • Basil: This herb has a history of being thought of as sweet and lucky. Add basil when you want to attract the sweet stuff (positivity) and repel the bitter stuff (negativity). A few fresh or dried leaves sprinkled into the bowl attracts prosperity while protecting from negative energy.
  • Chamomile: Add these flowers if the reason you lack prosperity is outside forces working against you. It promotes harmony and increases cash flow.
  • Calendula: If you’re feeling down about your finances, add these flowers o your bowl. It can help you feel more optimistic about money, therefore, opening up ways for cash and positive opportunities to come to you.
  • Cinnamon: Adding this to your bowl will work in the same way as burning cinnamon. If you used a stick to cleanse your bowl, add the rest now if it feels right to you.
  • Comfrey: This root is a good choice if you are in the working stages of bringing a project to life because it protects against any kind of theft, including plagiarism. It is also great if your job requires investing in physical items that are at risk of being stolen.
  • Mint: Attract clients to your business with this attractive-smelling herb! It is helpful for increasing money and success.
  • Patchouli Leaf: This is a powerful herb when it comes to manifestation. It helps you drop your limiting beliefs so you can live in the abundance you desire.
  • Star Anise: by looking at this pod, you may guess it has many uses in witchcraft because of its distinctive star shape. It is thought to bring good fortune and is considered very lucky and protective.

Loose change. Toss a few coins into your bowl to start and then, as it sits and works, add to it. I like to throw the loose pocket change from the bottom of my purse in and keep feeding the bowl so the energy doesn’t get stagnant. Don’t add too many coins at the beginning because it’s important to not take coins out once they go in. This encourages your ongoing spell to continue to produce money as you add more. Because of my love for travel, I like to add coins I’ve collected from other currencies, encouraging my money bowl to also attract money for future travels.

Green, gold, or silver candle. Each of those colors represents financial abundance according to color magick. You will just need one for this spell so use what you have or, if you don’t have any of these colors, white works in place of any color. If you are using a chime candle, dress with Money Magnet Lodestone Powder. Our FORTUNE Soy Tealight Candle comes already dressed, cleansed, and charged for you (because you’re a busy witch who is working hard to manifest your dreams!). Feel free to carve your favorite sigil for abundance into the candle or put it inside your bowl.

A bay leaf and a pen. Write your intention on the bay leaf and set it aside. You can use as many bay leaves as intentions you want to make, but be specific about your intention. The more specific you are during this step, the more likely this spell will work in your favor.


  1. Cleanse your bowl with the smoke of your choice.
  2. Add your chosen items to the bowl one at a time, holding them between your hands and charging them with your intentions.
  3. Light your prepared candle and place it in the middle of the bowl, taking the necessary fire safety precautions.
  4. Take the bay leaf with your intention and set it on fire, allowing your intention to release into the universe with the smoke. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area, or even outside, because breathing bay leaf smoke can be mildly hallucinogenic. You may also want to have a cauldron nearby to drop the flaming leaf into.
  5. When the candle finishes burning completely, place the bowl in the back left corner of your home, which is the prosperity corner in Feng Shui, and let it do the work you programmed it to do! I like to reflect on my intentions whenever I see the bowl and feed it coins when I have loose change so the energy doesn’t go stagnant.
  6. Once the intention you set has become a reality, you can take the spell bowl apart and start over with a new intention if it feels right to you.

The prosperity bowl is a fun and effective spell. Enjoy making it your own and letting it be a visual reminder of the abundance coming your way.

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